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  1. Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    Now THAT was COOL ! WAY COOL !!!!!
  2. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Yo Mama's so fat, she put a quarter between the cheeks of her ass and squeezed a booger out of George Washington's nose
  3. We used to go by that structure on the way up north from Anaconda.
  4. ADMINBILL sees the light.

    Maybe we ought to give him a new moniker : Horseface
  5. ADMINBILL sees the light.

    I wish Frank (STANK) would get the hint . WINK WINK STINK STINK
  6. and this is related to the dinar how ?
  7. DadGum Luigi, That was 1 of the best posts I've seen you post lately. I believe that is just about how it will happen.
  8. Dinar boxes

    Fed x has all kind of sizes and shapes. I have never seen a "dinar "box. Maybe Warca bank could accomidate you ?
  9. CBI News 12/13/2017

    It would have been nice if they'd had stuck that way
  10. well, I can just hope Frank is true to his word and we do not have to hear from him anymore. I have this vision that Frank is walking behind a donkey. The only thing is, he's got his face mashed up in the donkey's 180 degree and every time he does 1 of his famous predictions, even my computer screen smells like S**t .
  11. Another RV Alert...Small Denom Notes Arive.

    Notoorious & frequent
  12. Dinar boxes

    You aint askin for much, are ya !
  13. How Can We Be On A RV Alert If It Already Happened?

    Kinda like Frank huh ?
  14. We flew out to Denver on Labor Day weekend and saw Tom and Joe Walsh at Red Rocks. Was GREAT. Now, Ïn"to the Great wide open Rip Tom !!

    You Know, you sound just like another a**wipe named Frank. I actually wonder if you and "He"are one in the same? Why dont you just STOP? !!!! You are pathetic .

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