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  1. More people need to read this post...Thanks Legolas.
  2. There are no winners in this, but its so easy for everyone to blame the united states...these people do not care about human life, they would blow themselves up just over a religous believe if it means killing others....yes I will say it, Barbarions....but they all will point the finger at us now.
  3. I watched the situation room on CNN hosted by Wolf Blitzer Tuesday night.He said that Iraq is headed to a civil war.He lashed out about Maliki and the lack of forming a working government.He also added many things and talked to other people, about Iraq...There opinions all have been true, they also said American Contractors should get out of Iraq, as they say the situation is way to unstable their...Now look today , Bagdhad gets bombed, 60 are dead, over 100 injured...Sorry I do not have a link, but you should be able to find it very easilly....Now as far as Dinar goes, this is just my opinion
  4. Drox, thanks for posting this, you have brought to life alot of things I have been feeling for awhile now.I just could not present it in the way you did....Only time will tell whats gonna happen, I, at one time had faith in what Ali said, that has since done a complete turn around, as I feel now his actions have discredited him.If this thing ever pops, Ali would be the very last person I would go to, I am trying to save some money and join vip here at dinar vets, as I do trust Adams opinion, along with many other members here at dv..,again Drox, great post..Peace.
  5. I am posting this as we lost a local soldier last week...makes you think..God Bless Our Troops. My link My link
  6. Why dont you read drox post and respond with a statement that would prove him wrong.He has a very valid point, yet you say he is miserable...Tell us your senerio that would debunk what he just posted.I am sure alot of us would love to hear it.
  7. Adam, thanks for the info....You just stopped my head from spinning , now I understand
  8. The thing I like about DV is the fact that if nothing is happening, well than there is nothing to say, so people bring post over from other places, wich is fine, BUT it is just entertainment.Thats all , just made up bullcrap...people argue on this site many times about rates,lop,dates, cash in`s....I could go on, but the one thing I have learned is how to keep it real, dont give people false hopes, dont pick a number and think your a guru...The people on this site have stayed on this site for a reason...Keepm,Scooby Doo,Drox,Zantac...all the Mods we have wich imho do a hell of a job we all no
  9. Aquadude...You are way, way outta line here...Drox has been in this a very long time and is a very respected member, for you to post such arrogance is a joke.I think you need to do alot more research on the dinar, and also learn some respect.This site is getting out of hand anymore....people dont have to agree on everything or anything for that matter, BUT at least show respect.......DROX, thank you for your post.
  10. Where is Southern justice when you need it...Just the fact that this worm is allowed in Iraq and to speak to the people is crazy....Do people forget this is the same prick that shot and killed our Military, he is very bad news and needs to go away, I mean disappear, I mean, you no
  11. Now that was funny, that is my life everyday lol, thanks upgradable, I needed that.
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