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  1. God, i hope not, i believe it will be over this month..
  2. Taking a Poll to see just how many people believe 100% in sonny's july 26th RV date, happy voting, and please be honest
  3. I hope bigfoot isn't another possum or even worse possum using another screen name lol, despite what happens tomorrow i still believe sonnys july 26th prediction is right on
  4. Why do people keep posting tk's crap, i assume knight does it for a good laugh
  5. jo-jack

    TK rumor

    terryk is full of BS
  6. I would recommend getting a good nights sleep tonight, terryk is full of BS, i'm sticking with sonny, by july 26th
  7. Looks like tbarry is one of the confused sheep that follows him lol
  8. [sonny1] who knows what reducing liquidity is? [sonny1] reducing liquidity is reducing cash off the streets [sonny1] they claimed to get back 24 of the 30 trillion [sonny1] so how is iraq running with no cash? [sonny1] and how long can they run on empty [sonny1] no, they are, here is a real good theory, and its probably true, its from a professor [sonny1] of middle eastern affairs [sonny1] they reduce 24 trillion, they pull most-all dinar off street [sonny1] they have no cash floating around the streets [sonny1] no cash equals no-one buying anything [sonny1] they have and i mean have to re
  9. Where's the best place to buy dong at a cheap price? Ali prices have raised up on the dong
  10. Well this sucks, i don't see any RV happening until the PM is seated, hopefully it's sooner rather then later ..... but it's not a surprise that Arabs are arguing
  11. Ok, just wondering how many people believe/think the VND will RV before the IQD or do you think the IQD will RV before the VND..... Please vote now
  12. So in order for this to be right chapter 7 and the PM must happen for an RV to happen by the end of month.... hmmm very unlikely, but i hope it comes through.
  13. lol possum you need to have your own site to dump all your lies into lol this is pathetic, anyways good laugh none the less i guess we all need a sense of humor on here...
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