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  1. I have the ultimate business model for space that would solve a HUGE problem on Earth. This idea actually comes from a television series from the late 70's to early 80's. Unfortunately, until reentry and reusability of rockets get way better the feasibility, economically and technologically, of this business model is just not there. However, I guarantee that one day there will be many of these businesses in operation once the tech is there. Why do I know this, because it is in every city, every town every state and country, today. The biz model is needed no matter the economy. The model would create hundreds of thousands of jobs all over the world and out of this world as well. Now if I could just get about a google (Google is an actual number and I used to say this growing up and people laughed thinking there was no such thing. Laugh now suckas!) dollars to implement the model. In about 70 years someone will actually implement this model and people would be like why didn't I think of that because it is going to make beaucoup money from every nation on this earth. And to top it off it has nothing to do with weapons.
  2. It will take more than 100K to prove to this bozo the earth isn't flat. The solution is simple to send him up 62 miles above the ocean into space, to verify with his own eyeballs the curvature of the Earth. Unfortunately, that will cost around 200 to 300K in one of Bezos rockets. However, I guess this bozo thinks the moon landing was a hoax and every rocket sent into space was a hoax as well. There are well-documented pictures from the orbit of Earth (the 62-mile mark above the ocean designates the official line, called the Karman Line, between the atmosphere of Earth and the boundary of space). There are well-documented pictures from deep space of Earth. If this idjit desires to be ejumucated and lose his money, let him by a ticket on Bezo's rocket. The more tickets that get sold the more individuals get into the space game, the cheaper the price of the ticket becomes.
  3. It's quite a Sprite that I am enjoying in the brite lite of the Silvery moon.
  4. Because it doesn't pay in cash as nearly as well as going after Trump or anyone with an R behind their name. Or the cops.
  5. Oh you mean like PeHosi and Reed. Then there is Schumer and Batcrap crazy Waters. No governing by spite with any of those arse clowns. Or weaponizing national intelligence agencies to promote fake and false information to prevent a citizen of the opposite party from getting elected and when they do bog them down with a fake premise for an investigation to continue to have connections that will allow them to cover up the intentions/ documents by all the players. Coup dd'etat's are out of spite. Or to manipulate the elections of SoS's in the fifty states just because one election was certified not how you liked. Politics is full of governing by spite because people will be people. Can we smite those who govern out of spite? I think I will just go have a Sprite.
  6. Theseus

    URGENT...Sadr Talks IQD Reform & Corruption.

    Boss depants! depants!
  7. Theseus

    Ministry of Finance Cancels Currency Service Section

    He must be from Ork. Nanu-nanu
  8. But it's always five o'clock somewhere
  9. Theseus

    Only in merica' on their $5 bill

    The maple syrup appears on the Canadian $5 bill.
  10. I will take small hands pushin the RV button, as long it gets pushed, size doesn't matter! It's the motion of the ocean that counts.
  11. So even though they are three separate entities, he still called himself his own father and prayed to himself. Why did he cry out on the cross about his mind forsaking himself? See when you start to put the logic into the equation it makes no sense Jesus would pray to himself. I understand that a being can be more than three things in one but what a being cannot be is the creator to themselves. That's like saying God created himself. So, if God made man; who made God? In this case, you would have me to believe the Holy Ghost with the help of man created God (Jesus). Danger! Will Robinson. Danger! I am by no means an atheist but then again I cannot reasonably and logically conclude Jesus is God. HE might be a Lord in the vassal context of the Feudal system when the Bible was put together according to the council of Nicene then translated into English by a King James edict. I feel over time the two Lord/God have become synonymous when they are two different roles in the hierarchy and to explain it only recently did Christians believe in the three in one theory put forth by those who blindly follow the teachings of man about the Bible.

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