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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 18 October 2017

    Thanks for the update....WOW will this RIDE ever END!!!!! I'm little frustrated because every year waiting on this to pop is getting OLD.. I know this was never promise to us and nothing is guaranteed. I would have thought by now this thing will have pop. Oh well not blaming anyone and I'm glad Adam and the mods along with others others on this site have a very positive attitude on this. I just have to be patient a little bit longer and hope I have the strength to stay in the game and/or be alive when this thing ever POPS
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Thanks Adam for the update - I'm not excited emotionally because this been going on for over a decade even though Iraq have made a lot of progress over the years, I will not get excited until official RV is announced. Will continue to wait and hopefully this LONGGGGGGGGGG journey will be over soon.
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 27 September 2017

    Thanks for the update - The vote of the kurds succeeded so what happens now.......I know this have to be approved by the courts but I'm not having a warm fuzzy feeling about this....It;s all over the new on CNN and according to the articles looks like the Kurds will have they way...I hope I'm wrong but Iraq and Kurds are a MESS right now and seems to not agree on anything and RV is looking very DOOM and no telling how long this will set us back......I need a DRINK
  4. Iraq is in a TRUE mess and every year they seem to make some strives moving forward but the GOI and Kurds is SO corrupt it causing the citizens to suffer more and more each year. I hope I'm wrong but in order for us to see a possible RV any time soon there will have to be other parties like US, IMF, and etc, to force Iraq and Kurds to do the right thing. This mess been going on for over 12 plus years now. Iraq needs more good leaders like Abadi to do the right think but he can't do it by himself.....
  5. Ok not trying to be negative but the oil was above $58 plus early last year and nothing happened...Hopefully they get it right this time and do something...Thanks for the post
  6. What a mess - Man these guys had opportunity to get things right and still blew IT!!!!!!
  7. Megaball 9/22/17

    Ok Here is my MB and PB numbers... Mega Million - 04 12 14 26 65 MB 09 Power Ball - 05 45 60 67 69 PB 16
  8. My numbers below for Mega Millions and Powerball - Ok I believe this is our week to hit this thing Mega Millions - 14 18 22 26 51 MB 12 Power Ball - 13 15 19 32 42 PB 21
  9. Here are my PB numbers: 03 12 15 51 65 PB 18
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 13 Sept. 2017

    Thanks for the update Adam - I'm praying that HCL get pass this month and an RV
  11. Here are my PB numbers: 03 12 24 39 48 PB 21 Also here is another set of PB numbers I'm putting in the pot to cover for anyone in Florida who's not able to make to the store - I hope everone is safe and have shatter and plenty of food 01 08 11 32 40 PB 08
  12. Adam Montana Weekly 6 September 2017

    Thanks Adam for the update early in the morning while I'm drinking coffee.....I'm praying that Sept. 24 is the day for this thing to POP.....thanks again

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