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  1. But, but, but Nesara is a crock of doodoo. Or didn't you know that?
  2. Thanks Navira45. Powerful stuff and sorry for your losses. I hope your feeling is right about August too. God bless.
  3. Is that a gut feeling you have or something else?
  4. Please elaborate Drj. How does he "know" it's a done deal this month?
  5. It is so painfully obvious that NO ONE knows what or when anything is going to happen with respect to the Dinar speculation. So, why do people post and act like they do? On one side we have whacked out cash-in stories like Gregp's, and on the other side we have "mark my words, nothing will happen" decrees of Mister Nope. To me they are two sides of the same dirty coin - one plays on a person's hopes and greed, and the other serves to shoot down those hopes. Both are complete and utter BS.
  6. Do u recall who that was?
  7. Wow... Is there anymore info you can share, Greg? It sounds like pure pumper mania but that's not your style, I know. What a wild ride,...
  8. The fact the dinar was never going to be a get rich scheme, (except in the words of worthless pumpers), does NOT preclude the very real possibility that it will some day bring wealth to those with the foresight and patience to buy and hold the currency. One would have to be living in la la land or be a shill to not recognise the rash of major news from Iraq in the last six months, all of which indicate the status quo for this war torn country is about to change big time. Instead, you posted a feeble personal story which attempts to generate doubts in the minds of members here. Methinks you should have tried this strategy in past years; today, your words are like a mid summer day in Iraq: nothing but hot air.
  9. Yes, what's funny is Luigi and Theseus could be opposite sides of the same coin.
  10. I had a dream this week on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. In the dream, a man told me the construction of new buildings would be over $5 million in cost and big changes would take place starting tomorrow (Wednesday) and lasting one week. I woke up with a surreal feeling as my dreams are rarely so literal with actual numbers and days. Just thought I would throw that into the mix of exciting news this week and hopefully, even more exciting news next week!!
  11. God bless all who seek to do God's work on earth as it is done in heaven. Let us be the hands and feet of the eternal and loving source that gives us life !!
  12. March 21 is Nowruz, the Iranian new year and start of their fiscal year. In the last year there have been major changes, economic and otherwise, indicated in both countries. With Mosu wrapping up, I believe the time is ripe and ready for both Iraq and Iran to go together on or near March 21.
  13. Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre. Those folks drank the koolaid and died with a bad taste in their mouth.
  14. Exciting times! We love these kinds of omens . Thanks MIT - and Kim (rip)