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  1. Well I had a psychic tell me today she doesn't see the dinar doing anything soon. She called it "flat", not going up or down. My spidey senses are telling me she is dead wrong and a rotten psychic!
  2. 1 to 1 makes the most sense it seems. My one worry is a possible hit on the dollar at the same time. We've all heard about the mysterious global reset etc. Who knows what the banksters have up their rotten sleeves, but however it all plays out, we need to be mindful -- just as the dinar could rise out of the ashes, our currencies could get kicked in the teeth. This would make our return much different than what we expect with a 1-1 exchange rate. I hope and pray this doesn't happen but better to be awake and ready than caught in your unawares. M
  3. Even having Abadi's hat in the nomination ring goes a long way to further international acceptance of Iraq and their burgeoning economy and yes, their currency... If he manages to win the Nobel, well, "it's to the moon, Alice!! (or Ali, as the case may be).
  4. selling Iranian Rial

    How much ?
  5. CBI News 10/23/2017

    Thinking strategically, I hope their strategy is to spring the new value before Jan 1, to avoid a big jump in dinar speculators in late December. A little wishful, strategic thinking never hurt nobody.
  6. When the yuan / dinar etc go up, the dollar will go down. How much, how far? Have gold, have dinar, have survival skills /supplies -- and most importantly, have God in your life.
  7. When the yuan / dinar etc go up, the dollar will goes down. How far? How will the roller coaster end up? Have gold, have dinar, have survival skills /supplies -- and most importantly, have God in your life.
  8. Yes, this is very good news to me because it shows the noose is tightening around Barzani and his 40 thieves. A Turkish news report wouldn't see the light of day unless someone with considerable power has decided Barzani's obscene corruption must end. Keep highlighting his corruption and he won't have a leg to stand on, giving Abadi a clear mandate to unite and prosper the entire country of Iraq. IMHO.
  9. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    So different yet the same
  10. I had a dream the other night and from what it seemed to be telling me, Yes, we are that close. I could tell there will be myriad pressures on us from having to manage this new found wealth. Let us prepare ourselves accordingly, tie your wagons firmly to God and remain calm, ready for anything.
  11. Hey billjr, would you happen to know how many times they've increased their value in April and September? And do you mean by little pips or bigger moves? thanks for any and all info.
  12. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    I think people are looking for some humility from you. Frankly, you made a ton of posts over the last month claiming to be receiving some serious spiritual intel. For me, there's nothing morally wrong with believing you are in communication with Jesus or any other Spiritual guide, except your discernment must be spot on or you can be easily led astray by these voices. Sharing your enthusiasm and beliefs on the board in an effort to bring some positivity to the members is also laudable. The main issue I have is your lack of humility in the form of acknowledging you got people's hopes up, you appear to have been wrong and to simply offer an apology. I know If I had told people for weeks that their life was going to change dramatically by a certain date and then nothing discernible happens, I would be bowing my head and asking for understanding and forgiveness. Saying "Pray that I'm right" after every post doesnt cut it and now you are reaping the rewards from the false promises you've sown. Some people will attack you, which can't be surprising. If you're a pumper, you did a good job here. If not, humility is a virtue worth cultivating, Navira45.
  13. So you are still feeling currency changes are imminent, ie by month's end? Are u in ongoing contact with spirit/Jesus and is that why you have such confidence? Thanks Navira45
  14. Please say it. I want to know what day I can finally sleep in....!

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