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  1. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Hmmm.... B*tch slapped?
  2. Hmmm.... Lebanon could have been paid years ago when the value of the dinar was around 3.5 to the dollar (or obviously before that). I see Lebanon as an example of how seriously Iraq deals with their debts. That's a 38 year old debt. I'm glad Lebanon stepped up and made this public for all to see at least this portion of their borrowing record.
  3. Your welcome Chuck. I almost forgot about it until I saw all the comments. Had to go find it!
  4. 25 year lease on what looks like rubish. Needs to be the right design by law. Sounds like a giant rip off.
  5. Kurdish region is becoming more transparent by audit of voters. If they're using their voters number for coming up with the % they should have in the budget then it's wrong. Probably has been wrong for years. I say get it right for transparency and integrity that this region hasn't had before this.
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 14 February 2018

    Thank you Adam and team!! Have a great day whatever it may be!!
  7. Jubouri press conference

    I can't miss this opportunity to say Go RV!!! He's likely the best rep not in Kuwait to reveal the news. So I'm like nannab. I'm having that pipe dream. But seriously, it's totally possible, right?!
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    Thanks Adam!!
  9. DV Lottery Pools 2/9 & 2/10

    I don't have a PB ticket yet, but here's my MB ticket... 02 05 20 44 65 MB 12 02/09
  10. Docked a half a months pay and could even possibly be dropped from membership completely. What constitutes a legitimate excuse? A note from a parent? Mom?

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