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  1. Oh, I know if I have had a challenging day, I can come to this thread and be uplifted!! Laughter is the best medicine. Thanks, all.
  2. I really do try to stay away from conspiracy theories - really I do. But, I honestly believe history will show it was not real. I read that Trump was convinced by his children to let it go, possibly looking forward to his plan to run for president. Pick your battles, as they say.
  3. Wow, that is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Totally agree, Theseus!! One benefit of VIP is having experts available that are knowledgeable about the dinar. But I also have CPAs and tax attorneys from previous investments that I intend to gather input from.
  5. I think it is probably no surprise to anyone that I am about as conservative as it gets. But I did think about the "fair and balanced" in regard to Chris and Shep. One of my favorite shows on Fox is "The Five" (when they don't talk all over each other), but it has always bothered me just a bit that they only have one liberal for four conservatives. What's fair and balanced in that? I do love the conservative views that are espoused and usually disagree with the liberal, but Juan and Bob are so quickly shot down that they might as well not be there. JMHO
  6. I agree, KristiD. That is why I posted the reference to ExecConsult (the tax attorney's post) in another thread. I personally spoke to him several years ago, so I know he is legit. Again, hopefully everyone will seek advice from a dinar-knowledgeable CPA and/or tax attorney post RV. Maybe Trump will come through with some tax laws that will rule in our favor, but until then we need to prepare to see this as ordinary income.
  7. 39% is fed tax, then you have state tax (up to 10% or so), and then that unknown percentage of spread (both CBI fee and bank fee).
  8. Several years ago, there was a DV member named ExecConsult who is a tax attorney. There was much discussion as to whether the RV would be taxed as cap gains or ordinary income. He deemed it was going to be ordinary income, although he had written the IRS to challenge that. Here is one of the threads. The first post is someone thinking it is cap gains. ExecConsult replies midway on the first page. By all means, if you are not VIP/OSI, please use a CPA or tax attorney to get your information.
  9. I think before this is over there will be a new political party called the American Party.
  10. Now, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I am not comparing Trump to Jesus (well, maybe just a bit - we are supposed to imitate Him, aren't we?). However, Jesus walked in an authority that rattled the Pharisees and the establishment. Trump walks in a confident authority that is widely seen as arrogance. It, at times, even causes some of us who get this to cringe. But I believe he intends to do what he says he will do, and he will not be deterred by delay or criticism. He will succeed.
  11. I saw this article and thought of how many baby boomers are in this position. When I first bought dinar (in 2010) I told practically everyone I knew about it. Now, with it lagging on, I tell pretty much no one. I do hope people in this woman's position somehow find out about it and are willing to investment at least $1,000.
  12. I think this is a fair and honest question; and I, too, thank Adam for letting you ask it. As I stated in Adam's chat, I decided the discount on the spread was worth the cost of VIP. Synopsis explained that well, so I won't elaborate. You stated you are not interested in other investments, and I can appreciate that, too. I have a pretty well defined plan post RV. However, I do expect to have money that will need to be invested well. Again, Synopsis stated that VIP will offer professional services from experts who have been trained in this investment. I'm sure you can find advisors post RV, but I am not sure how many will initially know what you are talking about. I will gladly allow the VIP experts to at least give me some input. I saw where you stated your restaurant was struggling a bit (been praying for you), so I know it would probably not be an easy expense for you right now. So I want to be honest with you and tell you that although I have not regretted my decision, the proof of it being a good (great) purchase will be post RV. It is enjoyable now to be able to go into the VIP and OSI threads now (there are a lot of great investment discussions), but each person has to gauge their comfortable risk level. I am a retired grandmother, so risk is not high on my priority list. I can promise you that I am not a pumper. I am someone who wants to see each person get maximum bang for their buck in this investment.
  13. OK. I look at it as like buying the warranty on a new appliance. IF the RV happens, the discount on the spread will be much greater than what you paid for the VIP. That alone made it worth it to me.
  14. Did you buy dinar? If so, your reasoning would suggest you shouldn't have. Just sayin'