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  1. I heard he got caught spooning an Iranian diplomat! That's set off the heart attack.
  2. One can only ask...WHY????
  3. Just a side note...As a responsible future Bed & Breakfast/Bar & Grill owner in a tropical climate, whoever has had the least to drink is automatically the designated driver! Just sayin'!
  4. Global Uncertainty and Doubt Today we are living in the most interconnected world in the history of mankind. What happens in one major country affects many others. We all know that economic cycles go up and down, yet this interconnectedness also puts us more at risk. In 2008, these lows included failed banks which Western governments "bailed out." Will this happen again? It is unlikely, as most of those governments have since written into law that too-big-to-fail banks will no longer be bailed out by taxpayers. The next time, "bail-in's" will be the solution. If this term is new to you, this is when depositors' funds are used to save the banks—deposits in checking and savings accounts like yours and mine. In 2013, the small European country of Cyprus experienced the first bail-in. Up to 60% of deposits were seized by bank regulators to bail out the bank and capital controls were imposed on all Cypriot banks for over a year. People did not burn down the banks, so governments know that people are likely to allow it to happen again. Could this happen in the United States? The U.S., Canada, and the E.U. have all quietly passed bail-in laws over the past several years in anticipation of another bank failure. As for those bank insurance funds (like the FDIC), don't count on it. There isn't enough money in that fund to bail out depositors of even one too-big-to-fail bank. Received in my email through subscription: Your Own Home Overseas <> Reply| Thu 3/2/2017 6:03 AM, Bitcoin's Time Has Come...And Here's Why By Marc A. Carignan
  5. How'd you like last Saturday's game? Just askin'.....(GO COWBOYS!)
  6. Just another day at the office!
  7. Not DV!!!!! Be serious! I'm talking about Texas. I'm an Okie born and bred, but I've been a Cowboy's fan since I was a kid!
  8. Really boss? You seem to forget how many of your mods and staff live in the only state that used to be it's own country! And I don't even like being here...but really!
  9. While I was there last year visiting one of the owners of The Placencia Lord Ashcroft's yacht was docked there having a party. The owner, Wayne Robbins, was telling me that he is known as a modern day pirate in some circles. He pulls a lot of weight in the Caribbean. I have no doubt that there is truth in the article. Also, while there in January, I spoke to a couple of folks in banking and did some reading in the local newspapers. It seems that many Belizean banks are difficulty with FATCA and Major Credit Card companies. If they want to continue to do business in USD for cc transactions they have to have a US affiliate relationship. In order to do this, they have to be FATCA compliant and it is incredibly expensive and taxing on their already burdened economy. There are a few banks who only do transactions in Belizean $ and it's not an issue, but losing the ability to conduct USD cc transactions could have a major impact on the tourist trade. Just added info I thought about. Not related to the article in question.
  10. There has been much discussion over this topic. Adam's take on it is that 3 zeros will be deleted to the right of the decimal point: $0.00089 becomes $.89. He backs this up with much research and knowledge.
  12. You got that right Snow! I started young in restaurant mgt. Ken's Pizza in Owasso. It's the Taco Bell off 86th and 169 now. Taco Tico, Hardees in Sand Springs and the one just before you get on the Toll way to OKC. Now I'm in Health care mgt. Worked at St. Francis South, Tulsa Bone And Joint, etc. Now I'm in Dallas. Sure do miss home though. Lots of work down this way. Just have to be willing to move. Let me know if I can help!
  13. I-44 and Sheridan or somewhere over on Peoria? Not that I have ever gone there!
  14. Did it hurt, or was it soft sand?
  15. Makes ya love that 2nd passport option, doesn't it?!