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  1. rv $1.00 : toyota / Honda $3.00 : Lexus / mercedes / bmw $ 4.00 n above : Frerrari this week finance ministry meeting with all ministry rv will happen 2 may 2021.. because 1st week of may. hahahaha..just my opinion
  2. I have a question.. how about sanction from united states? it is Iraq still in classification of high risk countries?
  3. Deputy Governor cbi.. no countries will help you and support you if your currency value is low like now. Do you think investor stupid as you.. investor will invest huge of money to iraq.. for what?.
  4. news told us they pump small currency in the market within 2 week... my opinion same situation will occur.. not changing everything "have 25000 dinar want to exchange small currency should pay 27500 dinar.." but if they rv their currency... so this can ended the crisis.. ________________________________________________________________ within 2 week small currency enter the market.. president iraq should elected on 2 oct 2018 elect prime minister after 2 week after president iraq officially with this timeframe abadi still prime minister..
  5. may someone explain on this news.. i dont understand
  6. i ask my arab friend from mesir.. he said .. all money changer will start operate on 7/1/18..
  7. i read many times but not understand..haha
  8. if 1000 and 500 dinar distributed last november.. new tender for printing new currency should be 1..2..5..10..50..100.. ermmm... pls correct me if im wrong
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