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  1. dinarham

    The new Gold standard in currencies ?

    Trump is wanting good old fashioned gold backed currencies to come into play , And yeah baby , we got the gold !
  2. dinarham

    Where is the gold?

    I hear Fort Knox is not like it used to be and is comparatively less awesome than other military bases now . I have a hard time believing that the estimated $ 4 Trillion US in gold is there . That gold belongs to every one of us US citizens . As president , Trump is the "trustee' " of these funds . I think he's going to do a good and honorable thing . Thanks for your service ,Chuck
  3. Why can't I see Iran as a real threat ? If they were to shoot off just 1 bomb ,it would be the their last bomb . Boom! no more Iran , their mountains would be leveled . Same with N Korea . Iran funds and supports terrorism and it's gorilla tactics . Sadr has a big issue with Iran as well . "The enemy of my enemy is my friend
  4. dinarham

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    As a small business owner in a rural area ,my employees would have a fit if I were to employ one or two illegals along side them . $10 cash per hour is like $15 without taxes ,etc . taken out . I would assume this feeling among employees would transcend to other businesses
  5. dinarham

    Pervert (Clinton) Alert

    How about a hangdog with a political agenda ? Think of poor Stormi , who, at had the height of her "career " , and for altruistic purposes only, tried to enlighten everyone as to what Trump is all about . You may pale in comparison ,muleslayer .
  6. dinarham

    Pervert (Clinton) Alert

    Or how about a hang dog who is actually a gal with a husband who can't remember to keep his fly zipped ?
  7. dinarham

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    In my super humble opinion ,immigration law and enforcement is not intrinsically bound to fail . While it must begin at a federal level ,individual states and counties could become involved in the process .
  8. dinarham

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    True that . I meant Synopsis . I am guilty of standing around and smelling the poo. I'm moving on .
  9. dinarham

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    This whole topic reminds me of a law that was put into place regarding trespassing along along our beach . The north end of the public beach was met with signs saying ," Private property ". What a joke , how are you going to enforce this law ? It is intrinsically unable to be enforced ,what with the costly manpower ,etc. Like the drug war ,going on 50 years now ,and where has it got us ? If we wanted to end the drug immediately , and I do mean on a dime ,we would take the profit out of the business . Put a huge free pile of coke ,etc. ,where ever the crip animals do their business .Boom ! They would become a sorry lot ,a crip animal with no money . Like scum ,they will rise to the surface and be easy pickings
  10. dinarham

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    No, sounds like popsis
  11. dinarham

    Is this true?

    In what previous war has the US acquired such straight up gold plunder ? Tons and tons of gold ,and this is not reflected in Fort Knox records that it was indeed deposited there . Hell ,we had four times more gold there in 1941. This gold does not belong to the Fed . It belongs to us USA citizens ,and Trumpster I believe has ultimate control of this gold .
  12. dinarham

    Is this true?

    Reminds me of the movie , "The mouse that Roared " ,but not as funny . What appears to be the common factor here ? The US ,I would venture .
  13. dinarham

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    It's a complex problem , especially in agricultural areas . I agree ,jmcc , It takes more than me shooting my mouth off ,and I will call my rep
  14. In my super humble and fact free opinion , their denoms will mimic the denoms of first world countries ,like the USD and Euro
  15. dinarham

    Where is the gold?

    Who owns this gold ? The citizens of the USA own it .

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