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  1. Shedagal

    A Great friend is selling his house..

    The picture of the dog? Just kidding. I love the picture and would probably want to keep it up as a witnessing tool. The realtor can "suggest" but not "tell" you what to do as far as decorating. The realtor is hired to sell your house, so that is their focus. They also are familiar with the temperature of the buyer's pool. They want to keep the maximum number of potential buyers, so they look for things that would cause turn-offs. If the realtor was not a good fit for you, then it's good you had not signed a contract. But I will say, if I was selling my house and a realtor with a great history of selling suggested I take it down, I would take it down. We have to pick our battles and choose not to be offended. It might have been a great opportunity to witness to the realtor.
  2. Shedagal

    CBI News 04/26/2018

    Friday? When the CBI is closed?
  3. I remember back in the day when you couldn't correct it and had to fess up and beg someone to give an emerald to counteract it. We've come a long way!!
  4. Shedagal

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Even us Southerners are excited about Spring!! With Ramadan beginning only two days after the election, we may be looking at mid-June before the next viable window. Would love to be wrong. Thanks, Adam.
  5. Shedagal

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    I agree that we need to be kinder to each other at times. However, he/she has been a member since 2011. I suppose a newbie is defined as one with very few posts, but surely in 7 years of membership you would get some sense of decorum.
  6. Shedagal

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    He has quite a way to go to beat Candy01's response after Tump won LOL.
  7. I think we have forgotten how to disagree agreeably. Barbara, I can remember a while back, you stated that you felt you did not belong on DV because your opinions differed from the mainstream. Adam assured you that you were as valuable as any other member. That still holds true for all of us. I am what would be labeled Christian conservative and would, therefore, disagree with you on most issues, but I will defend your right to voice your opinion without feeling like less of a DV member.
  8. Shedagal

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    You are so right, Heavy. How I have wished everyone shared my opinion LOL. One thing I will say is that I have always been open to having my opinion changed if I learned something that showed me I was wrong - I am not implying that you are. Each person decides what is right for them. Comfort zones and personal desires certainly play into the mix. I know I don't want to get to Heaven and find out there was more I could have done or more I could have had if I had heeded the opportunities that were shown to me. I have not jumped in on everything that this site has discussed, but I have considered it and appreciate the expertise of those so much more savvy than me.
  9. The CBI website is not showing this as a holiday. The next official holiday is May 1st.
  10. Why do you think this will be Cap Gains? After many exhaustive discussions on this site, the conclusion by many (including Adam) is that the exchange will be taxed as ordinary income. I would suggest you research DV member ExecConsult and read his explanation on the subject.
  11. Shedagal

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    Two basic things I learned in business classes - (1) you get what you pay for and (2) there is no such thing as a free lunch.
  12. I am a longtime user - wish they would just legalize it!!
  13. I watched an interview that we had taped (60 minutes, I think) with the leader of Saudi Arabia. He is a 32 year old prince who is aggressively making changes to modernize his country. One of his cousins (a princess) was also interviewed. Something she said gave me insight into the way these people view timelines. She said they were not used to deadlines; and in the past if someone said they wanted it by, say, November 5th at 5 p.m., that meant give or take. She said they are having to adjust to firm dates and times. Wish Iraq would get on board with that.
  14. KRU, I feel for you and your friends. There are lots of people who saw this as a once in a lifetime way to get rich quick, and they over-extended because the guru said it was imminent. We have all learned now that it is a marathon and not a sprint. I don't know why you became the "go to" guy, but I agree with Rmc10, that you should not take on the burden. It is also not your responsibility to advise them on getting out or staying in. Sorry you have gotten rubies from your comments, but people who have been active on this site for years are getting good Intel and have little tolerance for people who come on here and rain on the parade. Hope you are able to shift your focus and concentrate on the good things in your life.
  15. Oh, I expect that will be taken care of, pp. Bye, Felicia

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