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  1. eburt

    Adam Montana Weekly 18 July 2018

    Thanks Adam - I have another head-ache - When will this madness end!!! Back to the bat cave waiting for RV.....😕
  2. eburt

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 June 2018

    Thanks for the update Adam. I see Iraq is back to doing the usual which is stalling.....I know Adam does not have the rate and date of the RV but do we really think Iraq CBI and GOI will ever pull the RV trigger? (I ask this question because every year is one excuse after another) Ok enough with my venting about this investment, will go back to living my life and take another break from this Dinar stuff......
  3. eburt

    Four WF Bank Stories...Enjoy.

    What a mess - I know this is the rumor section - but this is just lies.....
  4. eburt

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Oh well....Another set back what else is new.....Seems like the merry-go-round never ends.......
  5. How is Iraq able to offer oil international without HCL???? Does this means the HCL will be passed before 4/15?
  6. Hello kru377 - I truly understand what you are going through regarding this speculative dinar investment. I truly agree with Shedagal and Synopsis comments regarding this investment that its a marathon not a sprint. I been in this thing for over 7 years plus and have learned not to listen to any of the so called GURU's and any information coming from Youtube and Facebook about the dinar. Also, I have learned a lot from GREAT people (Adam, Mods, Synopsis, and etc.) on this site of being patients and not to bite of more than you can chew. I do believe the Dinar will RV one day and just need to stay positive. When I find myself getting frustrated at times then I take the advice of the great people of this site and take some time off and stop reading all the stuff on the internet about the dinar. Thank you sharing your comments kru377
  7. This is why I never get excited with anything Iraq GOI does.....The guys can't get anything done in timely manner......Maybe one day the people will get it....
  8. eburt

    The weekly will be this afternoon

    DinarThug - Were do you get this stuff from......very funny.....
  9. Here is my PB numbers: 02 17 34 36 67 PB 10
  10. Here is my power ball numbers 18 30 37 55 63 PB 23
  11. eburt

    Questions For Adam's Update 2-28-2018

    Hello Mods - I know Adam is busy but can someone give the forum update were we stand with Adam's update for 02/28????
  12. It seems like these people can't get alone to pass any law/budget. Why are many counties continue to invest in Iraq along with IMF and others when they DO the SAME THING every year (DELAY, DELAY, DAYS OFF, FIGHT, etc.) Something is not right here. What a total MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The Kurds seems to be the ones that's always holding things up. Why are they so greedy??? Baghdad is trying to do everything (Adabi) to pass the budget and HCL but because of the Kurbs greed this process keeps dragging - I wish someone can force their hands to do the right thing......

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