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  1. CBI News 01/21/2018

    50 on Valentines Day
  2. Kaperoni - Articles: "Know Your Money," !

    Could the 250 and 500 notes be a clue to the initial rate.....25,000 down to a 250 = 10 cents....
  3. I read somewhere that Baghdad can reduce the Kurd gov based on the constitution. Basically the Kurd gov according to the article I read said the Kurd gov was much bigger than it should be.
  4. Sounds like if the IMF tells Abadi today that he must wrap up the KURDS - then he will meet with the Kurds Wed or Thurs this week ....
  5. I think things are stalled. The budget, 140 and HCL need to be complete before any value change - imo. Abadi has elections coming up and he has the constitution that all favors the Kurds...imo
  6. With elections in only 4 months...I am starting to wonder if this will get done.
  7. Are you an accredited investor?

    Shedagal....I am considering this do you want me to list you as a referral ? email me your name if you do
  8. Are you an accredited investor?

    The ROTH was developed under Reagan to get people to take care of themselves and not count on Social Security
  9. Are you an accredited investor?

    you already paid the tax on the money you used to buy the dinar...this is the definition of a ROTH

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