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  1. newbieDA

    OOOTAH Says Farewell...Last CC Before The RV.

    ya I listened to this, was not good on the realistic scale.
  2. you want to talk about it? really you have no clue what is going on I think, this is not about me
  3. newbieDA


    evil, King never reads a post or has compassion, shame PS pugh
  4. you and I only hope, I see the Budget, but Article 140 and HCL are months away, then we have elections and another stupid conference be awhile my friend, and you know I adore you
  5. newbieDA

    XE currency exchange

    Swiss left the Euro.
  6. newbieDA

    XE currency exchange

    I see one important person, a couple others, and the rest being taking advantage over everyone one else on a worthless currency in a very rich country undervalued. My
  7. get in the moment, stop thinking of last week ok Maliki is biting the dust I think!
  8. newbieDA

    Real Inte Has Gone Scarce.

    someone who reads the article, the lies, and who helps the site in the News and Rumors section Luigi and Thug are the Rumors Section and the Yota of the News Section. Face it!
  9. newbieDA

    Real Inte Has Gone Scarce.

    thank you Luigi!
  10. newbieDA

    Real Inte Has Gone Scarce.

    appreciate he brings it and you don't have visit those sites please, it is all bull and you do not have to go anywhere, green Luigi now!
  11. Kurdistan said ok, we will open a road out of here lol

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