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  1. so recover the 60 Billion that Malarkey Stole and your more than half way solvent...then start on the others as well....c'mon it's not rocket science....
  2. Does anyone remember Chernobyl ?? Or what Chernobyl MEANS ??? "Wormwood"....can you say the Book of Revelation ??? ....this is Chernobyl on steroids !!! WAKE UP PEOPLE....
  3. SAY WHAT ??? are you shee-iting me ??? Zionist fabrications ??? how about threats to annihilate Israel.....promises by traitor Kerry to give the Temple Mount to Palestinians (East Jerusalem as he calls it).....development and testing of missiles along with nuclear aims ??? is it me or are people CRAZY enough to actually believe this claptrap
  4. I was hoping you would enjoy that Boss
  5. while you wait...a brief musical interlude...
  6. or better yet DINAR NOW !!!
  7. hey.....where is the REST of the story dude ???
  8. , everybody quick head for the exits try to save your watches it's getting pretty deep in the rumor thread
  9. hopefully to announce NEWS re: OIL & GAS !!!
  10. $ 3000.........1200!QD....Dollar coin ???? REAL ENGLISH PLEASE !!! what does this mean to us ????
  11. raise it....raise it ....RAISE IT ALREADY...and while you're at it "raise" Maliki and his ilk to the end of the yardarm on the end of a nice strong rope..... the eagle has spoken...so let it be written so let it be done.....( oh ...actually I think that was Yul Brynner..) ....