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  1. Rick, Click on the support tab and ask Julie.
  2. BOTTOMS UP at The Faded Yellow Umbrella!
  3. You?! GOOFY?! Utter nonsense! You're the most sober (COUGH! COUGH!) person I know!
  4. And me then?
  5. The idea for The Faded Yellow Umbrella was born and has been nourished as a result of my association with and membership in VIP. Many of the friends I have come to know have been invaluable resources in gaining knowledge and information for furthering my research and increasing my knowledge in developing this dream which is soon to become reality! Even the name is a result of a "drawing" we held in one of the topics several years ago! In short, VIP is MUCH MORE than just wealth protection!
  6. Well, OK. If you can manage to finagle an RV by the end of next week, I'll up it to a FREE drink AND a dinner (yes. FREE). WOW! You sure drive a hard bargain!
  7. Drink of choice at The Faded Yellow a 20% discount!
  8. I heard he got caught spooning an Iranian diplomat! That's set off the heart attack.
  9. One can only ask...WHY????
  10. Just a side note...As a responsible future Bed & Breakfast/Bar & Grill owner in a tropical climate, whoever has had the least to drink is automatically the designated driver! Just sayin'!
  11. Global Uncertainty and Doubt Today we are living in the most interconnected world in the history of mankind. What happens in one major country affects many others. We all know that economic cycles go up and down, yet this interconnectedness also puts us more at risk. In 2008, these lows included failed banks which Western governments "bailed out." Will this happen again? It is unlikely, as most of those governments have since written into law that too-big-to-fail banks will no longer be bailed out by taxpayers. The next time, "bail-in's" will be the solution. If this term is new to you, this is when depositors' funds are used to save the banks—deposits in checking and savings accounts like yours and mine. In 2013, the small European country of Cyprus experienced the first bail-in. Up to 60% of deposits were seized by bank regulators to bail out the bank and capital controls were imposed on all Cypriot banks for over a year. People did not burn down the banks, so governments know that people are likely to allow it to happen again. Could this happen in the United States? The U.S., Canada, and the E.U. have all quietly passed bail-in laws over the past several years in anticipation of another bank failure. As for those bank insurance funds (like the FDIC), don't count on it. There isn't enough money in that fund to bail out depositors of even one too-big-to-fail bank. Received in my email through subscription: Your Own Home Overseas <> Reply| Thu 3/2/2017 6:03 AM, Bitcoin's Time Has Come...And Here's Why By Marc A. Carignan
  12. How'd you like last Saturday's game? Just askin'.....(GO COWBOYS!)
  13. Just another day at the office!
  14. Not DV!!!!! Be serious! I'm talking about Texas. I'm an Okie born and bred, but I've been a Cowboy's fan since I was a kid!