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  1. I may be wrong, but I think you have to be VIP to use PM.
  2. Totally agree with Tankdude!! There are a lot of shady "gurus" out there, so be wary of their offers to assist you. And, as Adam has said, don't let anyone else take possession of your dinar. I would recommend exchanging at a bank that has a De La Rue machine that can verify your dinar on the spot.
  3. Thanks!!
  4. Anyone know when Parliament is scheduled to meet again? Seems like they have fallen off the planet.
  5. Interesting thought - I have always sort of expected it to show up at the beginning of the business day.
  6. CBI is closed today for "Spring Day". I don't expect an RV today.
  7. Allow me to just interject that this is Adam's site, and he has been asked about this before. Obviously, we might do things differently (first thing I would get rid of is the music postings; then all the "thanks" postings), but we have seen that Adam is longsuffering. I have mentioned in the past to Umbertino that I don't care for his U.S. bashing posts, but, seriously, these are first-world whiny issues. By the way, I stay logged in. That way I don't have to deal with restrictions.
  9. Love Samuel Rodriguez!! Thanks for sharing (I think this was at Gateway Church).
  10. I see you are VIP, so I suggest you go read the transcript from the chat Adam did on Saturday.
  11. I don't sense a civil war coming; I sense every hidden thing being exposed, and justice being administered. God is setting things right, and He has put in a warrior (a David) to be the instrument He uses. Trump has an Evangelical Advisory Board who meet and pray with him; let us pray that God uses them (by the Holy Spirit) to give him direction and that Trump listens and follows. It is a fierce battle between good and evil - any one with any spiritual discernment can see that. Yes, I said it - and I meant it.
  12. One of the worst things a non-Christian can see is Christians arguing over doctrine.
  13. Yvonne, I don't see much in this that I find that is in opposition to the Christian faith (well, maybe the Crystals - I'm not up on that). God tells us to use imagination (have a vision, write it down etc.), and we know Jesus came to "do good and heal all who were oppressed." God is also light, so He is energy; so I definitely agree there is a resonance around us of which we are so vastly ignorant. Thanks for responding.
  14. Yvonne, I am sincerely curious. How do you define "being a witch"; i.e., what qualifies you to be called such? I would appreciate your response.