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  1. I've immigrated to another country before. I speak from experience. I've suffered from the slow moving cogs of a government who puts certain groups on the back burner in favor of others. But I stuck with it and finished the process LEGALLY. When my marriage ended so did my LEGAL immigration status and I left the country, my child, my family, my friends, my dogs and ALL of my personal belongings I couldn't pack in 2 suitcases behind me. I didn't protest the government and try to find ways to circumvent the LAW. I didn't claim rights I didn't have. I didn't receive support from the government which I didn't work for and I paid my LEGAL taxes. I cried out to God many times "WHY!" I shed more tears and suffered extreme anguish for what I had lost than I can even imagine. I then followed the LAWS to get back what I had a LEGAL right to. My things are gone. I doubt I will ever see my friends again. My ex's parents were more father and mother to me than my own blood, but I no longer have any real relationship with them. But my baby girl is back here in the USA and doing great! Long story short, I feel bad for for these folks who were sent here against their will or without choice. They've been GIVEN more than I have or my children and grandchildren will ever have by a government I have paid for, they have paid for and millions of others have paid for. Why have they not followed the LEGAL PROCESS to become citizens so that they are not in this situation? If they have been doing so, then give them the chance to finish. That says to me who wants to be a productive citizen and support the system that has supported them! For the ones who don't want to do the work, suffer the frustrations and do it the LEGAL way, send them packing! Will it hurt? YES! Is it wrong? NO!
  2. Let's talk about Harvey...

    I really appreciate your heart @Adam Montana
  3. I believe he's referring to the international community pressuring Baghdad to uphold their end of any agreement. From what I understand, they've been duped so many times and lead to table with false assurances that they refuse to trust anything that comes out of the capital.
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 16 August 2017

    Rick, Click on the support tab and ask Julie.
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 9 August 2017

    BOTTOMS UP at The Faded Yellow Umbrella!
  6. Adam Montana Weekly - 2 August 2017

    You?! GOOFY?! Utter nonsense! You're the most sober (COUGH! COUGH!) person I know!
  7. Heads or Tails! :)

    And me then?
  8. Heads or Tails! :)

    The idea for The Faded Yellow Umbrella was born and has been nourished as a result of my association with and membership in VIP. Many of the friends I have come to know have been invaluable resources in gaining knowledge and information for furthering my research and increasing my knowledge in developing this dream which is soon to become reality! Even the name is a result of a "drawing" we held in one of the topics several years ago! In short, VIP is MUCH MORE than just wealth protection!
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 5 July 2017

    Well, OK. If you can manage to finagle an RV by the end of next week, I'll up it to a FREE drink AND a dinner (yes. FREE). WOW! You sure drive a hard bargain!
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 5 July 2017

    Drink of choice at The Faded Yellow a 20% discount!
  11. !!! Maliki .. .. If A Clot !

    I heard he got caught spooning an Iranian diplomat! That's set off the heart attack.

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