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  1. Yes, what's funny is Luigi and Theseus could be opposite sides of the same coin.
  2. I had a dream this week on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. In the dream, a man told me the construction of new buildings would be over $5 million in cost and big changes would take place starting tomorrow (Wednesday) and lasting one week. I woke up with a surreal feeling as my dreams are rarely so literal with actual numbers and days. Just thought I would throw that into the mix of exciting news this week and hopefully, even more exciting news next week!!
  3. God bless all who seek to do God's work on earth as it is done in heaven. Let us be the hands and feet of the eternal and loving source that gives us life !!
  4. March 21 is Nowruz, the Iranian new year and start of their fiscal year. In the last year there have been major changes, economic and otherwise, indicated in both countries. With Mosu wrapping up, I believe the time is ripe and ready for both Iraq and Iran to go together on or near March 21.
  5. Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre. Those folks drank the koolaid and died with a bad taste in their mouth.
  6. Exciting times! We love these kinds of omens . Thanks MIT - and Kim (rip)