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  1. I don't want to sound negative, so I will do my best. First as I understand it all of the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. Yes or no? The price of crude oil has been at or above $60.00 a barrel. That was a requirement? Yes or no? The Kurds are to be compensated and they are on board. Yes or no? Is there anything else that truly stands in the way? I have had my Dinar for 14 years and believe that everyone both here and in Iraq would benefit from the RV. Are they just disorganized or are they waiting on something else?
  2. DWitte, No offense to anyone, but if you want the real Belize and not the resort Belize, go west. I live in Santa Elena across the Macal River from San Ignacio. The people are real the food is real and if you act respectfully you'll enjoy the joy of this wonderful country. There are no chain restaurants and their idea of fast food is definitely not American. Nice places to stay are Hode's Place, The Aquada, Cahal Pech Village, Midas Belize, Martha's Guest House all within a short walk or quick shuttle of downtown San Ignacio. Good food is both indoors and outdoors everywhere. Just remember that if want American food you'll pay for it. Local foods are a major part of who we are.
  3. Thanks for the post. I just talked to a friend working in Iraq today and the Dinar came up. I referenced some of the more sane post from Dinarvets and there were smiles al around. On another point, when you come to Belize give me a shout. My wife and I live in Santa Elena, Cayo District. Yes, it is a beautiful place to live.
  4. I have read hundreds of posts pertaining to tax on Iraqi dinar. They all talk about capital gains and investment in the Dinar. All of my Iraqi Dinar were exchanged by a broker in Kuwait when I worked there as a DoD contractor. All of my Iraqi Dinar were exchanged for Kuwaiti Dinar at a Currency Broker that exchanged multiple currencies. I did not invest in Iraqi Dinar, I simply exchanged Kuwaiti Dinar for it. I made my last exchange in 2011. Why would I owe tax on a currency exchange?
  5. I get tired of all the BS. Yes, it was about the oil. Not for us, but for the rest of the world. We have all the oil we need in the western hemisphere. Without the flow from the Middle East the price of oil for everyone goes through the roof. We needed to secure the oil for all our friends and enemies. It was first OIF-Operation Iraqi Freedom, Then it was OEF-Operation Enduring Freedom. It was the Left Wingers that called it OIL-Operation Iraqi Liberation, to belittle the efforts by our brave soldiers and all their sacrifices. So you know, I was in Iraq with the 305th and the 872nd from July 2005-November 2006, then in Kuwait from November 2006-March 2013.
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