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  1. Good morning Yota, thanks for all your hard work day in and day out.
  2. Thanks for the post...... If i was a bank rep, and i was invested.......depending on how last concerns would be making a deal with eaglehaslanded on his rates and fees.........come on rv
  3. Thanks Vizio, def shows they are working during Ramadan....good news
  5. United Nations S/RES/1956 (2010) Security Council Distr.: General 15 December 2010 10-69483 (E) *1069483* Resolution 1956 (2010) Adopted by the Security Council at its 6450th meeting, on 15 December 2010 The Security Council, Noting the letter from the Prime Minister of Iraq to the President of the Security Council, dated 8 December 2010, which is annexed to this resolution, Recognizing the positive developments in Iraq and that the situation now existing in Iraq is significantly different from that which existed at the time of the adoption of resolution 661 (1990), recognizing that Iraqi institutions are strengthening, and further recognizing the importance of Iraq achieving international standing equal to that which it held prior to the adoption of resolution 661 (1990), Welcomes the letter from the Prime Minister of Iraq which reaffirms the commitment by the Government of Iraq not to request any further extensions of the Development Fund for Iraq arrangements; and recognizing that the letter from the Prime Minister of Iraq also reaffirms the commitment by the Government to ensure that oil revenue would continue to be used fairly and in the interests of the Iraqi people, and that transition arrangements would be in keeping with the constitution and with international best practices in respect of transparency, accountability and integrity, Recognizing the significant role of the Development Fund for Iraq and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board, and the provisions of paragraphs 20 and 22 of resolution 1483 (2003) in helping the Government of Iraq to ensure that Iraq’s resources are being used transparently and accountably for the benefit of the Iraqi people, and stressing also the need for Iraq to finalize transition to successor arrangements for the Development Fund for Iraq and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board, Acting under chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, 1. Decides to terminate, on 30 June 2011, the arrangements established in paragraph 20 of resolution 1483 (2003) for depositing into the Development Fund for Iraq proceeds from export sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas and the arrangements referred to in paragraph 12 of resolution 1483 (2003) and paragraph 24 of resolution 1546 (2004) for the monitoring of the Development Fund for Iraq by the International Advisory and Monitoring Board and further decides S/RES/1956 (2010) 2 that, subject to the exception provided for in paragraph 27 of resolution 1546 (2004), the provisions of paragraph 22 of resolution 1483 (2003) shall continue to apply until that date, including with respect to funds and financial assets and economic resources described in paragraph 23 of that resolution; 2. Welcomes and affirms the Government of Iraq’s decision not to request any further extensions of the Development Fund for Iraq arrangements; and further decides this is the final extension of the Development Fund for Iraq arrangements; 3. Decides that after 30 June 2011, the requirement established in paragraph 20 of UNSCR 1483 (2003) that all proceeds from export sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas from Iraq be deposited into the Development Fund for Iraq shall no longer apply, and affirms that the requirement established in paragraph 21 of UNSCR 1483 (2003) that 5 percent of the proceeds from all export sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas shall be deposited into the compensation fund established in accordance with resolution 687 (1991), and subsequent resolutions, shall continue to apply, and further decides that 5 percent of the value of any non-monetary payments of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas made to service providers shall be deposited into the compensation fund, and that unless the Government of Iraq and the governing council of the United Nations Compensation Commission, in the exercise of its authority over methods of ensuring that payments are made into the compensation fund, decide otherwise, the above requirements shall be binding on the Government of Iraq; 4. Calls upon the Government of Iraq to work closely with the Secretary- General to finalize the full and effective transition to a post-Development Fund mechanism by or before 30 June 2011, which takes into account IMF stand-by arrangement requirements, includes external auditing arrangements and ensures that Iraq will continue to meet its obligations as established in the provisions of paragraph 21 of resolution 1483 (2003); further requests that the Government of Iraq provide a written report to the council no later than 1 May 2011 on progress towards the transition to a post-Development Fund mechanism; 5. Directs the transfer of the full proceeds from the Development Fund for Iraq to the Government of Iraq’s successor arrangements account or accounts and the termination of the Development Fund for Iraq no later than 30 June 2011 and requests written confirmation to the Council once the transfer and termination are completed; 6. Requests the Secretary-General to provide written reports on an ongoing basis to the council every six months, with the first report due no later than 1 January 2012, about the United Nations compensation fund, evaluating the continued compliance with the provisions of paragraph 21 of resolution 1483 (2003); 7. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter. 3 Annex Letter dated 8 December 2010 from the Prime Minister of Iraq addressed to the President of the Security Council I should like to refer to my letter dated 13 December 2009 addressed to the President of the Security Council, in which I explained that in 2010 the Government of Iraq would put in place appropriate arrangements, in keeping with the Constitution, for the Development Fund for Iraq and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board, with a view to ensuring the continued equitable use of oil revenue in the interests of the Iraqi people, in accordance with international best practices with regard to transparency, accountability and integrity. Pursuant to Security Council resolution 1905 (2009), the Government of Iraq submitted in its first quarterly report the requisite action plan and timeline for the transition to the successor arrangements for the Development Fund for Iraq and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board. It subsequently submitted its second and third reports on the progress that had been made. In the third report, details were given of the parts of the action plan that had been completed and those that remained incomplete. Reference was also made to the situation in Iraq and the fact that the delay in the formation of a new Government after the legislative elections that took place on 7 March 2010 had, in one way or another, affected the ability of Government institutions to take rapid and effective action with regard to the comprehensive implementation of the action plan. On the basis of the foregoing, and in order to make it possible to ensure the comprehensive implementation of the action plan and a smooth transition to the successor arrangements, the Government of Iraq is once more in need of the assistance of the international community. It therefore hopes that the Security Council will extend for a further and final six months immunity for the Development Fund for Iraq, on the basis of the arrangements set forth in Security Council resolution 1483 (2003), paragraph 20. I should be grateful if you would circulate this letter to the members of the Council with the greatest possible expedition and include it as an annex to the resolution currently being drafted on Iraq. (Signed) Nuri Kamel al-Maliki Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq Baghdad, December 2010 link
  6. Japanese poised for Iraq investment surge Text size By Bahaa al-Khadimi Basra - Japan is to launch an investment offensive in Iraq, starting with the southern city of Basra, the Japanese ambassador to Iraq said today. Speaking at the conclusion of the Japanese investment conference in Basra, Mitsuo Sakaba said numerous Japanese companies are looking to get a share of the massive profits that it is possible to make from Iraqi investments, with a particular focus on energy. "Japan is aware of Basra's economic and regional status and this makes us determined to make it the center to begin our investments in Iraq," he said. 27 Japanese companies took part in the conference. "The conference is the first serious step to return the economic relations between Iraq and Japan after being freezed for many years," he said. in the Iraqi cities, particularly in the field of energy but many of them have concerns due to the tensed security situation. The chairman of the investment committee in Basra, Haider Ali Fadel said: "We have presented the Japanese delegation with everything they need to start investing in the region. We have also provided detailed explanations for the Iraqi investment law and instructions." Before the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Japan was one of the biggest investors in the country, but supported the resulting UN sanctions that banned any trade with Iraq. In 2003 Japan loaned $3.5 billion to develop oil and gas sector and another in 2007 worth $860 million, which opened up channels to allow Japanese companies to invest. Sabaka said many of his compatriots have failed to take advantage of the opportunities Iraq offers for investment due to fears about the security situation. Basra - 550 km south of Baghdad - is Iraq's main oil city and also a major port on Iraq's narrow gulf coast. poised for iraq investment surge
  7. Abadi: Iraq's money at risk after the fifth of May next وكالات - دعا رئيس اللجنة المالية البرلمانية النائب عن التحالف الوطني حيدر العبادي الى اتخاذ الاجراءات اللازمة للحفاظ على اموال العراق بعد رفع الحماية الدولية عنها في ايار المقبل.العبادي قال خلال مداخلة في جلسة مجلس النواب امس السبت "ان اموال العراق معرضة للخطر، وان اي تلكؤ او خلل في اتفاقية تسوية المطالبات بين حكومة العراق والولايات المتحدة الامريكية من شأنه ان يعرضها للخطر اذا لم تكن هناك اجراءات بديلة لحمايتها". Agencies - The head of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy for the National Alliance Haider al-Abadi to take the necessary measures to keep the money Iraq after the lifting of international protection by the next May. Abbadi said during an intervention in the meeting of the Council of Representatives on Saturday that "Iraq's money at risk, and that any delay or a bug in the claims settlement agreement between the Government of Iraq and the United States would expose it to risk if there were not alternative measures for their protection. " وتابع "اذا لم يتحرك البرلمان على هذه المسألة فأن اموال العراق مهددة وفي خطر بعد الخامس من ايار المقبل، وهو موعد رفع الحماية الدولية المفروضة عليها". "If Parliament does not act on this matter, the threat of Iraq's money in danger after the fifth of May next, when the lifting of international protection against it." seems to be a very bad translation, anyone want to try and decipher what in the he** they are saying. thanks
  8. Stop foreign transfers and a warning from the recovery «currency smuggling» and vibration rate of the dinar حيدر علي جواد - 03/05/2011م - 12:33 م | عدد القراء: 427 Haider Ali Jawad - 05/03/2011 - 12:33 PM | Hits: 427 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- نفى البنك المركزي العراقي امس الاثنين، انباء تحدثت عن إلغائه مزاد العملات اليومي ما تسبب بانخفاض سعر الدينار امام الدولار، مؤكدا انه يطبق "سياسة تعقيم" ضد غسيل الاموال الذي تمارسه بعض شركات التوسط المالي في البلاد. Denied the Iraqi central bank on Monday, the news talked about canceling the daily currency auction, causing a decrease rate of the dinar against the dollar, stressing that he apply the "sterilization policy" against money laundering, which is practiced by some companies, financial intermediation in the country. لكن اصحاب شركات صرافة حذروا من مخاطر تراجع حجم تداول العملة الصعبة على الاسواق المحلية، مشيرين الى ان مطالبة البنك المركزي بـ"الرقم الضريبي" سيساعد على تهريب العملة بسبب توقف التحويلات الخارجية. But the owners of exchange companies, warned of the downside risks to the volume of trading in hard currency on the domestic market, pointing out that the Central Bank's call for a "tax number" will help stop the smuggling of currency because of foreign remittances. وتراجعت بشكل حاد مبيعات البنك المركزي من الدولار خلال الايام الماضية، على خلفية تقديم البنك طلبا لشركات الصرافة وجهات التحويل، بكشوفات تتضمن اسماء الزبائن ومعلومات اخرى عنهم. Fell sharply central bank sales of the dollar over the past few days, against the backdrop of a request to provide bank foreign exchange companies, views the conversion, disclosures include the names of customers and other information about them. ولم يتضح سبب رفض معظم الزبائن لطلبات البنك المركزي عرض كشوفات ضريبية، الا ان مصادر مالية رجحت لـ"العالم" ان يكون الامر على خلفية "مخاوف من كشف الوضع المالي لجهات سياسية او شركات كبيرة وما الى ذلك". It was unclear why the refusal of most customers to the requests of the Central Bank of view tax statements, but the likely sources of finance for the "world" to be on the back of it "concerns the identification, the financial position of political parties or large companies and so on." وتمتع الدينار العراقي باستقرار ملحوظ خلال السنوات الخمس الأخيرة ادت الى رفع قيمته مقابل الدولار من 3 آلاف للدولار الواحد الى 1.7 الف دينار. And enjoyment of the Iraqi dinar remarkably stable during the last five years led to the lifting of its value against the dollar from 3 thousand to the dollar to 1700 dinars. وقلل البنك المركزي العراقي من شأن تراجع مبيعاته من الدولار على مدى الأيام القليلة الماضية، معبرا عن عدم خشيته من إحجام الزبائن، ومؤكدا قدرته الكبيرة في تخطيه الأزمة. And reduced the Central Bank of Iraq would drop sales of the dollar over the past few days, expressing no fear of the reluctance of customers, emphasizing his ability in big missed the crisis. وفي تصريح لـ "العالم" أقر مستشار البنك المركزي مظهر محمد صالح بتراجع المبيعات، عازيا ذلك الى ما أسماها بـ "السياسة التعقيمية التي ينتهجها المركزي حاليا". In a statement to "the world" I have a central bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh sales decline, attributing it to what he called "sterilization policy currently pursued by the Central." مشيرا الى ان ذلك يعود الى "مطالبة البنك المركزي لشركات الوساطة المالية بتقديم رقم الحساب الضريبي لزبائنها". He pointed out that it was due to "claim the central bank to brokerage firms to provide tax account number to their customers." وقال صالح بان هذا الاجراء ذلك يأتي في "إطار التنسيق بين السياستين النقدية والمالية"، مؤكدا بأن من شأن هذه السياسية الجديدة التي اتبعها البنك المركزي ان "تضمن سياسة نقدية سليمة بعيدة عن غسيل الأموال والطرق غير المشروعة". Saleh said that this action comes within the "framework for coordination between monetary and fiscal policy," stressing that such a new policy adopted by the central bank to "ensure a sound monetary policy is far from money laundering and illegal methods." ويتابع المستشار البارز للبنك المركزي العراقي حديثه بالقول "كان هذا الاجراء سببا في إحجام الزبائن، ولا نعلم السبب الذي يقف وراء ذلك طالما نتحدث عن وسائل قانونية، الأمر الذي يضع هؤلاء الزبائن في دائرة الاتهام جراء الخوف من الجهاز الضريبي ربما". He continues, a senior adviser to the Iraqi Central Bank by saying "This was a cause of action in the reluctance of customers, we do not know the reason behind it as long as we talk about legal means, which places these customers in the Department of charge due to fear of the tax maybe." وبشأن ردة فعل شركات التوسط المالية على السياسة الجديدة التي اتبعها البنك المركزي، يرى مظهر ذلك "ليس الا مسألة وقت وقد يأخذ أياما"، ويشدد على ان "الغاية منه هو الضغط من أجل التراجع عن سياستنا النقدية الحالية". And on the reaction of financial companies to broker the new policy by the Central Bank, sees the appearance of it, "not only a matter of time and could take days," and stresses that "the aim of which is the pressure in order to undo the current monetary policy." وبشأن الاثار الجانبية لتراجع مزاد البنك المركزي على اسعار الصرف في الاسواق المحلية، يقول صالح أن "البنك يتمتع بقدرة كبيرة على تخطيها بما يمكنه من ارجاع الصرف الى أي سعر يشاء. لا نخشى اشاعات المضاربين وأصحاب الغايات التجارية الأخرى". And on the side effects to the decline in Central Bank auction on the exchange rate in the local market, "says Saleh said that" the Bank has a remarkable ability to overcome so that it could return the exchange to any price he wishes. Rumors are not afraid of speculators and owners of other business goals. " وحول حالة الجمود التي باتت تلف نشاط البنك المركزي مؤخرا، لفت صالح الى ان "يوم الثلاثاء سيشهد معطيات جديدة من خلال توسع البنك في عرض العملة الاجنبية لزبائن المركزي وهم المصارف، بالشكل الذي لايخالف قانون مكافحة غسيل الأموال ولا يخالف التنسيق مع السياسة المالية في مجال الإيرادات الضريبية". And about the stalemate which has damaged central bank activity recently, he drew the favor of that "on Tuesday will see the new data through the bank's expansion in the presentation of foreign currency for customers of the Central are banks, in the form of Ahikhalv law against money laundering in violation of coordination with fiscal policy in the field of income tax. " ويؤكد المستشار البارز للبنك المركزي بأن "هذا التوسع مكن المركزي لحد الآن من جمع أكبر احتياطي في تاريخ العراق وهو 53 مليار دولار"، لافتا الى ان الاخير "يبيع ما يقرب من 35 مليار دولار سنويا، بمعنى أنها تحول ثلثي إيرادات النفط". And confirms a senior adviser to the Central Bank that "This expansion has enabled the central yet to collect the largest reserves in the history of Iraq, a $ 53 billion," pointing out that the latter "sells nearly $ 35 billion annually, in the sense that it converts two thirds of oil revenues." ويعقد البنك المركزي خمس جلسات اسبوعيا لبيع وشراء العملات الأجنبية، ويتقاضى عمولة عن البيع النقدي والحوالات الخارجية مقدارها 13 دينارا لكل دولار. The central bank held five sessions per week for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, and receive a commission on the sale of foreign remittances and the cash amount of 13 dinars per dollar. وفي السياق ذاته، حذر خبير مالي من مخاطر تراجع مبيعات العملة على الاسواق المحلية، متوقعا انتعاش تهريب العملة بسبب اجراءات البنك المركزي الاخيرة. In the same context, a financial expert has warned of the dangers of falling sales of the currency on the domestic market, and expected recovery of currency smuggling because of the recent central bank measures. وفي حديث لـ "العالم" قال أمير مطر وهو صاحب شركة صرافة معروفة في بغداد، ان "البنك المركزي العراقي لم يبع سوى عشرين مليون دولار، في حين كان يبيع حتى قبل عشرة ايام، ما يقرب من مائتي مليون يوميا". In an interview with "the world," said Amir Matar, the owner of well-known foreign exchange company in Baghdad, said "the Central Bank of Iraq has not only sold twenty million dollars, while he was selling up to ten days ago, nearly two hundred million a day." ويضيف بأن "السوق العراقية بحاجة الى ما لا يقل عن 150 مليون دولار يوميا، لكن انخفاض مبيعات الدولار من شأنها التأثير على أسعار المواد الاستهلاكية، والمتضرر سيكون المواطن بالدرجة الأولى". He adds that "the Iraqi market needs to at least 150 million dollars a day, but the low sales of the dollar will have an impact on consumer prices, and the injured citizen would be first place." وعزا الصراف تراجع مبيعات مزاد البنك المركزي الى "خلافات الاخير مع وزارة المالية". He attributed the decline in sales of auction-Sarraf the central bank to "differences with the latter and the Ministry of Finance." وحول مطالبة البنك المركزي لشركات التوسط المالي كشف الرقم الضريبي لزبائنها، يرى ان ذلك "سيوقف المزاد بشكل نهائي، بسبب رفض الزبائن"، ويؤكد بانه "سيسهم في تهريب العملة، بسبب توقف الحوالات مما سينعكس سلبا على العملة الوطنية". The claim about the central bank to financial intermediation companies disclosed the number of tax clients, finds that "this will stop the auction is final, by the refusal of customers", and stresses that he "will contribute to the smuggling of currency, due to suspension of remittances, which will reflect negatively on the national currency." ولفت الصراف الى ان "ارتفاع سعر صرف الدولار بلغ رقما قياسيا اليوم (امس) الاثنين"، مبينا أنه "غير مسيطر عليه حاليا". He pointed to the cashier that "the high dollar exchange rate reached a record high today (yesterday) Monday," noting that it "is not currently controlled."
  9. إطبع Print أرسل إلى صديق Send to a Friend علق على المقال Commented on the article أخبار العراق Iraq News البنك المركزي: آن الأوان لإعادة تقييم العملة بما يتناسب والتغييرات السعرية والأَجرية في الاقتصاد Central Bank: It is time to re-evaluate the currency, commensurate with the price changes and the wage in the economy الثلاثاء 19 نيسان 2011 15:58 GMT Tuesday, 19 نيسان 2011 15:58 GMT قد لا تبقى هناك حاجة لان يعمل هذا العداد بهذه السرعة إذا ما طبق البنك المركزي مشروعه بحذف ثلاثة أصفار من العملة العراقية .. May not remain there is a need to act for this counter so quickly if applied to the central bank project by deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency .. فالبنك الذي يرسم السياسة النقدية للبلاد يؤكد أنه حان الأوان لإعادة تقييم العملة بما يناسب التغييرات السعرية والأجرية في الاقتصاد. Bank, which sets monetary policy for the country confirms that it is time to re-evaluate the currency to suit the changes in the wage-price and economy. مظهر محمد صالح/ مستشار البنك المركزي العراقي : The appearance of Mohammed Saleh / adviser to the CBI: (العراق بعد خمس سنوات مقبل على انتاج نفطي كبير 6 ملايين الى 12 مليون برميل نفط العراق سيكون قوة اقليمية في ادارة الطاقة في العالم وستكون عائداته كبيرة والنظام النقدي الحالي نظام ادارة العملة بهذا الشكل هو نتاج مرحلة متخلفة شئنا ام أبينا لازم نصلح ادارة العملة بعد خمس سنين راح تصير كتلة نقدية كبيرة ) (Iraq after five years on the verge of producing a large oil 6 million to 12 million barrels of Iraqi oil would be a regional power in the management of energy in the world and will be the proceeds of a large system and the current cash management system currency in this way is a product of phase lag like it or not needed reform the management of currency after five years claimed the block becomes large cash) محال وشركات الصيرفة لم تكن متحمسة للمشروع الذي تقول ان تطبيقه قد يسبب مشاكل اقتصادية او تقنية لا داعي لها في الوقت الحاضر. Shops, banking companies were not enthusiastic about the project, which says that its application may cause economic problems or technical unnecessary at the present time. صاحب محل صيرفة Shop owner Banking (هي مو وقتها لأن اذا ميستقر اقتصاد البلد ويستقر سعر البنك المركزي بالبيع والشراء للدولار منكدر نستخدم رفع الاصفار ) (Mo is the time because if Mistqr country's economy and stabilize exchange rates, buying and selling of the dollar Menkdr use the lifting of the zeroes) صاحب محل صيرفة Shop owner Banking (هذا الشي احنا منكدر نحدده هسة مسالة تعتمد على التطبيق يجوز تظهر بعدين مشاكل احتمال بالفروقات بالكسور بأشياء وامور هواية فنية ) (This thing we Menkdr TOGETHER we identify the issue depends on the application may show problems then the possibility of fractures disparity of individual things and things hobby art) اما بالنسبة للمواطنين فان حذف الاصفار يعيدهم بالذاكرة الى ايام قوة الدينار العراقي وهو امر رحب به البعض بينما بدا الاخرون غير مقتنعين بامكانية تطبيقه As for the citizens, the deletion of zeros memory bring them back to the days of the power of the Iraqi dinar which is welcomed by some, while others appeared unconvinced by the possibility of its application مواطن Citizen (والله كلش اوكي رح يرفع من الاقتصاد العراقي ويرجعنا ايام الدينار مال قبل اللي جان اله قيمة وتصيرله قوة شرائية وبالدول هم) (God, Kalash Aoki suggested raising of the Iraqi economy and brings us back the dinar money days before the God who commissions Tasirlh value and purchasing power and the States they are) مواطن Citizen (هو نفس الشي اذا رفع الاصفار هو الدينار مالتنا واصلا حتى بالخارج محد يستقبله) (Is the same thing if the lifting of the zeroes is the dinar Maltna and even abroad Mahd originally received by) مواطن Citizen (بالنسبة لرفع الاصفار فد شي منطقي لأن بدل مايصير كلام بالترليون يصير بالمليارات حتى الناس تفتهم ) (For the lifting of the zeroes FD Shi logical because the allowance Maiasir trillion words become even billions of people Fhm) اما بالنسبة لخبراء الاقتصاد فيطمأنون إن موضوع حذف الأصفار لن يشكل فارقاً في التعامل النقدي او يؤثر باي شكل على الاقتصاد العراقي مالم يراع تغيير قيمة صرفه بالنسبة الى الدولار As for the economists Vitmonon The theme of the deletion of zeros will not make a difference in handling cash or in any way affect the Iraqi economy unless they take into account the changing value of exchange in relation to the dollar علي الفكيكي / خبير اقتصادي : Ali gnathion NA / Economist: (هذه هي عملية ادارية تخص البنك المركزي نفسه في ادارة العملة وبالنسبة للاقتصاد سيبقى إلا اذا تغير سعر الصرف للدينار العراقي مثلا الان هو الدولار 1180 دينار فيجوز اذا سووه يعني 3 صفارة 118 او هل سيكون 1.0 ذاك الوكت اذا صار واحد فاصل صفر الدينار للدولار معناه تحسين القوة الشرائية للدينار) (This is an administrative process involving the central bank itself in the management of currency and the economy will remain only if the change rate of the Iraqi dinar for example, now is a dollar in 1180 JD permissible if Swoh means three whistle 118 or you will be 1.0 that Alukt if it has become one break zero dinar to the dollar means to improve the purchasing power of the dinar) ويبدي البنك المركزي العراقي تحفظه من الانتقادات وردود الأفعال التي أثيرت حول مشروعه لحذف الأصفار من العملة، مبيناً انه مشروعه مبني على دراسة مستفيضة تخدم الاقتصاد العراقي وستقدم حال انتهائها إلى مجلسي الوزراء والنواب. And show the Iraqi Central Bank reservation of criticism and reactions that have been raised about the project to delete the zeros from the currency, noting that his project is based on a thorough study to serve the Iraqi economy will be the case ended, the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives.'>
  10. Cazzzzzz!!!! Good to cya Bro.....Go Rv Baby!!!!
  11. WOW!!!! Looks like it's plain and clear in the title if you ask me. Scooter's Post Today Phenomenal... Amazing... Thrilled... Ecstatic..."The Trifecta Theory" Read more:
  12. Phenomenal... Amazing... Thrilled... Ecstatic... Those are words that describe this last week, regardless if you are a "Trifecta" believer or not. Why you ask? Because a critical move was just made in this chess game and could be the catalyst that drives the Iraqi Dinar RV to the heights we all desire. For those of you not familiar with "The Trifecta Theory", I ask that you read the eight prior chapters of research before reaching your conclusions. However, for those that have been following this saga, reading the latest news from Chinese leaders agreeing to strengthen the Yuan strongly indicate the U.S. got their desired outcome and the RV in Iraq can proceed. Again, if "The Trifecta Theory" holds true and China does indeed strengthen the Yuan, a flurry of press releases sourced from the US and Middle East will occur regarding Iraq. They would come very quickly and all with subtle differences in the messaging carefully designed to confuse and mislead. Please remember, if "The Trifecta" holds true and Iraq RV's, we will witness the single largest day of cash transactions worldwide, exceeding over 10 Trillion USD's all at one time. If you're a FOREX trader, you might want to keep your STOPS a little tighter for the next month or two. You don't move that kind of cash around the globe and not have an effect on every tradable currency or stock on the planet. In fact, that would be a record for the Bank of International Settlement. In the meantime, stay tuned for the final chapter and I look forward to speaking with you soon.
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