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  1. Forgot the link
  2. SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012 Iraq and UN Security Council Meeting Tuesday, June 19th 2012 ... Thank you to cpflug for passing on TeriHodge's information on Iraq and the UN Security Council Meeting .. Tuesday, June 19th ... June 15, 2012 - Iraq/DFI report was due ... June 19, 2012 - Consultations (P.M.)- Iraq/Kuwait Briefing (A.M.) - Middle East Consultations (A.M.) - Middle East__ Consultations (P.M.) - Iraq/Kuwait - Sudan Sanctions Cttee source Hope it happens and in favour of us. go rvrvrvrvrvrvrv
  3. Iraq ..Urgent .. Saturday .. National Alliance decides to hold an important meeting him on Saturday Thursday, April 19, 2012 Urgent .. National Alliance decides to hold an important meeting him on Saturday Baghdad, The political body of the National Alliance held its meeting on Saturday. A source at the National Alliance, told all of Iraq [where] that "the meeting of the political body of the National Alliance will hold an important meeting on Saturday at seven minutes and 30 pm at the home of President Ibrahim al-Jaafari coalition and the presence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki." "The themes that will be included in the meeting is a forum of national and political developments and the Court of Cassation." It was scheduled to hold a National Alliance meeting on Wednesday to study the overall political situation and the most important of the early convening of the national meeting as well as to discuss the controversial issues occurring between the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, in addition to activating the role of the National Alliance in the political process. But he was postponing the meeting until further notice at the request of one party to the alliance. The political scene disagreements and debates great especially between the Kurdistan Alliance and the rule of law because of recent remarks by Vice Farhad Atrushi, who accused the government of smuggling oil across Jordanian territory to Israel and the Iraqi List and the rule of law because of the implementation of the terms of the Erbil and the issue Hashemi and al-Mutlaq. source This will give us Erbil or who knows HCL
  4. Iraq and Kuwait Monday ~ External specifies Monday as the date for convening the Supreme Iraqi-Kuwaiti Committee Thursday, 19-04-2012 Iraq and Kuwait ~ External specifies Monday as the date for convening the Supreme Iraqi-Kuwaiti Committee Baghdad, Next Monday's Foreign Ministry identified the date of the Committee meeting Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint, which was scheduled last week. He said a high-level source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (News Agency news) on Thursday: Ministry in agreement with the Kuwaiti side, select Monday 23/4, a date for a meeting of the Committee of Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint Committee members, will arrive in Kuwait on Monday morning before the afternoon meetings — to unleash itself. The source added: the meeting will discuss all the issues that had been agreed during Prime Minister's visit to Kuwait last month, where the Kuwaiti side will review the most important file is the file port. The source said that according to the Kuwaiti side will be agreed on a mechanism in the construction phase has arrived, along with special drilling studies port Kabeer. source Hopefully this will resolve the pending files between the 2 countries & grant the keys of shackles
  5. Kuwait will of the Security Council agreed to lift the sanctions on Baghdad after a meeting April 15 Tuesday April 3, 2012 - the second year - Issue 550 Members of the parliamentary Foreign optimistic about the salvation of Iraq from Chapter VII Advisor to the owners: Kuwait will of the Security Council agreed to lift the sanctions on Baghdad after a meeting April 15 بغداد - مصطفى ناصر Baghdad - Mustafa Nasser Revealed adviser to Prime Minister of the existence of a crucial meeting between Iraq and Kuwait, leading to a report to the Security Council, including the approval of Kuwait to lift the sanctions on Iraq with the approval of both sides to complete the remaining obligations between the two countries, between a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary Raising Iraq from Chapter VII is not about Kuwait alone, but the conviction of the international community, and political pressure. The Legal Adviser to the Prime Minister Fadel Muhammad said in an interview with "the world" yesterday that "on 15 of this month will hold a crucial meeting between Iraq and Kuwait to Baghdad to settle all outstanding issues between the two countries," expected to so they can be very positive results. He added that the Kuwaiti delegation headed by Foreign Minister Mohammed Sabah, the membership of officials and ministers involved in the files of contention between the two countries. He said Muhammad, "If we reach a joint agreement with Kuwait will send the report to the Security Council, and approved it, with approval from both sides that all that remains of obligations between the two countries from archive missing and the demarcation of the border will be completed in good faith between the two countries, and thus closes the file in the Security Council International, and ending penalties for Iraq under Chapter VII. A member of the Committee Mohammad Jamshid in an interview for "the world" yesterday that "the State of Kuwait gave positive signals to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, given to the participation at the Arab summit, not to mention the participation of many Arab countries high." He added that "the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the State of Kuwait, which preceded the summit was very positive, as it achieved its objectives and prompted Kuwait to cooperate with us to rid Iraq from Chapter VII and the political and economic sanctions currently in place." He expected Jamshid contribute to the Arab League also freeing Iraq from Chapter VII, "I do not doubt that the Arab League wants an Iraq that influence takes leadership role in the region, Iraq today is not Iraq's former regime, which was a source of concern and problems for the region. And I expect that there will be a gesture quick to get rid from Chapter VII. " I take it a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary staff Arshad remove Iraq from Chapter VII that the international community and members of the Security Council specifically, explaining that "the issue of withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII is not about Kuwait alone, but there is a UN resolution needs to be pressure from Arab countries and the Arab League ". source Original article
  6. BREAKING NEWS.. Saad: NA meets this evening 10/04/2012 14:58:00 Baghdad (NINA) – Leader in Fadheela party, Suzan Al Saad, declared that the National Alliance will hold a meeting this evening at the NA chairman’s house, Ibrahim Al Jaafari. She said, in a statement to NINA today, that the meeting will include all members of the NA will discuss the political crisis and ways to come out with results that contribute in the development of the political process for the better." Saad did not give more details about this meeting, which comes amid claims from the Iraqiya Slate to the NA for the replacement of Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki with another figure and accusations from the Kurdistan Alliance to Maliki of autocracy and not applying the Erbil agreement under which the current government was formed. Today, and for the first time, an MP from Al Muwatin bloc from the NA, Mohammed Al Lakash, demanded to find a replacement for Maliki, before it is too late. He said in a statement to (NINA) ‘’finding a replacement for Maliki at the moment is essential, especially since some of the political blocs want to change him," noting that the change "may solve some problems." /End/
  7. Shabibi .. Is it enough to replace the Iraqi currency to save it from collapse? Coming up ... August 25, 2011 ~ Jackson Hole Economic Meeting - Shabibi 2010, hopeful on economy, Jackson Hole ... Saturday, August 6, 2011 PM - 6th September 1432 - Issue: 8455 Shabibi .. Is it enough to replace the Iraqi currency to save it from collapse? In the past years have fallen Iraqi dinar value due to inflation and deterioration caused by economic sanctions imposed on Iraq after the Kuwait war, through the fall of Baghdad in 2003, to turn into a semi massacres day All these factors made the value of the dinar is going down, prompting the central bank in the same year resort to the adoption of a new mechanism to maintain the dinar's exchange rate lies in the development of an auction foreign exchange to sell quantities of the dollar, resulting from the sale of oil in world markets, and converted to the Development Fund for Iraq, which transforms in turn to the bank to sell in local currency, but it was not enough to save the value of their currency collapse, under the terms of the price fall to become a day about 1120 dinars per dollar. Thus pushing the Iraqi Central Bank's decision to replace the currency Atkhama by deleting three zeros in an attempt to raise the value of the world. Has announced Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor completing the preparation of a plan to replace the current banknotes after the cancellation of three zeros, and include 30 trillion dinars (26 billion dollars), is the value of expected cash bloc, stressing that the timing will be determined by the government and parliament, Iraqi. On the other hand, sees the first in the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the fundamental problem in the timing of the single currency only, but the application of the new project will be according to mechanisms scalable in the form is not felt by the citizens, are put quantities in the market and the withdrawal of which is maintained by the government banks of the block and replace , and remain only in the possession of the citizens of the trading day, and can conduct his business in the two currencies of any existing and new,'s goods as current price, for example, JD 1000 The customer can give the seller the present paper a class 1000 dinars, as well as be able to give him a coin a new category of one dinar. In the view of economists that this action is not enough to save the Iraqi dinar from collapse as long as the Iraqi economy is weak currency should always be linked strongly the country's economy, and the best proof of that the United States where the dollar dropped because of debt and faltering economy, and generally coming days will determine, either revalue the Iraqi currency if there is demand for it globally or to depreciate more.
  8. *This is Awesome! ~ Iraq - UN - Kuwait ~ Iraq's Permanent Representative in Geneva, headed the Iraqi delegation to the meetings of the UN Compensation remain bumped ~ Note: I was looking for this yesterday to back up another tidbit of information that I had about the 21 billion owed to Kuwait and .. The UN Security council said to get this done ASAP ~ kel ~ Press release link ~ Iraq and Kuwait ~ At present, $21 billion remains owing to Kuwait for distribution to nine successful claimants ... (read pdf @ 2011-04-17 Iraq's Permanent Representative in Geneva, headed the Iraqi delegation to the meetings of the UN Compensation BAGHDAD (Iba) ... head of Iraq's representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim, the Iraqi delegation to the meetings of the Governing Council of the United Nations Compensation Bdorth the seventy-first. The Foreign Ministry statement today: The Wise delivered a speech at the opening session of the Council in which he pointed out that after the formation of the Iraqi government have been many discussions between Iraq and Kuwait have focused on outstanding issues, including compensation. He explained: "We have agreed to set up a joint ministerial committee under the chairmanship of the Foreign Ministers of both countries to discuss these outstanding issues, noting that the meetings of the Committee of Ministers the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint is going well.
  9. Iraq ~ Bankers Association commends the experience of the smart card April 12, 2011 Bankers Association commends the experience of the smart card BAGHDAD - morning Chief executive of the Association of Iraqi banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, a success rate of the experience of the smart card containing high, despite the mistakes were the result of simple negligence. Hassoun said in a press statement: that the entry of the experience of the smart card into Iraq from experiments that have achieved a high success rate although they contain a few problems in dealing with the devices because they need to change the switch and the development and improvement. He said Hassoun: If the process does not succeed electronic reading the fingerprint, it is possible to use the standard way the old manual, "adding that the system that is distributed by the pension per month up to distribution outlets Bmeidha during the first week of the month, but it remains to be the application of these electronic devices need to sort out and packaging and put them to places far away from dust and atmospheric effects of being sensitive.
  10. US must tackle government deficit, says IMF report By Andrew Walker Economics correspondent, BBC World Service The IMF says the US should tackle the federal deficit Continue reading the main story Global EconomySurprise fall in UK inflation to 4% IMF eyes recovery as risks remain China in quarterly trade deficit UK and Netherlands to sue Iceland There is an urgent need for the US to tackle the deficit in the government's finances, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The organisation has warned that the size of the deficit risks creating instability in the financial markets. However, the global economic recovery is gaining strength, the IMF said. In developed economies the private sector is increasingly replacing government spending in driving that recovery, it added. This reduces the risks of a renewed recession as governments continue to curb their spending, the IMF's Fiscal Monitor said. However the report warned that developed economies still needed to watch levels of government debt. "Among the advanced economies, the United States, in particular, needs to adopt measures that would allow it to meet its fiscal commitments," the IMF warned. "Market concerns about sustainability remain subdued in the United States, but a further delay of action could be fiscally costly, with deficit increases exacerbated by rising yields," it said. The US federal deficit currently stands at $1.4 trillion (£858bn) and is expected to reach $1.5 trillion in the current fiscal year. Deficit reduction Speaking at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in January US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner set out the US government's position on the federal deficit. Efforts by some US states such as Florida to tackle their deficits have been met with opposition "There is a much greater recognition across the US political system that our fiscal position is unsustainable in the long-run," said Mr Geithner. "I know there are people who would like to make very deep cuts that would undermine the recovery. "You got to make sure that you don't hurt the recovery and take so much risk that you damage the early expansion by shifting too prematurely to substantial restraints. "We're not going to let that happen. There are some people who like to move... very quickly to do very deep cuts in spending, but it is not the responsible way to do it." Competitive currency The IMF's twice-yearly assessment of the global economy also suggested that risks were building in emerging countries. It said some of them should allow their currencies to rise, which would help contain inflation by making imports cheaper. There was a strong implication that China is one country that the IMF has in mind. A stronger and therefore less competitive currency is something that many other countries would like to see in China. India is forecast to continue growing very strongly in the next two years, though not as rapidly as in 2010, when the IMF's data shows it having grown even faster than China.
  11. I come from Dubai, I was born in Bahrain. I want u all to know that all this rumors from kuwait, jordan or dubai are all false & carry no meaning whatsoever. My whole family lives in and around the middle east. I'm so tired & so disturbed about the whole rumor section, when people post , without even thinking of the impact people will have. There are so many stories of the people who have invested & they are all so anxious & wishing . So plz this is my humble request to all (terry, Possum) . Stay away from the rumors & watch the real news. If u cant watch the real news then read all the posts which the moderators post , but plz leave your experiences with yours banks relatives & your superiors behind thank u all & god bless
  12. Al-Maliki calls for immediate meetings of Iraq and the United States ... Thursday 13-01-2011 Al-Maliki calls for immediate meetings of Iraq and the United States Baghdad (News) ... Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki instant meetings of Joint Committee between Iraq and the USA to pursue bilateral cooperation. Statement by the Prime Minister's Office (Agency news News) Thursday: Maliki invited talks with Vice President Joe Biden today to start instant meetings of joint higher Committee to move forward on bilateral cooperation, "stressing the importance of face-to-face meetings between Ministers of both countries and an agenda will be discussed at the meetings of the Joint Committee. Added: Maliki for us efforts to support Iraq's international sanctions and out of reach of Chapter VII, Iraq's ability to meet the challenges to means security, political or otherwise, and Iraqis continue to achieve their goals and they deem necessary for the development of their country, and that no one could stop them from doing so. For his part via Biden wished new Government succeed in tasks and ambitions and aspirations of the Iraqi people praising the progress in Iraq political and security which became clear and concrete, Biden said: the States that were reluctant to support Iraq now hurry to enter Iraq and looks forward to provide opportunity to cooperate and work in. "Biden (the): the United States is serious about leveraging the strategic framework agreement and actually started preparations, has cost us ministers concerned in agriculture, industry, science and other supported Iraq and build bridges of cooperation in these fields once the agreement with the Iraqi side.
  13. *National Alliance: Iraq Seeks to Cancel the Debts Incurred by Companies, Individuals and Countries ... Thursday, January 13, 2011 National Alliance: Iraq seeks to cancel the debts incurred by companies, individuals and countries Alsumaria News / Baghdad MP for the National Alliance on Falh, Thursday, that Iraq is seeking to cancel debt for quite a few companies and individuals and nations, noting that some lawmakers have made presentations to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the seventh item. Falh said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Iraq is seeking to cancel the debt owed him for quite a few companies and individuals and nations, during the invasion of Kuwait in 1991." Falh added that "a number of interventions provided to the House of Representatives and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on item VII, where he was raised how to keep the Iraqi funds after the expiration of the maintenance and the amount of six months." The UN Security Council approved during its meeting last month, three special resolutions in Iraq, ending the first oil for food program, while calling the other to extend the immunity that protects Iraq from claims associated with an era of former President Saddam Hussein to the June 30, 2011 (six months) instead be stopped in time later this month as scheduled at the beginning, after Iraq said it would not request any further extensions of the work (the Development Fund for Iraq) which was the immunity from claims for compensation. In the third resolution, approved by the UN Security Council to lift the ban on imports of Iraq's nuclear program to implement the civilian nuclear ending restrictions on weapons of mass destruction, missiles and so put an end to the ban lasted 19 years, under resolution 687 of 1991. The Iraqi government is keen to ensure the extension of the work of the Fund which was established in 2003 after the fall of Saddam Hussein in order to protect revenues from sales of oil and natural gas in Iraq. Iraq has been under since 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, which imposed on him after the invasion of the regime of President Saddam Hussein of Kuwait in August of the same year, and this item allows the use of force against Iraq as a threat to international security, in addition to the freezing of large amounts of its assets financial in the international banks to pay compensation to those affected by the invasion of Kuwait. And consists of Chapter VII of the 13 articles, is resolution 678, issued in 1990 and calling for the ousting Iraq from Kuwait, by force of the provisions of this chapter, Iraq is still under Tailth, because the survival of the issue of the remains of Kuwaiti citizens and prisoners of war in Iraq and Kuwaiti property, including archives of the Amiri Diwan and the Crown Prince's Court and the question of environmental awards and oil, which is not only about the state of Kuwait and other Arab countries and companies still have some rights. It is noteworthy that Kuwait had asked the UN Security Council, in July of 2009, before its to discuss Iraq's international obligations not to raise Iraq from the list of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations before has met all its obligations, especially in the cases of compensation and POWs and missing Kuwaiti and its emphasis on the need to respect Iraq of resolution 833 judge the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait, after Iraqi objections that appear from time to time on the demarcation of the border, and then reiterated the same demands this week by a number of Kuwaiti Parliament. Posted by Kel at 1/13/2011 06:58:00 PM Labels: iraq chapter 7, Paying Debts
  14. Biden to Talabani: us wants to lift all UN resolution on Iraq ... Thursday 13-01-2011 Biden to Talabani: us wants to lift all UN resolution on Iraq Baghdad (News) ...Search President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad on Thursday, with u.s. Vice President Joseph Biden and his entourage, bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, where President Talabani stressed the need to consolidate and strengthen the common interests of the two friendly countries. He President highlights the phases of the political process and the resulting from the agreements between parliamentary blocs led to a genuine national partnership puts mind citizen service and install security, political and economic stability in the country. President Talabani stated that a future Iraq on a new stage during which aims to deepen its relations with the rest of the world and at different levels. In another part of the meeting the President explained the nature of the security situation and developments which tend towards stability, and security forces and Iraqi military forces completed their readiness, hoping that this army army defending home professionals, coaches and equipped, emphasizing that Iraq would be an example of liberty and co-existence and a guarantor of stability in the region. He thanked us Government on us effort to eject Iraq from under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, adding that Iraq has enormous economic potential to ensure the economic well-being of himself and the region. The President spoke about the situation of Christians in Iraq, saying the Government's interest in this matter, noting that Christians don't want to leave Iraq as they alaslaa people in the country civilization Builders and contribute in building the new Iraq. New Biden his congratulations and commendation of President Barack Obama to President Talabani on his re-election as President of the Republic and Government formation, adding that political dialogue found their way into the Iraqi political process, and the time the rivalry, violence, emphasizing careful United States to support the new democratic Iraq and his career, saying, "we wish to deal with a new Iraq and build long-term relationships with the areas of education, culture, health, Commerce and rest area. The Vice President to the u.s. Government's desire to expand cooperation and coordination with the new Iraqi Government and at all levels, especially since the next stage would require government efforts that make Iraq takes his place in the regional and global level, explaining that "Iraq has a long history, and I have no doubt that Iraqis construct a free, independent and strong helps to promote security and stability in the region." As Park Biden for President Talabani on Security Council resolutions have helped lift the sanctions on Iraq, noting that the United States wants to remove any UN resolution on Iraq and afford Division because obsolete dictatorship era errors. Then spoke of his Excellency Dr. Adel Abdel Mahdi said Iraq has strong relations with the United States, noting that there is a joint effort to develop these relationships and strengthen the American role in the development of the Iraqi economy. He also spoke of his Excellency Mr. Tareq al-Hashemi on the current political situation and blocs and parties working as a team and managed to cross the crisis and continue to make every effort to preserve and strengthen Government, adding "we are in solidarity with one another and build process for a stable and prosperous Iraq.
  15. MY favourite date is 1/1/11 just my guess
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