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  1. Darn, you mean to tell me Kommon Kore is wrong again? I need to find a bigger eraser or a bon fire so I can burn this book! /s
  2. There has been overage of the supply of oil since the beginning of this year. Had they stuck to the Reduction agreement until these overages were depleted oil oil prices would be much higher today and that much closer to a reputable RV number. Keynesians, I swear, let's not think long term at all. /s
  3. Workshop on the WTO Accession of Iraq

    Soon... 02.04.2008 Working Party reviews Iraq’s trade legislation Working Party members, on 2 April 2008, supported Iraq’s rapid accession to the WTO and argued it would contribute to the country’s integration into the world economy. Iraq’s Trade Minister, H. E. Dr. Al-Sudani, stated that Iraq was determined to overcome the country’s difficult circumstances to move forward on the accession process and added that Iraq’s membership would represent a significant addition to the international community. News item 25.05.2007 WTO starts negotiations with Iraq for membership For the first time since Iraq's application in 2004, the Working Party met to discuss and examine Iraq's trade legislation and its conformity to WTO principles Summary of the meeting 13.12.2004 Accession working parties established for Afghanistan, Iraq The General Council, on 13 December 2004, established working parties to examine, respectively, the membership applications of Afghanistan and Iraq. A little more in depth explanation of the status can be found here (click the picture) Iraq Iraq's Working Party was established on 13 December 2004. The Working Party met for a second time in April 2008. The Working Party is chaired by Ambassador Omar HILALE (Morocco). For more information on the current status of this accession, please click here. PROFILES Trade profile Technical notes JARGON BUSTER User guide to WTO Accession Jargon back to top NEWS There are no recent news items More news on Iraq Current status in the accession process Click here to see the image below full size All documents on the accession of Iraq in Documents Online by date of circulation help Note: The de-restriction of documents is a key component of the transparency obligations of the Multilateral Trading System. Paragraphs 1 and 2(e) of the Ministerial Council Decision WT/L/452 of 14 May 2002 provide that “documents relating to working parties on accession shall be restricted and shall be automatically de-restricted upon the adoption of the report of the working party” by the Ministerial Conference/General Council. The time of completion of the de-restriction process depends on the amount and complexities of the documents involved. Prior to 2002, the de-restriction of accession-related documents was governed by a different set of rules (i.e. General Council Decision WT/L/160/Rev.1 of 26 July 1996), which only affect documents circulated prior to 2002.
  4. Well thank you Capt. Obvious. Quit bloviating and obfuscating and work on doing. Promising equates to soon.
  5. Remember false information. Maliki has a lot more to do with holding things up like letting thousand of terrorists into his country all so he could gain power. Hey, Maliki how's that hopey and changey thingy working out for you? Kind of like the last guy here in the US tried, eh? Hpe people will be too dumb so you can change the money from one hand to your pocket, right?
  6. You know what they say about things that go up? Sometimes they need a little help coming down. Just ask the Russians how that works.
  7. Let's think on this one a moment. I know and everyone else knows in the civilised world that a child, especially under 10 years of age, to be married to a man much older than her is sick and disgusting. I know the muslim talking points on this topic because it has been widely debated. If we were to explore where we find this law in the Islamic culture we do not have to venture too far from the Hadiths. What is new to me is that Aisha, "the mother of Islam", is said to have been married to their so-called prophet at the tender age of six and her marriage, not new to me, consummated at the ripe old age of nine, although some say eight. Now the KSA, after 9-11, when this first gained steam removed from online sources this passage in the Hadiths. For the longest time you could find the verse that Aisha had her marriage consummated but what was missing was her age. Why? To appeal to the Western female, they removed Aisha's age. The goal for a male muslim is to marry, or take as spoils of war, a female non-muslim, convert her faith to Islam and bear children, with her, to become muslims. If there was credible evidence, such as the Hadiths, from credible Islamic scholars making the tradition strong, then when these Western women got wind of it, they were usually put off. Ironic because there are so many other things in the Quran and Hadiths that can put women off, like the verse on beating. The mullahs and sheikhs say to beat them, their wives, lightly with a toothbrush, or toothpick.. However, a book was written by a muslim, whom subsequently went to jail, in Spain around the year 2000 on beating your wife correctly in order to not leave a mark on her from their effort. Or the shiekh, around the year 2000, in Iran who said it is perfectly fine to sleep with an infant. Or the passage in the Quran where women are "tilth" and men can go sow the land as they see fit. Or the clause where a woman is one-fourth of a witness to a man. Or even the inheritance law where again she gets less than her male children. I digress. The point of the matter is that muslims are to model their lives after their so-called prophet and if he could marry and consummate the marriage with Aisha at the age of 9, so could his followers even to this day. While this is labeled primitive, followers of their so-called prophet continue this tradition today and it's not the only tradition carried forth from the Seventh Century. The Dome of the Rock remains in muslim hands because they believe it's where their so-called prophet ascended to heaven to speak with their god and get the number of times they pray each day. Or how to divorce your wife, all you have to do is say "I divorce you" three times. Or mutah marriages. Think about that one you have to marry the prostitute before you can sleep with her, then say I divorce you three times. Imagine if that was done in America today? Prostitutes would only need one wealthy Senator or movie star and they would be set for life! A man, and only a man, can marry a 9 year old. A woman could not marry a nine year old male. Women claim to have rights under the umbrella of Islam and when that umbrella is lifted, the truth springs forth. Muslims will counter the above dialogue with: It was legal for people in America to be married at a young age. And they are right except, America has evolved and adapted and the tradition is no longer practiced except in rare cases with parental permission. Even then, most laws limit that age to thirteen or fourteen. The discussion will proceed to the Holy Mother Mary whom researchers, Christian and non-Christian alike, believe she was fourteen when she was impregnated by the breathe of the Holy Spirit. The counter to this argument is that biologically there is a great difference between a girl 9 and a girl 14. Secondly, the Holy Mother Mary's age has never been quite established even after 2,000 years. Christians put the earliest a woman may marry at the alleged age of the Holy Mother. Muslims put the age of marriage at the age of the consummation of the marriage of Aisha. While we all agree this is disgusting in either case one fact remains, Christianity and the civilised world has evolved and adapted; whereas, Islam is still stuck with the ideals and principles of the time the faith was ill-conceived and beholden to a man who thought he saw visions in the fits of epilepsy.
  8. Can we hold a candle to your foot if it does not get passed next session? Or should we just remove our shoes and beam you with them until it is signed?
  9. Men usually read the instructions after the third attempt to assemble something. Women just nag nag hopes it will get put together correctly, ask my wife!
  10. Are you sure you mean Abadi? Hmm... Abadi a tool for evil.. the one who is tearing the corruption out of Iraq is evil. Hmmmkay.
  11. Wasn't this supposed to be over by June/July. Okay soon it is.

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