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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    As always level-headed encouragement. ..thanks Adam. .. GO RVVVVVV. !
  2. WOW LGD....did not know that was the UN theme.....yet another sign of the lateness of the hour IMHO

    A message which the Lord gave me to preach last Sunday 9/3/2017 SELAH:
  4. thanks Yota.. BUT...can anyone explain how Maliki is still breathing ???
  5. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    It was Sept 1978....I was rushing around preparing to catch a flight to NY and join the other members of STURP... (Shroud of Turin Research Project)...the phone rang and it was Rolling Stone Magazine. ...after encouraging the reluctant reporter to be in Turin and see for himself...I left for NY....the team sang this song and had a good laugh about STURP on the if you can find the Dec 1978 (I think) issue it was the BEST article for its audience EVER !!
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 5 July 2017

    Thanks as always "Buzzy-Bossman" Adam Gooooooo Rvvvvvvv
  7. thanks Snow....been through some rough waters lately. ..but GOD !!!
  8. study long. wrong I always say. ..past time to put this baby to bed...c'mon Iraq gitter-done !!
  9. Start radical financial reforms! !!'s a thought RV at $1 to 1IQD for openers
  10. Or Agent "Gibbs" hollow point armor piercing center mass should do the job !!

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