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  1. I'm beginning to think this whole Iraq Dinar thing is a HOST....Year after year the same old crap with GOI and CBI making excuses to reject laws and/or postpone meeting. Why is they doing this? Many countries have giving Iraq loans and want to invest with them but their GOI and CBI is so corrupt...So why is the IMF, WTO, and countries still supporting Iraq???? Again many questions is not being answered and we keep waiting year after year hoping for RV and still nothing happens. I been in this thing over 10 years plus and I'm not giving up but one have to begin to speculate is something going on behind the scenes were many investors are being paid under the table by Iraq and US small people is being left out to dry..The reason I say this is because why would anyone invest million, trillion, and give loans without any payment????...Time will tell and I hope I'm wrong but year after year same results and NO RV........
  2. Agreed the question is WHY other countries continue to bail Iraq out and give them loans? Are they getting paid by Iraq under the table.....Things that may you wonder Hmmmmm
  3. I'm beginning to think Iraq does not want to RV their currency at ALL because of greed in the CBI and government. I don't understand why so many continue to help this country by giving loans and etc. I guest it's all smoke screen and we just have to hope and pray one day this country will do the right thing to improve their currency. Just hope it happen before I'm gone...
  4. D. V. lotto games 1/5--1/6

    Here are my numbers: 13 16 29 30 61 PB23
  5. Well this is why many investors from Wallstreet and others are saying the Iraq Dinar will NEVER RV and wast of time. I'm starting to believe maybe they were right after all....Waiting on this thing for over 10 years plus and still the same thing over and over with Iraq......Just don't know anymore about this but I will ride this out until the end...What a Shame
  6. Here is my PB numbers below PB 52 57 64 66 68 PB=26
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 20 December 2017 - delayed

    Hmmmm - Bitcoins is falling like ton of bricks.....I wonder why????? - Great time to buy in my opinion.....
  8. CBI News 12/18/2017

    Agreed - Well said drj.......
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 13 December 2017

    Thanks Adam for the update.
  10. Questions For Adam's Update 12-6-2017

    RodandStaff - Ok I think you are correct - thanks for the clarification sir
  11. Questions For Adam's Update 12-6-2017

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Adam was not going to talk about the Dinar until some take place with the HCL and/or any other important laws being pass and/or RV announcement.
  12. Every year is the same stuff regrading the budget. All TALK no RV........I wonder if 2018 will be the same
  13. d.v. lotto games 11/ 10 11/11

    Here are my numbers - 20 22 44 48 56 PB 19

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