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  1. Since Star Wars is based off the desert nomadic culture, they are going to pre-screen the upcoming Star Wars movie and then have an after party where they will play the
  2. Playboy Bunny Ranch sells for $17.25 million By Jennifer Gould KeilPublished September 16, 2017 New York Post The property is directly across the street from the famed, former Playboy Mansion. (Jim Bartsch) The ranch-style home where Hugh Heffner’s voluptuous Playboy Bunnies once lived in luxury has been sold for $17.25 million, sources told the Post. The famed Playboy Bunny Ranch, which is directly across from the Playboy Mansion, was sold to an unidentified buyer, it was revealed Friday. The five bedroom residence features a “Fudgie the Whale”-shaped pool that comes with a “cascading rock waterfall,” according to a former listing. Expand / Collapse Playboy founder Hugh Hefner celebrating his 80th birthday in 2006 with Playmates Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson. Shielded behind gates and hedges, the ranch sits on 1.3 acres. Inside, it features a formal dining room, and a game room with a bar. Hugh Hefner sold the ranch in high powered Holmby Hills for $4.5 million in 2001 and it went on the market in 2013 for $11 million. WILL SMITH AND JADA PINKETT-SMITH SELL HAWAIIAN ESTATE FOR $12 MILLION The nearby Playboy Mansion had recently sold for $100 million to Daren Metropoulos, co-owner of Hostess Brands. Other neighbors on the famed street include Facebook’s founding president Sean Parker, who bought his home for $55 million from Ellen DeGeneris. Sean “Diddy” Combs paid $40 million for a mansion that comes with an underwater tunnel. Google’s Eric Schmidt also bought Gregory Peck’s estate from his widow, Veronique, for $22 million. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS The Bunny Hutch is also near what was once known as “Candyland,” the former Candy and Aaron Spelling estate that Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone Stunt currently has on the market for a whopping $200 million. While Candyland is a staggering 56,500 square feet, which is bigger than the White House, the Bunny Ranch is a comparatively modest 6,690 square feet. The owners were asking $19.9 million.
  3. What will happen on September 23, 2017?Same thing we do every night. Pinky. Try to take over the world.
  4. Apple is going to price themselves out of the market unless its competitors match price. And to capture the dissatisfied market with Apple's pricing their competitors should move in the opposite direction. Apple is a good product but better products have fallen due to pricing themselves out of the market.
  5. Yeah so? Many contractors work in the USA and don't apply for Visas. If he came to work here to install the network and did so illegally, back of the line bud. Many Americans could do that job. Having a STEM person from another country do it, means that an American was denied the opportunity. Have no sympathy for those who take American jobs or companies who do not hire Americans first and try to circumnavigate the laws in order to avoid hiring Americans. The CEOs who say they aren't skilled or experienced workers in the USA aqre lying. Consider this, an entry level coding position put up on a job search board requires 3 years experience minimum. That is mid level not entry level. So the companies are artificially conflating the issue by demanding a higher bar of experience than what the job requires. Entry level is 0 to 3 years of experience and does not start out at 3 to 5 years experience. Thus by doing this, the CEOs can say there is not experienced workers in America and we need to look elsewhere (to H1B and O1 visas). The problem with the H1B visa program is that the work history is not verified and resumes are falsified. When this is brought up to management, management says train them. Yeah, they got this job based off their credentials and yet their credentials are proven to be falsified. An American would lose their job but not an H1B Visa individual. No sympathy for those who come here illegally to work and denied a Visa. Had they gone through the proper channels, more power to them. This guy did not go through the proper channels and therefore he earned the denial.
  6. No. No. No. Black people cannot be racist! I've heard them tell that to me many many times./sarcasm
  7. Not a word of white nationalist gut before the election except the stint about how Trump didn't denigrate the KKK fast enough. Par for the course, Hitlary takes stock in which way the winds are blowing and attaches the narrative to her "oh woe is me" story. Hitlary and Gore will go down in history as the two biggest sore losers in American politics.
  8. His son committed suicide the day after Bolling resigned. Lets hope Bolling heads back to either commodities trading or OANN.
  9. And to top things of with a trifecta Hurricane Jose is doing clockwise loops in the Atlantic waiting for Irma to finish what she started. Coastal Watches/Warnings and Forecast Cone for Storm Center Forecast Length* Forecast Track Line Initial Wind Field Full Forecast 3 days On Off On Off * If the storm is forecast to dissipate within 3 days, the "Full Forecast" and "3 day" graphic will be identical About this product: This graphic shows an approximate representation of coastal areas under a hurricane warning (red), hurricane watch (pink), tropical storm warning (blue) and tropical storm watch (yellow). The orange circle indicates the current position of the center of the tropical cyclone. The black line, when selected, and dots show the National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast track of the center at the times indicated. The dot indicating the forecast center location will be black if the cyclone is forecast to be tropical and will be white with a black outline if the cyclone is forecast to be extratropical. If only an L is displayed, then the system is forecast to be a remnant low. The letter inside the dot indicates the NHC's forecast intensity for that time: D: Tropical Depression – wind speed less than 39 MPH S: Tropical Storm – wind speed between 39 MPH and 73 MPH H: Hurricane – wind speed between 74 MPH and 110 MPH M: Major Hurricane – wind speed greater than 110 MPH NHC tropical cyclone forecast tracks can be in error. This forecast uncertainty is conveyed by the track forecast "cone", the solid white and stippled white areas in the graphic. The solid white area depicts the track forecast uncertainty for days 1-3 of the forecast, while the stippled area depicts the uncertainty on days 4-5. Historical data indicate that the entire 5-day path of the center of the tropical cyclone will remain within the cone about 60-70% of the time. To form the cone, a set of imaginary circles are placed along the forecast track at the 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96, and 120 h positions, where the size of each circle is set so that it encloses 67% of the previous five years official forecast errors. The cone is then formed by smoothly connecting the area swept out by the set of circles. It is also important to realize that a tropical cyclone is not a point. Their effects can span many hundreds of miles from the center. The area experiencing hurricane force (one-minute average wind speeds of at least 74 mph) and tropical storm force (one-minute average wind speeds of 39-73 mph) winds can extend well beyond the white areas shown enclosing the most likely track area of the center. The distribution of hurricane and tropical storm force winds in this tropical cyclone can be seen in the Wind History graphic linked above. Considering the combined forecast uncertainties in track, intensity, and size, the chances that any particular location will experience winds of 34 kt (tropical storm force), 50 kt, or 64 kt (hurricane force) from this tropical cyclone are presented in tabular form for selected locations and forecast positions. This information is also presented in graphical form for the 34 kt, 50 kt, and 64 kt thresholds. Note: A detailed definition of the NHC track forecast cone is also available.
  10. 29 of the Best Politically Incorrect Vietnam War Slang Terms TOPICS:Vietnam FacebookTwitterPrintEmailMore POSTED BY: JAMES BARBER SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 BY BLAKE STILWELL – WEARETHEMIGHTY.COM Every generation of veterans has its own slang. The location of deployed troops, their mission, and their allies all make for a unique lingo that can be pretty difficult to forget. American troops in Vietnam (Pixabay) That same vernacular isn’t always politically correct. It’s still worth looking at the non-PC Vietnam War slang used by troops while in country because it gives an insight into the endemic and recurring problems they faced at the time. Here are some of the less-PC terms used by American troops in Vietnam. Barbecue from a “Zippo Monitor” in Vietnam. (Wikimedia Commons) Barbecue – Armored Cavalry units requesting Napalm on a location. Bong Son Bomber – Giant sized joint or marijuana cigarette. Breaking Starch – Reference to dressing with a new set of dry cleaned or heavily starched fatigues. Charles – Formal for “Charlie” from the phonetic “Victor Charlie” abbreviation of Viet Cong. Charm School – Initial training and orientation upon arrival in-country. Cherry – Designation for new replacement from the states. Also known as the FNG (f*cking new guy), fresh meat, or new citizens. Coka Girl – a Vietnamese woman who sells everything except “boom boom” to GIs. “Coka” comes from the Vietnamese pronunciation of Coca-Cola, and “boom boom” can be left to your imagination. Disneyland Far East – Headquarters building of the U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. It comes from “Disneyland East,” aka the Pentagon. Donut Dolly – The women of the American Red Cross. The Donut Dollies. (From “Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel”) Fallopian tubing for inside the turrets of tanks – Prank used by tankers to send Cherries on a wild goose chase Flower Seeker – Originated from Vietnamese newspapers; describing men looking for prostitutes. Heads – Troops who used illicit drugs like marijuana. Ho Chi Minh Road Sticks – Vietnamese sandals made from old truck tires. Ho Chi Minh Road Sticks (from “Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel”) Idiot Stick – Either a rifle or the curved yoke used by Vietnamese women to carry two baskets or water buckets. Indian Country – Area controlled by Charlie, also known as the “Bush” or the “Sh*t.” Juicers – Alcoholics. Little People – Radio code for ARVN soldiers. Mad Minute – Order for all bunkers to shoot across their front for one minute to test fire weapons and harass the enemy. Marvin the Arvin – Stereotypical South Vietnamese Army soldier, similar to a Schmuckatelli. The name comes from the shorthand of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam – ARVN. Number-One GI– A troop who spends a lot of money in Vietnam. Number-Ten GI – A troop who barely spends money in Vietnam. Ok Sahlem – Term American soldiers had for villagers’ children who would beg for menthol cigarettes. Real Life – Also known as Civilian Life; before the war or before the draft. Remington Raider – Derogatory term, like the modern-day “Fobbit,” For anyone who manned a typewriter. Re-Up Bird – The Blue Eared Barbet, a jungle bird whose song sounds like “Re-Up.” “Squaaaaak! Talk to your retention counselor! Squaaaaaaak!” Search and Avoid – A derogatory term for an all-ARVN mission. Voting Machine – The nickname given to ARVN tanks because they only come out during a coup d’etat. Zippo Raids– Burning of Vietnamese villages. Zippo lighters were famously documented by journalist Morley Safer, seen igniting thatch-roof huts. Blake Stilwell is a traveler, writer, and adventurer with degrees in design, television & film, and international relations. He is a veteran US Air Force Combat Photojournalist who has worked for ABC News, NBC, and HBO. Blake is based in Hollywood, but often found elsewhere. MORE POSTS FROM WE ARE THE MIGHTY: Here’s how Civil War cannon tore infantry apart This is why ‘Hue 1968’ is ‘Black Hawk Down’ for the Vietnam War 15 Awful hand salutes that don’t even come close We Are The Mighty (WATM) celebrates service with stories that inspire. WATM is made in Hollywood by veterans. It’s military life presented like never before. Check it out at We Are the Mighty.
  11. House update

    Not fake news at all. As I know several people instrumental in getting the entire family back home and doing the fundraising for this. So call fake news all you want and you be wrong all you want. This happened just like the article stated. It's one to be outside of the story and another to be a part of it while it's happening.
  12. Will Oil Die?

    Everything you touch, everything you do, everything you rely on has an oil related component beyond transportation. Oil is such a vital integral part of all technologies (technologies does not just refer to computers) we could not function as a society today without it. Oil is so deeply embedded into the infrastructure of our lives removing it completely would make the world come to a standstill. Think about this, before we extracted that bubbling crude from the ground, we used various other types of oil, olive oil, whale oil etc., for various technologies going all the way back to the BC era. You think I exaggerate, name a product, any product, that is used today and you can find a non-transportation component of oil used in the creation and/or use of that product. To say oil is only used in transportation is so banal that people would believe anything. We will never get rid of oil even if we eliminate it from its transportation use.
  13. If the dinar were to rv at any amount as a float and there was a run on the banks, this could cause a dip (a sharp dip, in all likelihood) initially in the price point. Better to let the run happen and wait out for the currency to move upwards again using Fibonacci to gauge where the price point is headed, provided you are at the bottom of the dip, before the price drops again.

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