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  1. Luigi does it better than CNN, Although I doubt these guru's know what Martial Law is..
  2. Tells me that is how the IMF works, Iraq has no choice but to take the loans. They will pay it all back and then some...
  3. Luigi is finally right, just flew back from England after cashing in, now I just need to get monies out on Monday and pay for the 6 billion dinars I ordered Saturday from Toronto dealer. Life is good....but someone here is FOS.
  4. CNN is more accurate than this shill, not by much though...
  5. Anyone who believes CNN might as well use Snopes for accuracy also....
  6. Still the old case here in Ontario, haven't heard anything new...
  7. "Listen no ones questioning your bloodlines.. impressive as they may be im not sure how its relevant.... the point was that the majority of the people who decided to troll me when I asked a simple question in many people's eyes shouldn't be profiting off of Iraq's misfortunes that the wealth of the Iraqi people belong to the Iraqi people. those are not my words those are the words of prime minister of Iraq.. Do i know any of you? No. Dose my opinion matter about weather you or I deserve to profit from iraq? Of Course not.. but since were in the rumor section and people would rather throw shade then answer simple questions I decided to throw a little shade back you took it personal that's on you. personally I thought you had one of the most relevant responses that I have received" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't need to say who I am, but I know for a fact this is Keep'em and the Proof is in that one highlighted word in red. Even after numerous times being reminded how to actually spell does Keep'em refused to try and always kept with his "DOSE" Nobody "dose" that... So Keep'em, you had the baby and everything should be the best time of your life, so why the attitude? Why so glum? What brings you back here? If you wanted to be anonymous you should have had spellcheck on, anyway......I see you. (PS for proof just look up old posts.)
  8. So you need an answer you can't provide from a Guru? You are as pathetic as Keep'em was...adios guru boy.
  9. Excellent, see you next year, say hi to Keepm....
  10. Don't see it anywhere on there now...."clarification on Exchange Rate..."
  11. Barry Soetoro has as much to do with Iraq Currency as Luigi does. Barry is a puppet on his last legs, and has no idea about Iraqi Dinars. The same goes for fake 800 #'s, I bought mine from a currency exchange and I will just go back there to sell them, close to rocket science but not quite.
  12. You do realize that the ads are based on Your web browsing. So the ads you see are for you...