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    My Kids, Writing, Running, Sporting Activities - anything w/ a ball, Landscaping, Dinar RI/RV - Lol

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  1. SOLD! Thanks to everyone who bought, and thanks to Doc for buying the bulk. Anybody having the chance to work with him definitely should, less any reservation - great guy, true to his word, quick transaction, master communicator! Thanks again everyone - appreciate all of you who made things easy and didn't try to low-ball me! breatheasy
  2. Any takers at $1740 for both million?? :-)
  3. I'll sell you 500k for $450 and we can discuss the shipping. If interested leave your email and I'll get back with you :-)
  4. I'd also be willing to split the shipping with somebody who doesn't live in the area.
  5. Ok all, deals have fallen through so PRICE DROP! Please let me know if anyone is interested! Ready to unload these to the right buyer! 2 million left :-) Leave your email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  6. eyeownu - I've tried to email you twice since your post. Is there another email you use? Still have 2 mill to sell in 25k and 10k notes.
  7. Thanks vietnam1969 . I emailed both, hopefully it will pan out
  8. Ok, so I don't know how (or if I even can) edit this post, but the correct price is $900/million - actually typed it in wrong yesterday, lol - it was late my fingers weren't working at 100%. Anyway... $900/million but I've already sold 500k of the 25k notes this afternoon so the amount available has dropped. If you're interested, drop me your email & I'll contact you. Thanks for looking! Have a great day!
  9. Looking to sell - have CofA's for all except lower denoms - all crisp, uncirculated notes. 25k - 1.25 mill 10k - 1.5 mill 50n - 13k 250n - 36.5k 500n - 41k 1k n - 51k I live near San Antonio. Anyone interested, give me a shout-out. I can also change-up the diversification on the higher denoms. I have some 5k's and I have some 25k's and 10k's that I plan to keep - so we can play with the numbers for what suits you. $950/mill for the higher denoms, Lower denoms are negotiable - I have a price in mind but tbd with negotiation or make me an offer for the whole lot. Thanks.
  10. What's up with all the people that got up & left? Hope they're done with everything but the formality!! Lol.
  11. These are Frank ... however, correct are the comments that it's not in his main posts; correct also - he doesn't post on the weekend in the same way he does Mon-Thurs; correct as well - there are not as many references to religion in these noted here. However, he does respond to the comments in his threads every day... these tidbits were from those pages. Once again, the only way to access them is by clicking on his screen name & choosing the option to "see all posts by Frank 26". Not a farce - I saw these myself as well, & they are in the threads... though by now you might have to hunt for them, there's about 20+ more ahead of 'em Thanks for the post.
  12. I don't know if this matters, but this is not the IE that came w/ the system. I downloaded (upgraded) to IE8 w/ Yahoo toolbar right after I got this computer. Been running it ever since. You could be right, I do consider myself a little more knowledgeable than the average person about computers, but am certainly not an expert. What I reported to you was in the "About" section of the "Help" tab within the IE I'm running. Didn't know if this upgrade early on made a difference in the info or not, so fyi .
  13. Hi Munsch. Thanks for your interest in helping to resolve the issues as best you can - so far, I've seen more posted from you than anyone in trying to get to the bottom of it, though I know there are probably several behind the scenes working on it. I didn't take the poll b/c I have IE8 128-bit, least that's what my "about" page says - and that's not an option listed on the poll. Also, I have XP Pro 32-bit & I run PCTools - Spyware Dr. (which is Antivirus Software). This is the same company I believe Adam either uses or recommended - I'm going from memory here on that though - based on the initial thread that started the red flags. I also run Spybot as an added security. I have not been on much today at all, but yesterday I was hit again immediately upon accessing the site. I wrote everything down I could - including an IP address it looks like. The block was for HeurEngine Malicious Exploit - my "access was blocked due to the detection of potentially maliscious exploits". I have also in the past, before I started recording them, received the Trojan notices as well. Mine started about the same time I believe Denbo (again - unsure as I'm going from memory here) struck up the 1st post. It had been happening to me out of nowhere for a couple days prior to that posting. At that time, I had been logged in for days, so it did not necessarily happen upon log-in like some. It would happen either upon 1st accessing the site, or upon hitting one of the tabs. I'd had no issues before & I've been visiting the site as a member since June, as a visitor since April. I've had no software or operating system changes on my system since my visits to DV, or even well before. Nor in my settings to those softwares. Again, I didn't worry about it excessively b/c my software does an admirable job of catching it, but it is still a concern. I'd actually hoped this was all cleared up until I got hit yesterday. I'd gone for several straight days with no issue. But then yesterday, it did happen, so... Anyway, hope this is helpful - if I get any more messages, I will pass them along - thanks again .
  14. Hey dude... I don't know what I'm doing incorrectly but the site's not letting me pm you so I can get that cd. Idk, Idk, Idk !! I don't know if it's a setting I have set up unawares or what. But it's definitely driving me bonkers .
  15. I've been saying all day & I hope this is true - that what we've witnessed today is perhaps the barrage of smoke before the air clears to make way for the truth. We'll see very soon. Thanks for the post Mythunter
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