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  1. IRMA Halts The RV.

    I feel bad for the "Zim" people. JMHO My IQD was given to me, but "Zim" I wouldn't have taken, no way.
  2. Everyone is jumping ship now, its all collapsing here soon.
  3. China already did, don't know if you noticed the past week. Bitcoin Crashes, Loses Half Of Its Value In Two Days | Zero Hedge
  4. Buy Digital IQD

    ok I got the App, it is in beta stage and its is mobile phone only, not PC. I will check back when it comes around, ty again! I like the fact I can get into other currency if need be. But I am not in a hurry to do so, right now I am investing in something else. Also, this is just another Wallet, and with my current Wallet, I currently have trading and a debit card hooked up. I am not an investor, it just wanted a way to accept payment in case someone want to give me bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin. I also found an online coin dealer who will except these for physical gold and silver which is a better hedge at this time for me.
  5. Buy Digital IQD

    uhm no, ty ty, this is what I was talking about.
  6. Buy Digital IQD

    I just looked at my trading program, I can get the Euro and British Pound. So ya, I really think the bank account hooked up needs to be in IQD.
  7. Buy Digital IQD

    I am not sure what program you are using @normala rashid ? And I am unable to add detailed information here, but I will say this... If I wanted to exchange my digital coin into IQD, the bank account hooked up to the Wallet has to be in IQD already.
  8. Buy Digital IQD

    Welcome to DV!
  9. I don't know, we'll see what happens, this keeps on going and going.
  10. A lot of interesting people have been visiting Washington and also a lot of insiders are resigning and/or selling US interests and assets.
  11. What I was talking about in Rumors, they bringing down the USD value and the IQD will then 1:1 or more because they have hard assets and less debt.
  12. The don't want future contracts in USD, like everyone else is doing. USD will be a major lose for holders soon.
  13. Frankie Says A USD Mouthful.

    We, the United States of America, are about lose our free ride with the our fake fiat currency as the global currency reserve here soon. The USD will soon have the same value as the IQD alright, but not the way you think. We are going down to third world status soon. JMHO
  14. Frankie Says A USD Mouthful.

    China's New World Order: Gold-backed oil benchmark on the way - YouTube The Petro-dollar explained - YouTube
  15. I stopped counting old timer hehe Tell ya what Chuck, we learned a lot about the world. No regrets, still holding.

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