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  1. Good Morning All... I'm selling $1M $10,000 Note Dinars for $1,000. I purchased them from GID. I'm located in the Pittsburgh area. message me if your interested.
  2. I have some $250 dinar notes.... Do you think these notes will be done away with like the 50 & 100 dinar notes?
  3. That is to funny... However like Paperboy stated this is an investment and we have to wait and see the outcome!!
  4. Hi Dinar Fam... A dinar investment option was brought to my attention. The option is to invest the proceeds from the rv into an endowment fund. After researching them and charites it sounds like a good idea if the charites I"m donating to are the ones I set up along with reputable charites. Does anyone have any firsthand info on endowments? Thanks!! Go rv....
  5. Things Ohio Chic.... Now I can sleep peacefully! Thanks Machine! Go Rv..
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