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  1. Has anyone ever considered that the RV may make the Dinar go the opposite direction... that is,,, it may be worth less that what it is now,,, toliet paper...
  2.,,,, (US$ vs IQD) a little research will help you understand what BS this is...
  3. tells the entire story,,,, hope the gurus have soom sense of guilt for all of the ones that have bought into this program but need money to feed the family. Thanks Sonny for your post. It has been a 5+ year ride for me.....
  4. & (US$ vs IQD) enough said!
  5. Delta is one of the few that have a clue and I am not sure he does, but I give him thank you for trying... Have a friend in Iraq that is not as excited as Delta... but who knows.
  6. At least someone has their head screwed on straight,,, this is what I have been saying for the past 5 years,,, there is no way that this would rv at 3+,,,, 10 cent or maybe a little higher is more in range and then a free float...The high numbers are from pumpers trying to get more suckers into the program
  7. Well let's see,,, if not today maybe a month or even a year from now.... that really makes sense... I believe that all of this BS just pisses off the old timers like me and encourages the newbies to run out and buy Dinars on a credit card. Please do not put any money in this thing that you can't afford to lose or that you may need in the very near future. Just a warning,,
  8. can O change the law to benefit him? Why sure that is all he has been doing,,,
  9. Must be a ghost writer,,, Possum is never this coherent Good read, not sure how much is truth or fiction,,,Frank is saying June 2014,, I am saying on God knows and he ain't talking....
  10. Dan, after 5 years of this stuff you will learn that the only way you can post anything you must first go to someone else's post... that is the only reason I am on here...
  11. all anyone has to do is go to when they get up in the morning and that will show you what the Dinar/$ is trading at. Then go to work just like usual. You don't need to read anything else.
  12. Are you nuts,,, don't leave the house with this info,,,CBI is all you need to go to...
  13. Do you ever wonder why we do this. I have had DInars for 5+ years. There is always a reason that the RV doesn't happen. I haven't see anyone blaming it on the heightened security around the world for a terrorist attack. I sure someone has used it but i haven't seen it. Newbies don't buy but a hand full of Dinar if you have to. I am 70+ and may never see this take place in my lifetime, so if you want to spend your ballgame money on Dinars do it, but don't spend your rent check on them...
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