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  1. and your point is ?
  2. Isnt GregP the guy that had some special intel...either way this is up there with Luigi
  3. when and where....
  4. I suggest you comb thru all the articles and folders to reach your own opinion.
  5. Is two months...April/May or May/June?
  6. Great response as always and I agree 100%. I have been in this for 10 years and its never been this close. Rate I agree .1 to1 but I lean to less than $1 to start off...date by the end of this year but probably by June of this year. This is just my opinion which means nothing lol Keep up the good work
  7. Love your posts...what is your thought on a rate and date...if you don't mind me asking...
  8. Synopsis...love your posts. What are your thoughts on a rate and date? If you don't mind me asking
  9. I have not seen a denom lower than the $20....have you? And would that indicate a possible value closer to 5-10 cents?
  10. I agree with your assessment..my concern is I have not seen a lower denom than the $20. Which would put us closer to 5 - 10 cents. Anyone else?