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  1. GJM

    Questions For Adam's Update 8-17-2016

    Been around since 2010. If we would see a RV in October 2016, do you believe it would be at the once mentioned rate of .10 cents. I know you're not in the driver's seat, nor do you own a crystal ball, but I would appreciate your level headed opinion after all these years. Still hoping....
  2. GJM

    Update on 50s Exchange

    Thanks so Dan for the update. Looking forward to getting mine soon.
  3. Dan...thanks so for the info! Just mailed mine. Was going to cash them in with another trader but by the time I paid $25 for postage for them to mail the check, it wasn't worth it. If all goes as advertised this would be great PR for future customers. Again, thanks for sharing!
  4. GJM

    WARKA Internet Banking site

    Got this message today trying to go to Warka site. Bandwidth Limit ExceededThe server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. Apache Server at Port 80
  5. GJM

    Could we RV by June 30th

    It's not the Sept. 2010... but the June 2013.
  6. GJM

    Questions for Adam's Chat 1-9-2013

    Been a long time.... any word from your CBI contact. Thanks.
  7. Just a note. Last year when my password had expired, I sent my authorization request directly to e-bank. After a couple of weeks of no response from e-bank, I sent my request to Mr. Issa and he graciously and promptly reactivated it. This year, after reading the above suggestions re reactivation, On Aug. 21 (after the Monday EID holiday) I sent my authorization letter again directly to e-bank (not wanting to bother Mr. Issa). No response. I waited until Sunday 8-25 and sent a second request. As yet, no response. I think I will probably have to go through Mr. Issa again, but will wait until Sunday 9-2. Wanted to let peeps know it isn't always a 48 hour turn around.
  8. GJM

    New Questions for Adam's April 11, 2012 Chat

    Been here since Dec. 2009. Bought your first edition book, went on board with IBC, Warka, etc. Still hopeful. Know you're tired of addressing repetitive questions regarding date and rate. I haven't questioned much in my 3 year history, but I couldn't resist this evening. Are you still feeling positive about RV between now and Sept?
  9. GJM

    Hi All

    Welcome to DV caracam!
  10. GJM

    Fox News Report

    Perhaps I should look at the date!
  11. GJM

    Fox News Report This appears current.
  12. GJM

    Joseph Stalin- remember him

    "Nina's Journey" by Nina Markovna - eye opening book of a girl's life under Stalin's reign of terror. Stalin's words are a sober warning to us. Thanks for the post.
  13. GJM

    2000th Post Wins!

    Can't wait for Thanksgiving!
  14. So loved your chat with dd - amazing research that you so kindly share with us! Thanks so!
  15. GJM

    Case Scenario: RV 411!

    Can he continue to work until it RV's? Just a thought - a bird in the hand, so to speak - sounds like he's well prepared for the RV which is a good thing. There are however, no guarantees in any investment! Tho' it's tough right now - perhaps it is just a season - I say keep the job - JMO My heart goes out to you and your family. Go RV!

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