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  1. Are you an accredited investor?

    Shedagal....I am considering this do you want me to list you as a referral ? email me your name if you do
  2. Are you an accredited investor?

    The ROTH was developed under Reagan to get people to take care of themselves and not count on Social Security
  3. Are you an accredited investor?

    you already paid the tax on the money you used to buy the dinar...this is the definition of a ROTH
  4. May I ask where you have seen them leaning toward any numbers? Thanks
  5. Synopsis...I love your posts. I have been in this for over 10 years so out of curiosity...what do you think an initial rate will be and when?
  6. I agree Synopsis and Presence....they should move this folder down the list block the non-sense or change the folder name. Newbies read this and make poor decisions. I think it gives this site a bad name.
  7. Key Meetings This Week Points To The RV.

    here's another article related to the above... It seems like not all Gurus are not on the same page. Maybe not this week but possibly Nov. BS MORE BS and then BS *%$#&
  8. Doesn't matter what time it is - result is the same lol
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 18 October 2017

    So basically this is the 140 unfolding in front of us....

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