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  1. Who is paying for the war in Afghanistan? Lets think about it...........................USA is broke and China keep buying-up USA government bonds!!!! If I have to spell-it out to you C H I N A !!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am sorry China has nothing to do with the US emploding in fact if it wasn't for China then the US would have been bankrupt years ago. The US citizens borrowed and begged for money to buy housing they couldn't afford to pay for and the rest of the world are paying for this miss management of banks and authorities in the US who should have been watching what was happening (US is based on GREED). Obama was put in place by the world elite (the riches bankers/oil familys in the world) to get rid of the dollar as reserve currency so they can build from the ground-up and have complete control ov
  3. If anyone believes anything spoken on these sites they need there heads testing. It would not be a surprise to me that several of the members on this site are involved in no good money making schemes but a fool with his money is soon departed. Everyone has a choice just make sure you think before spending!!!!!
  4. I think alot of people are reading to much in to this mumbo jumbo. This is only one person's opinion, its not official and also not given out by the government as a statement. RELAX...........Remember Iraq/UN are making this decision not the US and we will here it when they want us to hear it. The US have no control over Iraq period, whilst under chapter 7 charter UN member countries have control not just one country!. I hate the way that everyone is jumping to the conclusion that the US is the mighty country that rules the world, while once they were just like the UK were many century's a
  5. It just shows when something like this happens what value do you put on a life PRICELESS! I also think people if and when we do get a financial benefit from this investment that we think about those that struggle for life around the world especially Somalia who are affected by the severe drought in East Africa currently.
  6. I do believe that the RUMOUR section of this forum is out of control and the people posting blatant lies need to have their accounts closed. The moderators and site owners have an obligation to protect the naive and the easily led people on all forums. One thing I have noticed is that the RUMOUR section and OPINIONS, PERSPECTIVES AND YOUR TWO CENTS ON THE IRAQ DINAR Section might as well be combined because it’s the same rubbish being posted and discussed.
  7. Sometimes I wonder what people are on in these forums........................TIME and TIME again we get people ringing banks or forex traders to see if there is any change in the exchange rate. When and if the exchange rate changes it will be everywhere on the internet, bank website, forex, news channels and finally the CBI website!!!!!!!! STOP wasting your time and money making yourself look stupid and inept.
  8. What have I missed????? Are we supposed to be mind readers now to understand what the hell you are going-on about!
  9. I still don't understand why people pay to post on forums! When this Iraq Dinar POPS it will be on every news channel globally................................Keep your money in your pocket!
  10. You lot must be blind there is tons of it ...................check here:-
  11. Just searched on BBC website absolutely no mention of Iraq RV the latest story leads with War artist draws US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. So rumour debunked!
  12. Don't care anymore I just want Iraq to RV and then I'm outer here for good. We have to many problems ourselves to worry about others.
  13. Calling all LONDON DV Members.......... Some member in the London should pay him a visit and tell him to stop acting like a kid and get the RV done!!!!!
  14. Yes you are probably right but unless I am mistaken 99% of the information under RUMOURS are in fact NOT RUMOURS at all but people misleading uninformed investors like you and me, I would also go so far as to say complete FRAUDS to PUMP! I expect to be BANNED shortly but no loss of sleep I just feel we are being mislead continuiosly by conmen
  15. I have not been on here for months now and the reason for that is all the hype and no action from the same old people that have been on here for the past year or so which were doing my head-in and by all accounts they are still at it. People do what I did take yourself away from this investment for a while have a break................YOU WON'T MISS ANYTHING BECAUSE IT WILL BE ALL OVER THE NEWS WHEN IT HAPPENS. I want this investment to happen as good as the next person and it will happen when the man/woman upstairs wants it to happen and no sooner. Think about all the time you have wasted b
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