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    All this news reveals the weakness and vulnerability of the Iraqi position. Years of stalling. The corrupt idiots who run Iraq, so arrogant, thought they were in the drivers seat. No they aren't. No putting in sensible oil laws? No getting along with other Iraqis well enough to run a country? You sure about that, Iraq? As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working for ya?"They thought they had forever, the corruption and stupidity could continue forever. Fools. No they can't continue as per usual. That won't do. The gotta do business by the world's rules, the world doesn't have to kiss their back ends. They have it backwards. Iraq needs the rest of the world, much more than the world needs Iraq. Advanced countries....the U.S. primarily...hold all the cards. Play ball Iraq, or starve. Those are your choices. Iraq has to play by the rules of international trade: Put in proper oil laws, run your country properly, quit your bs...and shut up about it. The world has no patience for your nonsense so comply or the world will let you starve. Do what you are told to do.
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    4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy Article "...the economic adviser to the Iraq Prime Minister Salih...the process of increasing the foreign exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar always occurs during the official holidays. This is a natural and expected thing due to the current conditions..." What are they talking about? They're talking about changing rate after the curfew. After the crisis...Is the rate change ready to happen? Is there any other articles out there that support this? Yes there is! Article quote "The Finance Committee comments on Friday the central bank's decision to stop the dollar from flowing into the market with the aim of floating the dinar and reducing its value in order to fill parts of the budget deficit and the needs of the government." What does it want to do? It wants to lower the value of the dollar by floating the dinar...(Post 1 of 2)... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy ...what this guy is saying is that the value of the dollar is strong against the dinar. They need to do something about that...We all know if they float the dinar that's based on supply and demand. We all know there's a lot of people that want to buy dinar...So what they need to do is lower the value of the US dollar...How are they gonna do that? By floating the dinar and allowing the rate to increase. Go ahead, do the pee-pee dance! It looks like a lot of this is lining up...quote "floating the dinar to fill part of the state's budget deficit is impossible. But it may be in harmony with the current situation to compensate for the shortfall of the oil revenues." They're saying look we need to do something to fill in the budget gap because of the shortfalls of the oil. And how do you do that? ...They need to increase the rate...we might be at the doorstop. Finally people! Let's not get overly excited. But it's starting to look really really good...(Post 2 of 2)... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Chattels Mahdi has "stepped away" but he has not "left his post", It is a curious constitutional posture from what I understand. Zarfi's government, people and policy program, are arguably dead on arrival. Both Ameri and Maliki oppose him. The Kurds have said that they will not support any PM designate without a Shia consensus favoring that candidate. While I put my money on an increase in value of the dinar, I must allow for the probability that Mahdi will stay until elections in 2022 if the/any government survives.
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    CBI has 2 options - Continue tha daily auction an pump massive amount of dollars into the economy OR - Remove exchange control and RV the dinar. 50/50 chance Go RVasap
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    I think we have a 50/50 chance between The CBI pumping massive amount of dollars into The economy or RV the dinar
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    The fall of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar scares the markets and citizens .. and warnings of the continued decline 04/05/2020 Baghdad - Mawazine News: After the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar years ago, the past few days have recorded a significant decrease in the value of the local currency. The exchange rate of one dollar increased from 1,200 dinars to 1,280 Iraqi dinars, amid warnings of the continuation of this decline due to the curfew imposed by the Iraqi authorities as part of measures to confront the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which stopped the Central Bank of Iraq, which was pumping an average of 140 million dollars per day to maintain The value of the currency. A source from the Central Bank of Iraq, who preferred not to be identified, said that "the dollar exchange rate was affected by a rise due to the interruption of the currency auction, as well as a result of the curfew, and the desire of people to exchange their Iraqi money with dollars, as well as the continuing need for import in relation to traders." According to the newspaper, "The New Arab." He revealed that the central bank is in the process of taking quick steps with the government crisis cell to confront the Corona epidemic, with the aim of finding a way to restore balance and provide hard currency in the market, stressing that the rise will be temporary. He added, "The last auction for the sale of the currency was on March 16, and it is expected that the current measures will succeed in reopening it within days." The source pointed out that "the price of cash sale by the Central Bank of Iraq in the last public auction was 1119 dinars, while the price approved in banks is 1200 dinars per dollar, before the central bank stops pumping currency to the Iraqi market, because of the curfew." He pointed out that "the central bank will try to pump more hard currency to the market, but the value of what will be pumped will be less than the hard currency entering the central bank as a result of the low oil price and the state's need for adequate reserves of hard currency." He said, "The task of keeping the dinar rate at the current stage will not be easy, but it is within control." For his part, Adel Al-Ansari, director of one of the banking offices in Baghdad, said in an interview with "The New Arab", that despite the curfew imposed in all of Iraq due to the outbreak of corona, the demand for buying dollars is very large, because of the Iraqis' fear of the collapse of the dinar. He added that "some of the owners of capital bought the hard currency in anticipation of any emergency, due to the cautious anticipation experienced by the Iraqis in light of the Corona virus and the escalation between America and Iran and armed factions in Iraq." In an interview with Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, economist Salam Smeisam said, “The rise in the price of the dollar against the dinar is not a result of supply and demand. It ranges from 7 to 8 dollars per 100 dollars. " She added that "what is raising the alarm today is that the market is not subject to control by the authorities concerned with monetary policy," noting that "the Iraqi dinar is in an unenviable position due to the low oil prices of less than 26 dollars, in addition to the accumulated crises that it is exposed to." The Economy. ”Ended 29 / A 43
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    If Someone had told me when I started this investment, that before I made a lot of money on my investment, Donald Trump would have been elected President and he would have made a hell of a good President and that a bowl of bat soup would first have to shut down the world's economy and everyone had to stay at home for a month, and I that would spend some time laughing at a Cartoon Banana riding a camel, I would have told them they were stark raving nuts, there was something wrong with their head. Guess what? Life humbled me. I would have been wrong about all that. Completely wrong. Someone would not have been nuts. All those things happened. Someone would have been right. Someone would have been very accurate about predicting the future course of my investment... ...Maybe that's why there don't seem to be any good comedians on TV any more. Real Life has now surpassed comedy, for being funny. The comments on this thread are funnier than anything on TV...There is no point in watching comedy anymore. Just report on what is right in front of your eyes. I feel I landed in an alternative universe, sort of a mix of Who framed Roger Rabbit? and a bad science fiction movie about a plague, that I don't really want to be in, but here I am...shortly to be laughing all the way to the bank. ...I once took an investment course. I don't recall any lessons about a banana riding a camel, being part of watching an investment eventually pay off... Guess I didn't missed that class...
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    I've heard this theory but I don't buy it. 5G is bad for sure, but if 5G is what is making people sick, why do people recover from it by taking high dose vitamin C? And why does social distancing slow the contagion rate? Those two things wouldn't make any difference if the problem was caused by 5G. Personally, I think it is a bioweapon, probabably released accidently. jmho
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    The CBI wants to stop the high exchange rate of the dollar to the dinar...they are not allowing any banks to participate maybe because all banks are selling dollar at diff rate...thus this will be harder for the CBI to get the rate back to its normal--->1190dinar/dollar. 2029(summer)
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    Not too much time left. Go RV asap
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    The central bank begins selling the dollar through its daily auction 05-05-2020 On Sunday, the Central Bank of Iraq began selling the dollar through its daily auction, after stopping the result of the embargo and since March 17. The bank’s sales today amounted to 245 million and 669 thousand and 143 dollars, covered by the bank at a base exchange rate of 1190 dinars per dollar. The bank's sales were all to boost the balances abroad in the form of transfers and credits that were fully covered by the bank at an exchange rate of 1190 dinars per one dollar, while there was no cash sale to banks. While none of the 27 banks participating in the currency auction made any offers to sell the dollar.اقتصاد/340518/البنك-المركزي-يباشر-ببيع-الدولار-عبر-مزاده-اليومي
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    Thanks for this post Bigwave. It’s a good reminder to reverse that list ASAP!!
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    ( IQD Rates - Updated: Sunday - 4/5/2020 ) Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 1190 IQD to 1 USD Dinar Market Rate:(CBI last reported 3-16-2020) 1203.455 IQD to 1 USD - Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES - Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days: YES (maintained since ~Mar. 15, 2018 & Iraq Market since ~Nov. 14, 2018) (NOTE: rates were out of compliance for 3 days starting 11-5-2019 & 2 days starting 1-7-2020 Good Sunday Morning DV - here we go again..!
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    Could be deliberate timing, to suck more dinars of the streets and stashed under the mattresses....possibly imo
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    Morning LB and Wiljor, trust you are both doing well. I would say 50/50 is about right. I think we are down to the wire. Two months would be the far outside. Not knowing all that is taking place in Iraq, I can not see this going into June unless oil moves dramatically. Right now they are talking under $40 a barrel and that is for sure not going to help. Now, for my disclaimer - This is Iraq.
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    The Last Line Is Pertaining To The Budget ... LINK Al-Zorfi: All military forces present in Iraq will be monitored and a policy to prevent harmful activities in the country 4th April, 2020 Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi confirmed on Saturday that all military forces in Iraq will be monitored, pointing out that his policy is to prevent harmful activities in the country. Al-Zorfi said, "I have prepared a full ministerial cabinet composed of competent employees and I will send the CV to them 48 hours before, according to the constitution." He added that "any aggression against any Iraqi force is totally rejected and all military forces inside Iraq will be monitored and their movement determined within the laws and any talk about unrealistic military coups," noting that "the government curriculum is brief and focuses on three axes, the first of which is the economy and all non-productive ministries will be isolated And determine its funding." He continued: "My policy is to prevent all activity that harms Iraq and I will not allow any external conflicts on our land and that the economy is the primary engine of the next government and everyone who has an interest in investment will have priority in dealing." He referred to "holding free and fair elections within a maximum period of one year," stressing "expediting the presentation of the budget of the current world for approval."
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    My wife was a Registered Nurse for 44 years. She worked every part of a local hospital including Administration. Her last two years she was told if she didn’t have a flu shot she would be terminated immediately. That’s what will happen LGD. If you are on any Government payroll, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Retired Vet, etc, etc you will get vaccinated or lose your benefits. Any State, City, County Government that takes money from the Federal Government will basically be told to vaccinate your people or lose your Fed monies. Those that choose to forgo the vaccination will be labeled criminals imo. Most people will be so scared of dying from this CV they will take the vaccination just like my parents had me vaccinated for polio in the late 50’s. In those days you got your children vaccinated or your children weren’t allowed to attend public schools. I’m not saying this is right, it’s just my opinion.
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    The exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar Economy | 12:03 - 04/05/2020 Baghdad - Mawazine News The exchange rates of the dollar stabilized on the Kifah Stock Exchange and local markets, today, Sunday (5 April 2020). The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange - Baghdad recorded 123,600 dinars per 100 dollars. Buying and selling prices in banking shops: the selling price of the dollar = 124,500 dinars. The purchase price of the dollar = 122,500 dinars. Ended 29 / p
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    The central bank begins selling the dollar through its daily auction 4/5/2020 '' On Sunday, the Central Bank of Iraq began selling the dollar through its daily auction, after stopping the result of the embargo and since March 17. The bank’s sales today amounted to 245 million and 669 thousand and 143 dollars, covered by the bank at a base exchange rate of 1190 dinars per dollar. The bank's sales were all to enhance the balances abroad in the form of transfers and credits that were fully covered by the bank at an exchange rate of 1190 dinars per one dollar., While there was no cash sale to banks. While none of the 27 banks participating in the currency auction made any offers to sell the dollar.
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    4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy Article: "Al-Zarfi challenges the Shiite force and requests an appointment for the confidence session." This guy is ready to get in there..."the Prime Minister designate Zarfi said Friday that he will present his government program to parliament tomorrow Saturday with the request to set the date for the session to give confidence to his government..." I feel like finally we're gonna get what we want and that is a prime minister in there with his government...he has a really good relationship with America and the Trump Administration. And this guy is not a fan of Iran...Iraq is starting to look like it's stabilizing a little bit. With this new PM going in there. With this new government going in there. And Trump going in there removing the influence and the grip of the Iranian people. Let's just hope it's time... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni A couple of weeks ago A member of parliament came out in two articles that the central bank was about to float the currency. We never heard anything further other than those two articles. Last week the Central Bank of Iraq announced that they were going to stop the auctions temporarily. This is had a negative effect on the dinar market rate as it provides a balance between dinars and dollars as well as providing a source of dollars to pay for foreign imports. As of today the market rate in Iraq has dropped to 1260 to $1. This is a direct result of a lack of dollars available in the marketplace...(post 1 of 2)... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni We know from past history that when the exchange rate gets out of whack it takes many months to get it back in line using the traditional auction. So the CBI statement today is very interesting. The CBI announced today that this weak dinar will change soon. And at the same time a member of parliament today stated that they stopped the auctions in preparation to float. Though none of this is definitive it is very interesting and the pieces sound compelling that they may be going to float in very short order. But we'll just have to wait and see...(post 2 of 2)...
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    asset based... gold and oil reserves....Iraq is number 1 in oil reserves.
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    Thunder, Lightning, Tornados, Fire, Flood, Torrential Monsoon Rains & Camel Size Balls of Hail. Then comes a Really Pizzed of mass of folks with " Blazing Torches with Pitchforks, Axes and all sorts of automatic weapons w/RPG's "
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    CNN. Broadcasting Hussein Thugb - This Thug Be Bringin’ It ! Central banks, the fallout of corona Saturday 04 April 2020 Hussein Thugb When the abnormal international circumstance leads the country to new challenges that it may not be able to face, unless it is directed to adopting the right decisions that maintain the smoothness of the conditions and make the impact relatively and acceptable, especially in the financial sector, which represents the axis of stability in front of the time norms . Tracking the countries of the region and their directions that they adopted to face the crisis of "Corona" in order not to disrupt the cash flows to financial institutions, which were drawn by the central banks in those countries, to reduce the level of risk through incentive packages that represent a positive boost to the market, and Iraq cannot be far from thus, trends, especially since the Central Bank of Iraq has proven successful in its work with more than one detailed international financial institution certificates. The current circumstances need the intervention of financial institutions such as the Central Bank of Iraq on the condition that they do not influence or conflict with the operational budget (employees ’salaries), because there are financial implications that appear after the quarantine is lifted and therefore the Central Bank of Iraq must support the private banking sector from it in order to maintain the permanence of the work, Note that the crisis is global, not local, and some important decisions must be taken, similar to Arab central and international banks. Working to reduce the statutory reserve ratio for deposits of depositors with private banks from 15 percent to 5 percent before opening the quarantine, knowing that in the case of raising the stone, withdrawals will be made in high proportions for all depositors to keep the cache under hand and the percentage of deposits will drop significantly, accordingly It is necessary to restore the ratio to 5 percent at the present time and before raising the stone in order to give confidence to the banks and depositors. Since the Central Bank of Iraq issued instructions to delay the payment of the initiative's payments to 3 months, the banks must also adhere to these instructions with loans granted by the bank's assets and deposits, in which case private banks will lose 20 percent of the payment amounts (delay in repayment) and this hinders the movement of liquidity at Banks. Here, each bank participating in the projects initiative must be granted as much as the amount granted to it in order to pump liquidity into this situation, knowing that these amounts do not affect the budget situation, because they were allocated by the Council of Ministers before. Today, it is preferable for the Central Bank of Iraq to go to form a crisis cell that has full authority to make decisions on a daily basis before opening the quarantine (before the incident), and work to issue instructions for the purpose of changing credit ratios, liquidity ratios, and capital adequacy, taking into account Standard No. 9 devoted to capital adequacy And deposits. Implementing what relates to reducing the legal reserve and delaying the payment of the initiative's installments urgently due to its mitigation of the crisis and the market reassurance as in the countries of the region such as the Emirates, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman and Jordan. In order not to repeat the experience of Lebanon LINK
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    Al-Nasr: More than 200 lawmakers pledged to Al-Zrafi to attend a session giving confidence to his cabinet by Moahmmad EditorIraq news2 Hours ago The deputy of the Al-Nasr Falih Al-Ziyadi coalition revealed that more than two hundred deputies pledged to attend and vote on the cabinet in charge of forming the government, Adnan Al-Zorfi. Al-Ziyadi said in a statement that Al-Zrafi addressed the parliament to hold an official session to vote on the ministerial cabinet and sent his government program, stressing that negotiations with all political blocs were fruitful, but there was no consensus, and there were opposing and supporting blocs. Al-Faisal added that Al-Zorfi’s government will be in the parliament, noting that the person in charge has a clear majority if the voting session is held to pass the cabinet cabinet within the next week.
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    Wtf - Have U Seen The Value Of Toilet Paper Lately ? That Cold Cash Will Freeze Ur A$$ Off ... And Just Imagine The Value To A Nation Of Shiites ...
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    Mourning for Mirbad: Parliament may vote for the Zarfi government or reject it according to an electronic constituency due to Corona Politics, security and economy 8 hours ago Today, Saturday, the Presidency of the Parliament announced that the Corona virus crisis and the prevention of gatherings may lead to the Council heading to hold a session in accordance with the electronic circuit for the purpose of passing the Zorfi government or not. Member of the Presidency Council, Second Deputy Bashir Al-Haddad said that Al-Zrafi, in the event that a date is requested to hold a session to pass his government in the absence of the end of the Corona virus threat, the council will move to a closed-circuit television system similar to the last session held by the Council of Ministers. Al-Haddad indicated that the Presidency of the Parliament is awaiting the arrival of the ministerial curriculum and CVs of the Al-Zorfi booth for the purpose of studying the CVs of the candidates by the deputies 48 hours before the session is held and before the end of the constitutional period for the taxpayer. On Saturday, the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, handed over his government’s program and platform, as the Al-Mirbad Foundation published that curriculum, which includes a set of paragraphs. LINK
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    Much Appreciated Thugs as always, Soon .. the American strike of militias will destroy Iran's presence in Iraq. I like everything but the word Soon
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    Soon .. the American strike of militias will destroy Iran's presence in Iraq Friday 03 April 2020 Baghdad - Writings This time, it will not be a limited blow, but rather it will extend to the farthest point in the confrontation with the armed militias supported by Iran in Iraq. Assurances received by the Pentagon's military official - according to what was circulated on Friday, April 3, 2020 - warns that Washington is seriously bent this time to deliver a near and comprehensive strike against all Iranian armed factions. The expected strikes are also working to eliminate all the leaders of these militias, leading to a definitive end to Iran's presence in Iraq. LINK
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    Lock Parliament In Their Chamber With A Spitting Camel Carrying The Coronavirus Until They Pass The HCL - And Lash The CBI Governor To The Saddle Until He Pushes The Button !
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    A slight decrease in dollar prices in the Iraqi market April 4, 2020 11:10 PM Author: alzawraapaper Baghdad / Al-Zawra: The dollar exchange rate fell on the Kifah Stock Exchange and local markets, yesterday, Saturday. The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad recorded 123,500 dinars per 100 dollars. And the selling prices in banking shops amounted to 124,500 dinars, while the purchase price of the dollar registered 122,500 dinars. And the exchange rate of the dollar has recorded in the local markets during the past days, a remarkable increase, reaching sometimes from 126 to 128 thousand dinars per 100 dollars. LINK
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    Amid economic warnings, the citizen will be a victim ... The Central Bank: The rise in the dollar exchange rate will end this week April 4, 2020 8:43 PM Author: alzawraapaper Baghdad / Al-Zawra: The Central Bank of Iraq revealed the implementation of several steps to control the high exchange rate of the dollar in the markets. In the same context, the exchange rates of the dollar fell on the stock market and local markets, yesterday, Saturday (4/4/2020). "The central bank has implemented a number of steps to control the exchange rate of the dollar," Central Bank spokesman Acer Jabbar said, noting that "the bank will try, in any way, to curb this large disparity." Jabbar said, "There are some weak souls speculating in dollars, so the central bank will try, in any way, to curb this huge disparity, and we expect the current week to solve this issue related to the rise in the dollar price." He explained, "The most important of these steps is opening sales outlets and strengthening banks in hard currency." While he suggested that the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the local currency would end this week. And the exchange rate of the dollar has recorded in the local markets during the past days, a remarkable increase, reaching sometimes from 126 to 128 thousand dinars per 100 dollars. For his part, General Director of the Financial Operations and Debt Management Department at the Central Bank of Iraq, Mahmoud Dagher, revealed the reasons for the high exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar. Dagher said that "the high dollar exchange rate is due to the overlapping of a set of expectations for the financial crisis in Iraq, which is caused by the decline in oil prices and accompanied by the impact of the Corona virus and curfews, which resulted in the resulting halt in economic activities." He added that «all these factors are added to them by stopping the outlets of selling currencies in the central bank, which led to a rise in the exchange rate of the dollar and a decrease in the value of the Iraqi currency», indicating that «the central bank was not able to stop the rise in exchange rates, due to the suspension of the auction of selling the currency, nor The existence of a real interventionist management at the exchange rate from the central bank, as it had done previously. He explained that «the window stopped, and there is no real economic activity in the market only for foodstuffs, and we find that the demand for the dollar rises, and the exchange rate rises with him», indicating that «the issue relates to future expectations and that the reassurances were not at the required level regarding the payment of salaries and a recent print Currency, which led to a lot of seeking to convert what he has from dinars to dollars ». He continued: "I think with the intervention of the Central Bank from next week and the expected increase in the price of oil, it may reduce the severity of the increase in the exchange rate," explaining that "the central bank announced the opening of a window to sell the dollar next week, and it has already opened the doors of certain transfers for "The food and the medicine didn't work very well because they stayed open for a short time." He pointed out that «if there is reassurance in terms of oil prices and improvement in public finances due to high levels of revenue and because of the intervention of the central bank and the injection of foreign currency into the market, then all of these factors, if combined correctly, and not one of them, will stabilize the exchange rate. For his part, the economic expert, Wissam Al-Tamimi, warned of the high exchange rates of the dollar in the local markets, pointing to most commodities that will witness a rise in prices, especially since most of them reach Iraq through import. Al-Tamimi said in a press statement that "the central bank has a cash reserve in excess of $ 60 billion, and therefore it is able to curb the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar in local markets." He added that "raising the dollar exchange rate may be taken by the government as an excuse to compensate for the losses in oil selling prices, but that will make the citizen a victim of the dollar, especially since many transactions are carried out in dollars, in addition to the fact that most of the commodities are imported from outside the country and purchased in dollars." He indicated that "the positive side of the high dollar exchange rate is the resort of most investors in the private sector to setting up factories inside Iraq instead of importing goods at a high price from abroad, which will boost national production, and Iraq may turn from an importing country to a source within 10 years." . LINK
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    In today's White House breifing, Trump was asked about Russia and Saudi Arabia coming to an agreement to lower production to keep oil prices up. Trump responded by saying he believes the two countries will reach an agreement because they have to, low oil prices is devasting for both of them. Then he said, (I paraphrase) that if they don't , he will put tariffs on all imported oil. So it looks like the above plan did turn out to be Trump's back up plan to stabilize oil plans. I think this is good to know.
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    LINK A Deputy For Wisdom Confirms Al-Zarfi Will Pass The Formation Of The Government And Has 170 Votes 5th April, 2020 Representative of the Al-Hikma bloc, Ali Al-Budeiri, said that Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi has 170 votes and will pass through the formation of the government. Al-Budeiri told the (Independent) today, Sunday, that "Al-Zrafi has approximately 170 votes for deputies from different political blocs." Al-Badiri indicated that "Parliament will grant confidence to al-Zrafi if the session is held at its scheduled time." The Presidency of the House of Representatives announced the arrival of a letter from Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi to the Parliament building on Sunday, including a request to set the date for the parliament session to consider whether to give confidence to his government or not. The Council decision said that "the Presidency of the House of Representatives will set a date for the meeting to give confidence to the Zarfi government, and then it will invite members of Parliament regarding the attendance to the parliament and vote to grant confidence or not
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    new sherrif in town now with trump and treasury calling shots we have more of a chance as ever....
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    From what I have read, the 5G effect is not related to COVID-19 in China but rather another mystery biological weapon perhaps. There is a lot hushed up in China at ground zero.
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    LINK Parliamentary Foreign Ministry: Diplomatic norms do not allow embassies to be located outside capitals 12:37 - 04/04/2020 The Foreign Relations Committee confirmed the prosecution, on Saturday, that diplomatic norms do not in any way allow any foreign embassy to be located outside the capitals of countries except for consulates, indicating that the sources that raised the issue of the Americans’ attempt to persuade countries to transfer their embassy to Ein Al-Assad base is among the American threats that started Marketed some time ago to Iraq. Member of the Committee, Representative Amer Al-Fayez, said in a statement to "Information", that "one of the constants of the United Nations laws and diplomatic norms is that it is not permissible to establish embassies of foreign countries to be located outside the capitals of countries, but international diplomatic law only permits the presence of consulates of embassies outside capitals, as well as representations of the United Nations for purposes Humanity.” He added, "The talk of the United States of America seeking to persuade the embassies to transfer their embassies to Ain Al-Asad base in Anbar province is inaccurate, even if it is true that the Iraqi government will not allow this according to international law." Al-Fayez stressed that "the sources that raised the issue of the Americans' attempt to persuade the countries to transfer their embassy to Ein al-Assad base is part of the attempts to create an atmosphere of anxiety for the Iraqi street and is part of the American threats that started its marketing a while ago toward Iraq."
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    Central Bank of {Al-Sabah}: the appreciation of the dollar exchange will end very soon Saturday 04 April 2020 Baghdad / Hoda Al-Azzawi The Central Bank of Iraq revealed the implementation of several steps to control the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar in the markets, most notably the opening of outlets for sale and the strengthening of banks in the hard currency, while it is likely that the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the local currency will end this week. In conjunction with this, specialists see in the financial and banking affairs, this rise "temporarily" due to the current conditions related to the ban and lack of communication between the provinces, with the presence of some speculative mechanisms by weak souls. And recorded the exchange rate of the dollar in local markets during the past days, up to sometimes from 126 to 128 thousand dinars per 100 dollars. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, economic adviser to the Prime Minister, said in a special statement to "Al-Sabah": The high dollar exchange rate is linked to the current conditions related to the embargo and lack of communication between governorates and merchants and the absence of information efficiency, indicating that this has caused price deviations to exchange the dollar. He expected that this problem is "temporary" and related to the relatively closed borders, especially as it is not related to Iraq only, but to most of the countries of the world. For his part, the Director of Information and Relations at the Central Bank, Acer Jabbar, told Al-Sabah that the central regulates monetary policy inside the country, explaining that the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar in the markets is linked to three reasons. The first relates to the hoarding of the dollar by citizens, The second is the hoarding by the merchants for trading in trade. The third reason is related to the closure of banks and banking companies due to the ban. He added that the central bank implemented a number of steps to control the exchange rate of the dollar by opening the window for the sale of hard currency, while instructing the bank employees to join and strengthen banks in the electronic dollar, not cash, and the dependence of traders on the transfer, so that some would not resort to searching for the dollar in the black market. And revealed the presence of some weak souls speculating in dollars, so the central bank will try and in any way to curb this huge disparity and we expect this week to solve this issue related to the high dollar prices. In turn, between the economic researcher Jaafar Baqer Alloush Al-Waeli, in a special statement to "Al-Sabah:" "The current rise in the exchange rate of the dollar is not a real rise as long as the Central Bank of Iraq did not resort to re-evaluating the exchange rate, but rather organized the process of withdrawing the dollar from His accounts in the US Federal Reserve Bank for deposits incoming to Iraq and pay 75 percent in dollars at 1118 and 25 percent paid in local currency at 1120 exchange rate, and this matter is limited to inward deposits and to clients of the central bank and banks exclusively approved. And he confirms that the current rise in the exchange rate of the dollar from 1119 to 1128, then the decline has returned to 1126, i.e. an increase rate of 6 percent, which is an emergency rise due to the conditions of the ban, curfews, closing shops and small outlets with limited trade restrictions, except for food and necessary commodities, pointing out that Significant decline in oil prices has created a negative obsession for the citizen and has pushed a lot to move towards keeping the dollar as savings. He believes that this rise will affect the daily transactions denominated in dollars and the prices of commodities that involve under these transactions, and that good signals for recovering oil prices and reaching $ 30 per barrel will allay some fears and the conditions of pressure on the excessive rise of the dollar will fade significantly, but remain for the changes that occur in The bases of the days are the decisive judgment in the directions of the dollar exchange rate, as well as the extent of its effect on the inflation rates or real price and income levels, and thus on the livelihood of citizens. " To that, a member of the Parliamentary Investment and Economy Committee Nada Shaker Jawdat told "Al-Sabah" that the dollar exchange rates rise in light of these conditions that Iraq and all countries of the world go through naturally, but that will be reflected on the poor communities due to the high prices of goods and materials resulting from the dollar's rise. It indicated, we need an insight from the government and its experts towards stabilizing the exchange rates of the dollar, so that it does not reflect negatively on those with limited incomes and poor societies. Jawdat called on the government and the central bank to maintain the exchange rates of the dollar and provide cash subsidies for citizens to complete their personal requirements, which are not only related to the food basket, but personal belongings such as health supplies and medicines. link
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    .... different moniker same wit and flair ... dont let it drive u up a wall mr.u , they have stated they will resume the auctions a few dayz ago so i'm prepared for that but hoping the cbi puts the iqd on the market and international and bankable ... cheers
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    Ya, After A Decade Plus In This ‘Investment’ - What Idiot Would Take The Initial $4 Dollar ‘Sucker Rate’ ? Sheesh - Just How Stupid Do They Think That We Are ...

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