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  1. Hate to hear this for your friend. Thanks for posting this thread - maybe some will get revelation and this will prevent further heartache.
  2. Just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. I thought this was in the thread GregP started. My apologies, NYK.
  3. NYK, don't forget, you are the one who said God told you to ask for "big". Just sayin'. By the way, I'm not claiming $3 plus, but I sure would take it. I will say I believe what Kim Clement said about "massive breakthrough" with the dinar. Heck, .10 would be a massive breakthrough. But I am hoping for more.
  4. I think his name was George Robinson. I had never heard of him, but he definitely had his fifteen minutes of fame in dinarland. He seemed sincere. Have not heard about him in years.
  5. About 5 years ago a guy said God told him it would RV at the end of May at $3.71. I always remember that at this time of year. One can hope.
  6. I might be wrong, but I think Ali sold the business and now owns a bank in Iraq.
  7. Very interesting, indeed!! Did those of you who got the e-mail buy from Xchange of America recently? I also went on their website and started the process of buying, but there was no problem with it. And there was no message on there saying anything about an uncirculated dinar shortage. We can certainly hope that the e-mail points to them trying to pump the last bit of business before an RV.
  8. I was just looking over the DV Rules and saw this from Adam: "As with any large group of people we find agitators, people who, for reasons of their own, want to cause trouble. The moderator’s job is to weed these people out and keep the information flowing smoothly." I didn't see anything that explains "Mod Review". Can someone tell me what that is and how long it lasts? (I don't want to learn from personal experience LOL) Also, is there a limit on how many Mod Reviews you get before you are banned? Is there a specific process for "weeding"? Thanks to all the moderators - especially Texas Granny. I know she doesn't tolerate dissention.
  9. Ezra, I hope you can really do it. However, seeing that you are still online gives me pause LOL. It's like an addiction, isn't it?
  10. I still wonder about Bas News having the dinar at $3.648. But, like Yota said, the only place that matters is at the CBI. I think we would all be ecstatic with 1:1. Heck, most of us would be ecstatic just to see this thing pop at whatever rate - just tell us, for goodness' sake.
  11. I was just going to say maybe it's time for you to take a break from the dinar (or maybe even take your wife's advice).
  12. Dreamer, I want to thank you for giving us such entertainment while we wait for Adam's weekly update. It's sorta like watching a movie where you know the ending (Bye, Felicia!!), but you watch anyway just for the laughs. God Bless all of you trying to reason with him. He just needs a punching bag.
  13. Adam, I know you have pointed out that there has been encouraging signs of the HCL being close to completion. And I know you feel that is the last hurdle to an RV. I'm sure this has been asked in some previous weekly chat, but here goes. Will we see the vote for the HCL come up at a scheduled Parliament meeting, or is it possible it will be passed behind closed doors?
  14. I am so enjoying this conversation!! Thank you, Keylime, for researching and posting this. And all who have added to this thread. One of my favorite shows is "Prophecy Watchers". That is how I heard of the "Great and Wondrous Sign" in Revelation 12 occurring this September. There are many who believe the Rapture will occur in the Fall. I love dissecting the Bible and finding the many mysteries that God has hidden there. What a great and mighty God we serve!! It is so imperative that we all have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit to be Spirit-led in all we do (especially post-RV).
  15. I may be wrong, but I think you have to be VIP to use PM.