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  1. Certainly can't fault you for wanting to see it in the Bible, and on any other day, I would discuss it. But I just came home from the first day of school helping 400 students find their mamas - volunteering is not for the weak!!
  2. Gave you a + - don't agree with you but won't neg you for your opinion.
  3. Wow, pp, what a find!! I am not familiar with this site - what has it shown before? And what in the world prompted you to cut and paste - brilliant!!
  4. I pray for their eyes to be opened. I am not offended as I realize offense can hinder my blessing. I am not their judge - but you do know Jesus was not pleased with Thomas. As Jesus said, let him who has ears to hear, hear.
  5. I so appreciate your faith statement which is based on Hebrews 11:1. I have cringed in the past when I see negative, whiny posts from DV members and know they do not have an understanding of faith and/or the power of their words (life and death is in the power of the tongue). Over the years, I have seen a person's name and unfortunately knew immediately it was going to be a negative post. So good to see that there are those who have a clue of the workings of the Kingdom of God and know we must stay steady in the midst of circumstances that look exactly the opposite of what we have decreed. We do, in fact, already have this.
  6. Wow, I think I hear God getting up and going back to the drawing board - Wow!!
  7. Actually, I think your original question was basically ignored.
  8. Good for you, climber7, for being willing to have "that conversation." I have known God for so long I cannot imagine life without him or even not being sure where I am going after life on this Earth. What an empty void that would be. We can get so caught up in this investment and life in general that we forget our main assignment. Bless you.
  9. The building they are showing on their website was not built as of a couple of years ago. I remember Zaha Hadid did the design. Maybe they have completed it. Just guessing.
  10. That is crazy, Snow! I know a few people in the Tulsa area. I'll ask around.
  11. Bless your heart, Snow. I know you're not a newbie in job hunting, but have you tried staffing agencies or Indeed? You might have mentioned it before, but (if you don't mind), what kind of job are you desiring?
  12. I know you are already platinum, but I would encourage everyone who is not to do so if for no other reason than to have the certificate in hand when the RV occurs. I know Julie works her arse off, but getting those mailed out will be a daunting task.
  13. Oops, great days are ahead - and says maybe, too, since life is in the power of the tongue