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  1. Send them over some of that worthless dinar!! I wonder how many dump truck loads would pay the bill!!
  2. Iraq already has the capabilities to generate there own electricity with their own fuel. Likely will produce more jobs and allow for growth of their country without ever loosing power again. But it's always a stupid move to not pay the electricity bill. C'mon. Really?!
  3. Goggles

    D.V. lottery games for 7/13--7/14

    11. 28. 33. 40. 62. PB. 23 Go PB!!!
  4. Goggles

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Thank you Adam and Team!!
  5. Goggles

    D.V. lottery game ---7/10--7/11 --2018

    19. 20. 38. 45. 66. MB. 12 17. 19. 53. 57. 67. PB 12
  6. Goggles

    Adam Montana 4 July 2018

    Thank you Adam and Team!!! 😁
  7. Wow. Sore losers. Doesn't surprise me. Makes them look even more guilty.
  8. Goggles

    Adam Montana 27 June 2018

    Thank you Adam and Team!
  9. I agree that Jubouri may be loosing his mind. This is ridiculous.

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