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  1. Was a speeding ticket given out? The story doesn't say it was. If I was riding my bicycle down a hill and was given a speeding ticket going over the posted speed limit, then I have topped it according to the title of the article because I was given a speeding ticket and the pilot was not. Title is misleading to suggest a speeding ticket was handed out to whomever was speeding.
  2. I have a tall tale to tell you of a bank tried and true. I'll give you three for the price of one. Three stories made up the building of the bank. I kid you not.
  3. The Iraqi ladies ulalated during the festivities. That can be for certain they do do a lot of ulalating all around.
  4. Only a fraction of it will go back in the form of taxes and fees. To think all of our money we get goes back to the American government is ludicrous and if it does, I am gone from here. Canada with their healthcare system are way over taxed and here we are taxed upwards 55% or more (counting in local, state and fed). So if 30% is given to the Iraqi citizens is 30 cents every dollar, and they were to be taxed 55% of that 30 cents then approximately only 16 cents goes back to the GOI. They have to be paid the 30% first before GOI can receive it back. Also this also assumes the Federal portion of taxes were to include the whole 55% as the local and state would take their "fair share" If the GOI only took 15% of the 30% in income tax per dollar that gives the GOI ~4.5 cents on the dollar. Still not enough to overcome the deficit shortfall of paying Iraqi citizens.
  5. First, I give Luigi the benefit of the doubt because he is bringing the crap here and its not his beliefs. However, when Luigi brings crap here and has no other name associated with it I can only assume the crap is his as with anyone else posting information without another name attached to it. For example this post is mine because other than a quote above the information I send to you is from my brain to my keyboard then to you. No attached name, the author becomes the poster. Luigi in his post attributed this false information to himself therefore he is the op of it. False information (FAKE NEWS) needs to be called out.
  6. Simply uninformed. France has two rounds in its election system. The first is April 23, 2107 and the second is May 7th. Marcon may be winning at this time of this post with 92% of the votes in. The election is not complete by any means. Marcon won't be introduced as anything but the victor of the first round in France's election process. May 7, 2017 will determine the next French Prime Minister. Quit putting out false information.
  7. On April 22, 2017 IMF held their 35th meeting. Here is a snippet of what was said regarding Iraq: Several countries in our constituency have embarked on major economic transformations— with ongoing Fund programs in Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan. In these cases, politically and socially difficult reforms were implemented. Reforms centered on cutting current spending, reducing subsidies, generating higher revenue by broadening the base of existing taxes, and preserving space for infrastructure and social spending. In Egypt, the flotation of the exchange rate in November marked a historical step—that was well prepared and implemented, with virtually no central bank intervention. The move was coordinated with a package of tax including a new VAT law, as well as expenditure cuts that included wage restraint and price increases on a wide range of subsidized goods. In all these countries, there is a broad-based recognition of the need for deep and broad structural reforms to move to a higher and more inclusive growth trajectory. We call on the Fund to consider binding political economy constraints to ensure successful conclusion of existing programs. Fund documents and press statements should adequately recognize the authorities’ home grown initiatives and seek to build mutual trust with the authorities. The Fund’s provision of timely technical assistance is much appreciated and continues to play an important role. The region continues to struggle with conflicts and security disruptions that have held back growth and increased uncertainty. Fund analysis highlights the immense humanitarian and economic losses associated with the, and related spillovers. As estimated by the Fund, postconflict 2020 GDP in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria is estimated to range between 30 and 90 percent lower than what was forecast for 2020.
  8. I am probably going to get negged for saying this but let's think rationally for a moment and put our dinar aside. There is another reason why at this time the HCL is not a good idea. The passage of the HCL is to adhere to the Iraqi Constitution in which it will have to pay its citizens money from the sale of oil. With dwindling cash reserves, national debt, and borrowing of money can Iraq really take on more debt right now? The HCL would add debt to the National Budget as it would then owe money to citizens of Iraq. Hypothetically if Iraq RV'd to $1 and sold a barrel of oil for $1. Let's say the government of Iraq needs 86 cents to operate. If Iraq were to pass the HCL button at this time, as EagleEye states, Iraq is in the red. Why? Because the Iraqi Constitution states that 30% of the proceeds of oil sold goes to its citizens. We are not including the 17% of the Kurdistan region at this time. So now the barrel of oil sold for $1 gets exchanged to IQD. This exchange is not free by any means. Since we are trying to keep this simple lets not include the exchange fee. Now Iraq has to pay its citizens 30 cents on every barrel it sells, but it can't it needs 86 cents to operate. If you subtract 86 from 1 you 14 cents left over to pay the Iraqi people. Feasibility wise, at this time it is in Iraq's best interest to not pass the HCL until they can get things under more control even though everyone wants it to happen, including myself. Iraq cannot operate under a deficit and meet all the demands it has created for itself. It is just not possible at this time.
  9. This is the reason why they don't do this: And the cash reserves in the CBI keep falling.
  10. I started translating it and got through the first 40 seconds, will work on it later, its late here.: The video opens with the seal of the Media Office of Prime Minister. 00:03 Two men in uniform shake hands. 00:05 The man in the tan uniform leans into the man in the black uniform. Man in Tan Uniform: I kiss you. Man in Black Uniform: Whaat? Man in Tan Uniform: Great day we are having in beautiful Iraq? Man in Black Uniform: Yes 00{06 Man in Black Uniform moves to the cameras right. 00:08 Man in Tan Uniform leans in to Man in black uniform. Man in Black Uniform: Can you believe the nerve of the last guy? Man_2 in Tan Uniform: Whuhat? The engines are too loud. Come closer. 00:12 Man in green uniform salutes man in black. Shakes hands with man in black. Man In Green: I kiss you. Man in Black: Not this again! 00:16 Man in Green Salutes man in Black walks off to the cameras left. 00:17 Man in tan leans in to man in black after saluting. Man in black: I hope everyone had Altoids today. Man_3 in tan uniform: Why yes. I kiss you. 00:21 Man_2 in Green Blue cap leans in to man in black. Man_2 in green Blue cap: I kiss you. Man in black: Bahh! 00:24 Men are walking with man in black Man in Black: …and so I karate chopped that stupid Baghdadi like so. Man in red cap: Did you sideways chop him? Man in Black: Kind of, you should have seen the look on his bearded face. (laughter) (crosstalk) 00:35 men walking on tarmac. 00:38 Man in Tan stomps foot (stomping foot): Crazy scorpion! I keel it! Man in black: Not more kisiing? Bah!
  11. Make sure your German firearm doesn't go off prematurely.