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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    VIP Works anywhere!
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    DITTO. The value I've received from the CRYPTO thread alone is over 500% on my investment! That doesn't even count the future of TFYU which will only exist as result of the contacts, advice and education I've received as a result of my VIP and OSI memberships. But perhaps the most important of all...the friendships I've gained from being involved in those areas!
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    HMMMMMMM! Me thinks the game is afoot!
  4. Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    @Muleslayer, not saying your wrong there. If you're in a minority opinion you should be prepared for a little pushback concerning your opinion. However, if a person is the type to just be contrary just to stir the pot, there's not too much that can be done. My point is/was taken from the comment itself which gives misdirection to a specific "type" of site this is. The comment was more of a "target of opportunity" than a perception of any wrong doing. Please forgive me if I didn't make that clear. Even with my post, which was a plea for folks to get along and have respect for one another's opinion, I received a neg. I guess you just can't get some folks to listen to reason no matter how hard you try! LOL! Here's one to start your weekend off on me!
  5. Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    Sorry folks, but I have to add my . I quoted the above remark because I think that this is a common misconception of a lot of folks. Let me state this for the record: THIS IS NEITHER A CONSERVATIVE NOR A LIBERAL FORUM/WEBSITE. I believe that this misconception has promoted many ill feelings and caused much of the rubie-mongering which seems to have significantly increased over the last several months. The purpose of a NEG/Rubie is not to show your disagreement with a topic or someone's opinion. It is meant to show that a post is completely inappropriate and that there is no place for that type of behavior (i.e. foul language, sexually implicit remarks, other site reposting, and generally poor, immature behavior). Everyone...AND I MEAN EVERYONE!... has the right to express their opinion on this site WITHOUT FEAR OF RECRIMINATION! This site, in each and every forum and topic posted, is meant to bring people together who have a common interest...THE IRAQI DINAR. The site has evolved over time in order to best serve the diverse interests of it members and guests. It has never been, nor will it ever be, the intention of the site to become a battle ground for personal or political reasons. Everyone who posts here is free to disagree on anything with anyone. A certain level of maturity is expected which allows for the free-flow of differing viewpoints on any subject. We should all respect each other's right to be different even if we don't agree! Anyone with a little life experience under their belts should realize that no one on this earth...NO ONE...has complete and total knowledge of anything. There are many who know something, a few who know much, but no one who knows all. So I respectfully request that all of our members and guests keep in mind that this is a discussion forum where differing ideas and opinions are going to be presented. I also request that we ALL respect each other and value the differences rather than slam others for being or thinking different. Thanks for taking the time to read this! TJ
  6. I've immigrated to another country before. I speak from experience. I've suffered from the slow moving cogs of a government who puts certain groups on the back burner in favor of others. But I stuck with it and finished the process LEGALLY. When my marriage ended so did my LEGAL immigration status and I left the country, my child, my family, my friends, my dogs and ALL of my personal belongings I couldn't pack in 2 suitcases behind me. I didn't protest the government and try to find ways to circumvent the LAW. I didn't claim rights I didn't have. I didn't receive support from the government which I didn't work for and I paid my LEGAL taxes. I cried out to God many times "WHY!" I shed more tears and suffered extreme anguish for what I had lost than I can even imagine. I then followed the LAWS to get back what I had a LEGAL right to. My things are gone. I doubt I will ever see my friends again. My ex's parents were more father and mother to me than my own blood, but I no longer have any real relationship with them. But my baby girl is back here in the USA and doing great! Long story short, I feel bad for for these folks who were sent here against their will or without choice. They've been GIVEN more than I have or my children and grandchildren will ever have by a government I have paid for, they have paid for and millions of others have paid for. Why have they not followed the LEGAL PROCESS to become citizens so that they are not in this situation? If they have been doing so, then give them the chance to finish. That says to me who wants to be a productive citizen and support the system that has supported them! For the ones who don't want to do the work, suffer the frustrations and do it the LEGAL way, send them packing! Will it hurt? YES! Is it wrong? NO!
  7. Let's talk about Harvey...

    I really appreciate your heart @Adam Montana
  8. I believe he's referring to the international community pressuring Baghdad to uphold their end of any agreement. From what I understand, they've been duped so many times and lead to table with false assurances that they refuse to trust anything that comes out of the capital.

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