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  1. dinarham


    Iraq ,the cradle of civilization, coming around again thousands of years later in a big way . Hold tight dudes ,because this will happen . Have fun playin' rich
  2. Check my math . I was always the smartest one in the dumbest math class
  3. Calculating 89 tons ,@ 32,000 oz per ton ,and gold @$1210 per oz = $3,446,080,000 . That's in the trillions ,dudes !
  4. dinarham

    CBI News 08/01/2018

    Good thing those ladies are wearing scarfs on their heads so nobody wants to jump their bones during important government meetings.
  5. It's ironic that the cradle of civilization has become so crucial again . This fusterclump is a fluid situation , and now all the powers that be are negotiating rather than not negotiating . So have faith .
  6. How much abnormal behavior do we need ? If you go down the worm holes of the cbi auction website you will find such abnormalities and carelessness that it would bogle you
  7. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend ". With the US ,Russia , and Britain working together ,Iran could have their mountains leveled .
  8. Iraq is like fine china in a bull shop , but the rv will prevail .
  9. So if you want to buy a wheelbarrow in Iraq , you would only need one wheelbarrow of cash , but in Iran you would need ten wheelbarrow of bulky cash to buy one wheelbarrow ?

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