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  1. Shedagal


    That was great!!
  2. The prophet Mark Taylor has said Obama will be found guilty of treason and will be in jail. Bring it on!!
  3. Shedagal

    Please Moderators And Mr. Montana

    Good deal!! Then i can just read the last paragraph or so and get the gist of it! Best of the week to you, too!!
  4. Shedagal

    Please Moderators And Mr. Montana

    Good Lord, Synopsis, could you put a synopsis of your posts at the end of each one?!? JK, LOL.
  5. Shedagal

    Please Mods and Mr.Montana

    Great, thanks.
  6. Shedagal

    Please Mods and Mr.Montana

    Hey, LGD, how can we find our totals?
  7. Shedagal

    Please Mods and Mr.Montana

    Hey, Bump, a while back I had an issue and Admin sent me a screen print of my profile page which clearly showed my history of plusses and minuses. It was not sent by Adam. I can only assume that the person who sent it to me was able to view what they screen printed.
  8. Shedagal

    Positive or Negative?

    Thanks. Totally agree.
  9. Shedagal

    Positive or Negative?

    Thanks, Umbertino. Ditto to you!
  10. Shedagal

    Positive or Negative?

    I know that they can - i was sent a screen print of my profile which showed my history of plusses and minuses.
  11. Shedagal

    Positive or Negative?

    A coward, for sure. The Admins on this site are able to see who he/she is. Why they let it continue is amazing to me, especially since Adam promotes the "community" aspect of DV. I know who gave me some rubies - 4 of them right after a person visited my profile, going back and negging old posts. Pretty sad that someone gets a thrill doing that. Dive, so sorry to hear what you have been through. I hope better days are ahead for you.
  12. Shedagal


    Seems like I remember in Adam's Cash In Guide that he alluded to the possibility of a windfall tax IN ADDITION to regular taxes. I need to go back and reread that. That would make this 20% a real bummer, if true. I agree with Kristi in that I don't think this article applies to us and that I believe Trump is for lower taxes. All in all, we need to be prepared for some unexpected bumps in the exchange process.
  13. Thanks for posting, BA. So many are going to take the mark because the Church has quit teaching about it. I definitely agree with this video. I do believe that God gave us President Trump as an answer to prayer to give America time for the Church to wake up and get back to preaching the Word and getting people saved before the Great Tribulation.
  14. And, to Trump's great regret, we have a wimpy and ineffective AG in Jeff Sessions.
  15. Bump. Haven't heard from Doc31 in a while (or most people on this thread, actually), but i ran across this and thought the information was good for review.

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