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  1. Resuming Saturday to do a BUNCH OF NOTHING!!!! To vote on the most impractical laws rather than voting on the ones that really the HCL!!
  2. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!! Iraq has NO sense of teamwork/cohesiveness, its always VOTE.....REJECT...VOTE.....REJECT......POSTPONE.....REJECT.......VOTE.....POSTPONE and REJECT.... god get these ppl a mediator ASAP!!!!!
  3. I swear we are caught in the Iraqis revolving door... just keeps spinning and spinning... EVERY time they read the budget (to pass it) there is ALWAYS something holding it back (EVERY YEAR)... dudes just pass it already....
  4. Celebrate with a RV!!!!!!!!!!!!! believe it when I see it.......Adams text that is!
  5. after 12+ years I would need that 1:1 (I think I, ALL OF US deserve it) .... however all of our, and the GURUS speculation is just that....speculation... we just have to wait until Adams text comes through with the Rate it RVd at and take it from there....
  6. Are you an accredited investor?

    Correct me if I am wrong... but someone said put the dinars into a ROTH IRA .... soooooooo the question is.... I believe you need to leave in that ROTH for min 5 years (right) before you can touch... SO, if the dinar RVs before that 5 year period AND Iraq implements a time limit to turn in the notes we currently have to make way for lower denoms ,.......HOW would you work that??? with your Dinar stuck in a IRA-ROTH for 5 Years... will you be able to exchange within the ROTH???
  7. We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    all I have to say is.........................HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA..Yeah RIGHT!!!
  8. Hmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeeeeah... sounds great and all...BUT I will believe it when I see it... and "IT" meaning an RV... whether 1:1 or 1:3.... just SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  9. New CBI Announcement 07/20/2017

    Blah Blah Blah ....... can we just see the HCL passed and article 140 implemented ..... then RV this thing and let me be on my way been over 10+ years... this has to pop SOON.... GO RV.....
  10. Ridiculous....I cant with Iraq man.... they can NEVER get their stuff together....
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 2017 24 May

    Do you (We) really think that tomorrow will be RV day.... I think that will be waaaay too much to be done in that one day... even moving into the 26th I doubt RV will come.... NOW dont get me wrong I have been waiting for this way over 10 years, so I am anxious as the rest of you..... but when the text hits my phone I KNOW it will be real and NOT a drill.... GO RV!! Waited this long whats a few more days....and days....and days... lol
  12. I have already.... I did it on Friday, but no thats why I posted here.... just covering all bases...
  13. Hello This morning (April 21) I was charged for the 3 month VIP membership (49.99). Now my membership is up on 5/5, but I am not sure why it was automatically renewed. Maybe I checked remember my card information last renew period but I didnt think it was going to renew automatically. I could of used the current discount code "byebyenewsletter" can this be applied??? Also can the change be made to NOT renew automatically?? My order number is Order #4569 Thank you NeedRv

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