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  1. Anyone else seeing this??? or am I stupid?
  2. That was would be maximum, but Iraq can cut out 80% of the Corruption the first year.
  3. I process the best I can what is going on. Thank you! Right now with everything going on, they are getting Kurdistan region from before and re-taken areas, also with all the people returning in the e-governance system to pay them accordingly if anything. I would, especially before I pass the Budget, Article 140, and HCL. My
  4. Until Iraq goes International on trading their currency, no one can say this. ya know?
  5. All supporting what I said. Note: there is another one I read this morning, but can find it right now. Will add if I do.
  6. Lost Cat

    here kitty kitty
  7. Ya, they are trying to get accurate numbers I think and a secure way to make sure they real and paid. Agree but I don't know, I just may see this happening.
  8. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    I was thinking the same thing, that was the goal to RV the currency.
  9. Lost Cat

    SnowGlobe7 goes by name "SnowGlobe7"
  10. Posted yesterday at 11:59 AM I did not think the Budget was going to pass and rate was going to change before the Kuwait Conference at all, ever. You need to follow our threads with the tags Corruption and Referendum to understand what is really happening. Kurdistan region needs to get mostly into the e-governance computer system and off the fake paperwork system. They have uncover fake employees, get monies returned from fake projects and now International banks cause of the UNSC sanctions being removed. They are fighting corruption of the Kurdistan regional leaders as well as Baghdad government, bankers and businesses. Investment starts with borders, air space, ports and airports to get goods in. Investment companies and monies need to secured and protected from misuse, corruption, and theft. As far as the Budget, they need the most accurate numbers from the Kurdistan region and after an exceptionable lost for this Budget of 2018, they will pass it with the best accurate numbers with the e-governance system and the census. Adabi and the CBI are also making sure the regions get paid through them and not paying the ministers directly anymore the best the can, trying to figure out the best ways to secure the funds, make sure the people are real, and each person needs to personal be in contact with national banks to get the funds. Iraq is still far from safe still, imagine use living under Martial Law here and trying to go to the bank safely. Some cities are real dysfunctional or just really basically destroyed. The CBI at this time also trying to IMF article complaint my trying to get the spread of the CBI rate and the street rate within 2% for 90 days to get to Article 8 and go International. I can go on I am sure, but I wanted yall to know my thoughts. I am not sure about this but I also think the Kurdistan government may have to be dissolved, all Oil, border crossings, ports (if any), and airports need to be turned over to the Baghdad government while the Peshmerga need to incorporate in the Iraqi Army and Police which could take up to 4 years.
  11. Everyone knows they need a higher currency rate it is ridiculous low. Iraq has plenty of money, the problem is the value is so pitifully low. Rocket science lol

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