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  1. thanks Snow....been through some rough waters lately. ..but GOD !!!
  2. study long. ..study wrong I always say. ..past time to put this baby to bed...c'mon Iraq gitter-done !!
  3. Start radical financial reforms! !!...here's a thought RV at $1 to 1IQD for openers
  4. Or Agent "Gibbs"....one hollow point armor piercing center mass should do the job !!
  5. So cut the carp already and push the easy RV (HCL) Button why don't you? ? Sheeesh....what a bunch of maroons
  6. I am just happy it's not the Caribbean where the operative expression is. .. SOON COME LATER! !!
  7. confiscate the property of the former regime. ...could that possibly mean Malicious Malicki
  8. I guess that means I can no longer refer to my frenetic twin grandsons as Frick and Frack LOL
  9. laughter doth good like a medicine. ...LMBO ...thanks
  10. round them up.....recover the $$$....string them up....rv the currency !!!