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  1. Are you an accredited investor?

    That is the beauty of the Roth.
  2. Are you an accredited investor?

    That would void the Roth tax advantage.
  3. Are you an accredited investor?

    No, DT sent it straight to First State Depository (sorry i forgot full name before). We cannot have possssion of the dinar. If you listen to Breitling, he and Bob The Tax Man have been discussing this lately.
  4. Are you an accredited investor?

    I did it through Dinar Trade (now Xchange of America). The IRA company they recommended was I set up the ira with Vantage, bought dinar with ira through DT, and use First Depository in Delaware to hold the dinar. As I recall, it cost around $300 or so to set up (not counting cost of dinar) and my yearly fees are $195 for ira and $100 for depository. Hope this helps.
  5. Finding members on site

    Activity, search, drop down menu from content to member search, then type in member's name. Once on member's page, click the activity button on right to get member's posts. Hope that helps.
  6. Bump. Looked at link and quickly scanned site. They seem legit. Thanks, JoeB.
  7. Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    One of the best features on this forum, in my opinion, is the "ignore" option. Using it has kept me in my happy place.
  8. I noticed that yesterday - who would neg Chuck or Snow? Must be a cold heart!!
  9. Sorry to see you are down, Snow. I have been a bit bone-tired weary myself. Don't know if you are "under the weather" or just tired of it all. Sending prayers your way for a dose of the Holy Ghost to brighten your day. Love ya.
  10. The Deity of Jesus Christ

    My ability to post links is horrible, but I am going to try anyway. A very dear Christian brother named Nabeel Quershi converted to Christianity from the Muslim faith in which he was raised. He had a medical degree but felt called to the ministry and got a Doctorate of Divinity from Oxford. He died last month at age 34 from cancer. I had followed him and prayed for his healing (along with so many others). My heart hurts at the loss of this precious gift. Anyway, I found this explanation he gave on the Trinity during a question and answer session. I am not posting to enter into the debate (I don't enjoy that), but because I think it fits here.
  11. IRS Foreign Currency Guidance under Section 987

    I worked in an office with CPAs and tax attorneys, and they all disagree with your CPA. Adam has stated it will be ordinary income - his wife is a CPA.
  12. I, for one, am not impressed that someone feels the need to vent. In any long term investment, there are moments of reflection and consideration as to the wisdom of keeping your funds tied up in the investment or moving on. Most of us are mature enough to handle this internally without having to post a thread expressing frustration. As I've said before, after many years of following DV, I can see a person's name and just about tell you whether it will be a positive or negative post before even reading it. I realize many here see the dinar as their last real hope of ever having anything. Please broaden your horizons. I heard a minister say once that God has a million ways to get a million dollars to you. Most of us were just minding our own business when someone told us about the dinar investment. Now we are hearing about cryptocurrency. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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