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  1. $25,000 - 2 zero's = $250 maybe they are planning to remove 2 zero's initially and float from there.
  2. 2fast4u2c

    New guy with some interesting info about Iraq

    I read some of Ghosts info and he referenced walking stick etc Nothing here but bla bla bla
  3. The one article said it will take a cpl months...heres to 2019...
  4. I wonder if its part of the education....
  5. Could this be a twisted way of announcing what the new notes will look like....
  6. This is great news: Iraq is still focused on reconstruction + investors = dinar value increases
  7. 2fast4u2c

    Another Lying Guru Caught In His Own Lies.

    DoD I agree that the IMF requires 90 days of stable exchange rates and a few other things. I don't see where is lying...I avoid this section because of what it is...
  8. 2fast4u2c

    Another Lying Guru Caught In His Own Lies.

    Where is the part of him lying? I agree with a lot of what Kap says....
  9. 2fast4u2c

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    Looks like education
  10. 2fast4u2c

    CBI News 05/07/2018

    great find
  11. 2fast4u2c

    Kap says years away....

    He said months "maybe" years. I like Kap and I think he is spot on. Time will tell ....

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