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  1. Fitxvz

    CBI News 01/03/2018

    thank you yota..
  2. Fitxvz

    CBI News 01/03/2018

    may someone explain on this news.. i dont understand
  3. Fitxvz

    CBI News 01/02.2017

    i ask my arab friend from mesir.. he said .. all money changer will start operate on 7/1/18..
  4. maybe rv will happen this month.. i hope so
  5. Fitxvz

    CBI News 12/14/2017

    i read many times but not understand..haha
  6. if 1000 and 500 dinar distributed last november.. new tender for printing new currency should be 1..2..5..10..50..100.. ermmm... pls correct me if im wrong
  7. Fitxvz

    CBI News 10/23/2017

    good news for year will rv
  8. Fitxvz

    Mosul update

    thanks tiger.. muahhh

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