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  1. Behind the scenes and following a decision that was made along time ago when the new notes were printed representing both Kurds and Iraqis.. There were so many screw ups along the way that it has delayed this RV by a decade . One of the first screw ups has disbanding of Iraqi military which may have been employed to secure the borders . Thinking about it ,it was a total screw up !
  2. cbi currency auction dates

    TY for the explanation ,Synopsis ,and have a great weekend !
  3. cbi currency auction dates

    The currency auctions are still staggered in advance , Currency auction 11/19/17 [WHICH HASN'T HAPPENED YET } port 11/16 /17 . There is some reason for this ,currency auctions coming to a grinding halt perhaps ?
  4. In order for a country to be "sovereign " , it needs to operate on a single currency basis , and the currency needs to have some value . Iran's currency is 10 more worthless { .00009 }than dinar .but they are in the top five oil producing countries . They must be dealing in Chinese Yuan ,which is over $6 to 1 USD . Crap !
  5. Nothing like a good pilgrimage to cure all your ills . This is not " Glamping " . You are meant to do some suffering here , pay for your sins or perhaps somebody else's sin . The women probably get to suffer more , being that they are in charge of food , cooking , cleaning ,etc . , while on foot . Maybe when they have the dough , they will go on a real vacation , feel what's that like , and never go to another pilgrimage . God want's all of us to be happy .
  6. Twenty million ? That's an incredible number
  7. Todays currency auction 11/12 /17 is the port for the currency auction held on 9/12 /17 . This has happened before . Looks to me like they're hiding something ,what else could be ,or have I become super skeptical . Call in the guys with the white coats !
  8. When the new dinar notes were printed , all of Iraq lay in a clobbered state . The US is the big power player here .
  9. This news sounds very very good to me . Iraqi dinar notes were printed in Switzerland at great cost ,paid for by the US . It is so finely printed ,with gold treads ,anagrams ,oxbood for the red {that's why it smells ! } , super grade paper ,stupendous printing by Delarouge . It is "uncounterfietable " . Buying the real dinar legally at no cost makes a lot more sense ,would you not say? Kurdish language and symbols appear on one side of the banknote .This was a decision made a long time ago by the powers that be ,around 14 years ago . Are the kurds being guinea pigs ?
  10. On December 5 ,thru 10 , Kurds and iraqis are holding a joint "Oil and Gas " exhibition in London . WHHattt! . I thought that they were on the verge of war , meanwhile collaborating on an event well in advance .
  11. Could 2017 RV Hopes Be In Trouble?

    Shut up ,you're all Babies compared to me
  12. If the US and Trump have the clout to accomplish this ,they have lots of muscle on the rv button
  13. CBI News 11/02/2017

    Vaguely obscene ,but i like it
  14. Stay positive . Being negative is as easy as falling off a log .

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