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  1. They should be stoned so that those who lost a loved one can get a chance to get personal justice.
  2. News Flash June 1st arrived and guess what??? Delta is still in the top 1% of the most stupid GURUS. He must love to be in that position because Delta continues to make predictions that never come true. I believe Delta has a better chance of picking his nose than picking an RV/RI date and it's possible he would even fail at picking his nose.
  3. I think Judy ate too many mushrooms from the backyard before she started her morning chat/rants/expert commentary. That or her tin hat fell off and she was zapped by her neighbor with a super stupid gun. Either case I would say she made the top 1% of most stupid ideas to ever come out on the internet.
  4. I think I can explain the past 12 years of RV in pictures. First came then we hoped for 6 years then we prayed this to happen to the two but nothing happened but some more so then we prayed for six more years then came and he wants to or to all the corrupted officials which brings us to today's reports on " Is the derivative implosion cover for this event or is this event the parachute to soften the landing?" well IMO I think we will be back at until Ramada is over.
  5. +1 you out RMC; Gave you a greenie for that ruby that someone gave you earlier...I believe that person is an form expert.
  6. Now that they have been fired from their jobs they want to start to work additional days!! They had four years to do six things, and they didn't get those six things done (HCL, Erbil Agreement, Tariff laws, Stop corruption, hang Maliki, Make Dinar international again). So now that their seats are being replaced they want to scream "Russian Collusion" (oh sorry that's a different election), they want to scream election fraud. Time has come to change crews, put Maliki on a very public but fair trial followed by his very public and fair hanging and then get this ship back on course towards our destination the "RV."
  7. So in essence, they are saying there is the door here is my foot; to the good ole bureaucrats and the bureaucracy, they created to keep their pockets lined with the dinar. All I got to say is ABOUT TIME!!!!
  8. Nope, nothing has changed SSDD.
  9. Maybe they need more space for all our money? Cause I know I intend to trade mine in for some more US Dollars after I see 1:1+ Newtknick wins contract to build the Central Bank of Iraq 14:25 - 19/05/2018 Information / Translation New Technic, a UK-based engineering engineering firm, has won a contract to design the façade and supervise the building of the new central bank in Baghdad. "According to the Civil Engineering Company, the building designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid will rise to 172 meters and stand on a 100-by-200-meter platform," the company said in a statement. "The UK and US design teams will be deployed to work on the project, which is expected to be completed by 2021," said Andrew Watts, chief executive officer of the company.
  10. Chuck do you know you said almost the same thing when Abadi took over. " “The Next Move” - 09/10/2014 ChuckFinley replied to ronscarpa's topic in Opinions, Perspectives, and Your Two Cents on the Iraqi Dinar I really like this PM and his cabinet. My gut feeling is that they will do everything possible to get this country moving forward in the shortest time possible. Shabibi will be reinstated and it will be about the budget. Once the budget is released projects will start and the dinar will increase in value. This all should take place by 01 Oct. The rest will take care of itself." That's how this place is, the only thing that changes from day to day is the calendar date. For 8200 years this place has never changed in a way to promote societal growth. Iran was close to it in the 1970's but then the ISLAM control measures stepped in and killed all the progressives within 6 months. Political Power never ever changes only the people in the seats. The only difference between this Kingdom and the one 8200 years ago is the ruse that the people have a say in what will happen. The Dinar, the Dollar, The Euro is all the same to them the people don't care what is in their wallet only that they have something. Remember the people of Iraq had a chance to be free (when the USA invaded) to step out of the Dark Ages and into the Modern age (Women, Men, Jew, Christian, Muslim) where all are equal under law and what was one their first laws passed "Anyone who promotes Zionist (Jew Christian) objectives, is subject to punishment by death," They have maintained power for over a thousand years by killing the citizens who have progressive thoughts and they will continue to do the same for another 1000 years. Just let this sink in when the USA was in Iraq girls grew to represent 44% of the school population today just 4 years after the USA stop being a major presence in Iraq's day to day life the percentage of girls in the school population dropped and is now only 21% with projection of less than 1% will attend by end of 2020. All they want is our modern technology and our modern conveniences without the modern thoughts that go with it. Don't forget they sell slaves still to this day in the black markets. So just know it will not get worse, it will not get better it will just stay the same. The dinar will become internationally tradeable because the political powers need to buy stuff just like Sadam needed to buy stuff from other countries and Iraq leaders want stuff from other countries. So the question is "When?" the answer is "When the Islam Leaders know for sure they are back in full control of the people" and not one day before then. Example of how things have never changed " The collapse of Ur III and the Amorites. The break-up of the Ur III state appears to have come about through a confluence of factors. Pressure from the Amorites to the west forced Ur to build a defensive wall during the reign of one of Shugi’s sons, the first known example of a major defensive barrier, which seems to have been about as effective as the Maginot line. But the Amorites kept up the pressure, as did the Elamites from southern Iran. Gradually, the last Ur III king began to lose control, first of more distant provinces, then of the city-states of the Sumerian heartland. Also, the very ambitiousness of the structure of Ur III — the extremely centralized state — contributed to the decline, as it was less able to respond and adapt to emergencies such a famine. By the time the Elamites conquered Ur and took its luckless king, Ibbi Sin, away in chains, circa 2000 BC, the empire was merely a shell."
  11. And don't forget that Islam is also very tolerant and fair as well. They treat Gays, Christians, Jews, and Educated Women all the same way.
  12. A specialist in ID10T forms. The military has a lot of them thankfully they are mostly officers so no one pays attention.
  13. No! No Christian Conversion For You!!! "The (Iraqi) penal code stipulates that any person convicted of promoting Zionist principles, association with Zionist organizations, assisting such organizations through material or moral support, or working in any way to realize Zionist objectives, is subject to punishment by death," says the report. This means that if you are an Iraqi and you join a group that gives "moral support" to the belief that Israel has a right to exist, the government of Iraq's "constitutional parliamentary republic" can arrest you and execute you. Freedom of conscience in the Iraqi republic is a one-way street. "The National Identity Card Law automatically registers minor children as Muslims if they are born to at least one Muslim parent or if either parent converts from another religion to Islam," says the human rights report. Personal status laws and regulations prohibit the conversion of Muslims to other religions, elaborates the State Department's most recent report on religious freedom in Iraq."
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