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  1. Angel's Envy for me
  2. Am looking at Adams chat for 10/26 and noticed a "no permission tag under his opening statement". We are Platinum for life members for over a year now. Please adjust my ability to read ALL matieral. Thank you, Spankythedog
  3. I was thinking Frank is going to go South, like right from where he stands-SHOOOM-straight down. He's got reservations and a lightning bolt ride waiting for him.
  4. If it stick's it will be a good ridance
  5. 1-5 for me, check in on website around noon and before bed around 3 am
  6. Try since April 2004 for me
  7. Just like Stank
  8. Some dirtbag with a name that sounds like STANK
  9. My ear is feeling wet---as usual---with anything you post!! Several years back, I called out Frank, as nothing but a person that was a total liar (back then) he was quoting his absolute super intel sources that were beyond repute, to post his total horse hocky. Now , he relies on twisting old articles ( to trick people that are not savey to this investment) to buy dinar. He even threatened to sue the website that was showing my post's. THey contacted me and asked me to stop calling him out. Stank ( uh oh), I mean Frank, has now been shown to be a hawkster of the IQD. How many sheeple are still willing to squat and squeeze Stank's (uh oh) Frank's supposed intel, as gospel ? He even now uses Luigi to spread his intel indirectly to keep his name in the loop!!! Hey (uh oh ) Frank, how much money have you made Pissing in peoples ear ? I know every thing I read,( that has you're name attached to it) makes my ear feel wet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OK, MAYBE IM DENSE BUT TO ME THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY WAS STARING AT ME IN THOSE FIRST FEW SENTENCES. GOING FROM A 119 TRILLION TO LESS THAN A TRILLION IS MASSIVE IF I AM UNDERSTANDING CORRECTLY! FIRST OFF, THERE WASNT 119 T IN EXISTENCE TO MY KNOWLEGE. IT WAS A REPRESENTATION OF VALUE AS I SAW IT. NOW WE SEE THE REAL NUMBERS AS A LAW. LESS THAN A TRILLION. ALSO REMEMBER THOSE DEFICITS WOULD ALSO BE VALUED THE SAME WAY IN THE SAME PROPORTIONS. .... ALL THOUGH WE HAVE NO SPECIFICS ON WHAT THE RATE WILL BE I SERIOUSLY DOUBT SOMETHING UNDER A BUCK COULD REFLECT THESE NUMBERS IF IM MAKING ANY SENSE AT ALL. MAYBE IM JUST NOT SEEING IT RIGHT BUT THIS WOULD BE A HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOLD INCREASE OVER THE PREVIOUS BUDGET REPRESENTATION OF A 119 T. DOC
  10. There is an old, wise saying---" you can pee in my ear, but, dont tell me it's raining"
  11. Adam, we are newly joined VIP members and long time dinar holders (2004). Please badge ? Thank's, Hammerknocker