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  1. I'm getting delivery failures to as well. Renewed my VIP on the 23rd, but the forum says it expired on the 27th. I was trying to email to make sure my renewal gets applied here.
  2. This horse thing is something that showed up on Facebook in January of this year, and it keeps recirculating for some reason even though all the horses were adopted months ago. You can see the final message about the horses being adopted here (from January 31):
  3. You're correct. That website is a local news site for Western Massachusetts.
  4. I said this in one of the other threads too, but this appears to be a glitch rather than a new rate. The rate is showing up as negative (-0.0101), and it shows this exact same rate for some of the other currencies listed there too including the Afghanistan Afghani (AFN), Argentine Peso (ARS) and North Korean Won (KPW).
  5. Sorry, but I think it's a glitch. There are other currencies that will also display the -0.0101 conversion including the Afghanistan Afghani (AFN), Argentine Peso (ARS) and North Korean Won (KPW).
  6. The comparison to Turkey comes from the news reports such as this one: . Saleh was quoted in the last line of that report comparing what they are trying to do to what Turkey did when they removed 6 zeroes from their currency.
  7. If there is a LOP, then all notes would be re-valued equally. In this case, the 50.00 would be now be worth 0.05, the 250.00 worth 0.25 and the 500.00 worth 0.50.
  8. Why would money in an account be exempt from having the decimal moved to the left 3 places? If a LOP happens, they will have to do something to differentiate the old money from the new money, such as refer to it all as "old dinar" and "new dinar". If you have 2 million "old dinar" in an account, converting it to the "new dinar" would be just the same as turning in an "old dinar" note (such as a 25k not) and getting a "new dinar" note (25) back. A LOP doesn't just affect the physical currency, it would affect all currency (physical and electronic) equally.
  9. I actually had a little scare about this myself when I bough my first dinars, but I did a little research and realized all my bills were fine. The thing that got me was that it's really hard to see the difference between an arabic 2 (۲) and an arabic 3 (٣). The font they used to print the bills makes it very difficult to see the extra squiggle at the top of the three, and I thought that all the bills with serials ending in a 2 or 3 were the exact same number at first. Since 1 million dinar in 25k notes (40 notes total) that are sequentially serialed will have exactly 8 bills with serials that end in a 2 or 3, I'm guessing that's what is also going on here.
  10. I'm newly registered here, but have been quietly lurking for a while now. Someone just posted a article in the News section here: The last sentence in what was posted worries me: "To that, the central bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that such fears are unwarranted, and that the economic situation in Iraq is good and able to withstand application of this project, and that this experience had previously been applied in countries such as Turkey, which has deleted six zeroes from the currency before the period is not too distant future." That sentence is, without a doubt, talking about a LOP, not about removing the zeroes from the 0.00086 conversion rate. These are past conversions for Turkish Lira (taken from Wikipedia - ): 2004 — 1 U.S. dollar = 1,350,000 lira 2005 — 1 U.S. dollar = 1.29 new lira (The use of New Turkish Lira, which drops 6 zeros from the currency Turkish Lira, was implemented in 2005) Turkey moved the decimal on their currency to the left 6 places in 2005, and it looks like Saleh is trying to get Iraq to move theirs over 3 places in the same manner. Now, I'm hoping that they don't end up going through with this and we get a straight-up RV just like everyone else, but it's pretty clear to me now that the "lifting of the zeroes" is referring to a LOP. If they end up doing a LOP and an immediate RV, it will be a bit of a let-down, but I'll take the extra profit anyways.
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