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  1. My feeling has been that Iraq is likely having to answer to a higher power and will not permitted to pull any kind of fiscal trigger until they are given the green light. This may be the IMF, the American government, Rothschild banksters, or all of the above. Whoever it is, I believe Iraq will go onto the international stage at the same time many other economies take a nasty hit, i.e. thru a currency devaluation. So, even if they were ready to hit the international stage, they might be held back until the tptb's decision to pull the plug. A reset, if it does materialize, is likely to be a nasty wake up call for many people, our neighbours and family members alike. Even if we hit the proverbial jackpot as holders of this colourful currency, we'll have plenty of places to use it for good if there is widespread suffering around us thanks to an economic meltdown in the west. just a thought...
  2. My spidey senses have always told me, once the HCL is signed into law, we are off to the races. The rest is hocus pocus smoke and mirrors, drama queens and political waste product.
  3. Agreed!! May July bring their corrupt to justice and their currency to a just (and lucrative) finish!
  4. miquel

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    Yes, and the slew of articles and award proclaiming Alak and the Central Bank as being world class money men, is further propaganda for a people in deep distrust of the banking establishment... The message has been: Trust the banks. We can take care of your money. The government... not so much.
  5. miquel

    CBI News 06/28/2018

    Agreed. I think they're also trying to gain the people's trust in Alak and the central bank, all banks actually! I excerpted the conclusion from the speech last week by the governor of the center bank of England. On my phone so i cant do it but very telling in his words about working with emerging markets. Hello Iraq!!
  6. great thread - thank you! Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.. Here's the short conclusion from the Bank of E speech. I highlighted a few telling statements.... V. Conclusion My Lord Mayor, three weeks ago the Chancellor and I attended the G7 in Canada. Even though there were threats of protectionism in the air, the UK had consistently positive agenda focused on openness and partnerships.  Global Financial Partnerships to take advantage of the enormous progress reforming the financial system over the past decade;  Free trade in services to address chronic trade imbalances, while promoting inclusive growth; and  Free trade for SMEs so that the many can take advantage of the new platforms, the new finance and the new economy. This eagerness reflects our confidence that the UK can seize enormous, new opportunities by building connections. The Bank recognises that a new economy, a new world and new demographics demand a new financial system. That’s why we are building the infrastructure so that UK households and businesses can transact anywhere, anytime with anyone whether around the corner or around the world. That means connections between small businesses in Scunthorpe and their clients in Shanghai and between households in Belfast and firms in Bangalore. We now have a balance sheet fit for a new world order with greater reliance on markets in a wider range of reserve currencies. That means connections between banks, investors and markets around the world consistent with the City’s traditional global role. Having put in place the pillars of responsible, open financial system, we are ready for deeper Global Financial Partnerships with the emerging economies that will be the most important drivers of global growth in the decades ahead. Hello IRAQ!! It is in this context of a confident, open and forward-looking City that the government’s discussions with Europe will take place. - Be prepared. Be positive. Be doing God's will.
  7. I have a question I would love a good answer to, if anyone can help out. Is it logical to assume that Iraq has billion (trillions?) of stolen untraceable IQD in the hands of terrorrists and criminals around the world? If that is the case, doesn't that make it imperative they issue a new currency and make the old dinar (what we hold) void, before a rate change or float?How can the CBI, with IMF's blessing, make a monetary change that would give terrorists massive wealth? I would appreciate anyone's thoughtful insights. Thanks Dvets.
  8. miquel

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Do u feel it will?
  9. miquel

    Maybe Something or Maybe Not

    Were you a sleuth detective in a former life? Good find Floridian!
  10. miquel

    What do you think this means?

    Yes, I think you make a good point and not sure why it's hard to grasp. I am feeling change is in the air for June...
  11. Hi Normala, Can you explain the difference between an RV and deleting the three 0s. I think many people believe the RV IS the deleting of three 0s but you're saying you pray for an RV next week and the deleting of zeroes in 2019... Your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. miquel

    Twentieth month of the year ?

    Thanks dinarham! Great catch and certainly reason to say, "hmmmm."
  13. miquel

    CBI News 06/05/2018

    Lining up.... oh I get it - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! That was a good one.

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