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  1. 2fast4u2c

    Another Lying Guru Caught In His Own Lies.

    DoD I agree that the IMF requires 90 days of stable exchange rates and a few other things. I don't see where is lying...I avoid this section because of what it is...
  2. 2fast4u2c

    Another Lying Guru Caught In His Own Lies.

    Where is the part of him lying? I agree with a lot of what Kap says....
  3. 2fast4u2c

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    Looks like education
  4. 2fast4u2c

    CBI News 05/07/2018

    great find
  5. 2fast4u2c

    Kap says years away....

    He said months "maybe" years. I like Kap and I think he is spot on. Time will tell ....
  6. June 14th would be 90 days of 2% or less spread
  7. 2fast4u2c

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    Education and reduce note count!!!
  8. And folks I don't care if your a Democrat or Republican the USA has got to reduce our debt
  9. I thought Abadi would use this as an opportunity to help with the election but it didn't seem like he was concerned or maybe there was more to it....who knows
  10. Morning Yota....the pink portion "it is worth noting...etc" is that part of the article? IMO we are just waiting on the 90 days of maintaining 2%
  11. 2fast4u2c

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Sounds like they are ready to launch education...

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