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  1. Can you explain how this is different than other YouTube posts? Never mind, I see you added the explanation.
  2. I would really recommend you listen to his vlog before you comment.
  3. Shedagal

    Is the US nuts??

    Hey, BA, in truth the 1st amendment does not apply here because this is Adam's site. He reserves the right to ban anyone for any reason. His character suggests that he is very tolerant. He values community and recognizes that a "family" will have disagreements. I personally have never cared for the ruby/emerald function, but it's not my call. I do think that those who abuse it should be made aware that they are known and given a warning of possible loss of privilege. JMO
  4. Shedagal

    Silly Smiles

    Hey, Barb, you can now go back and change it.
  5. And that works to our advantage in regards to the timing of an RV. I also like Breitling's take on geopolitics and the need for these countries to diversify as oil prices drop. We've been on quite the proverbial roller coaster ride, but it sure looks hopeful right now.
  6. Shedagal

    Questions for Adam Montana 11 June 2018

    Yep, there is one date you might want to change LOL.
  7. Shedagal

    Passion and Commitment

    I was aware of Nugent's passionate conservatism, but not so much about his personal life. So i researched a bit. Wow, some of his statements are right up there with Kathy Griffin's and Peter Fonda's. Of course, i abhor and condemn all of it. Just goes to show you, no side is without extremism. By the way, if you can stomach musicals, one of the best movies about July 4th is "1776". It is hilarious and, yet, very gripping. Happy 4th to all.
  8. Shedagal


    Thanks, Pitcher. Seems the Razorback sports motto is "There is always next year". LOL. One day . . . still am so proud of them.
  9. Shedagal


    Shabbs and I are most likely politically polar opposites, but I have to agree that he has been civil and reasoned in his posts. And he has every right to be on here as much as anyone else. Do I wish I could change his views? Most assuredly. As I'm sure he wishes he could change mine. BUT (as I have stated before), has ANYONE'S mind been changed after all these years of heated debate? My very best friend in the world is a liberal and has told me she will never change. We have many other things to discuss, so we don't go there. How about we shift our focus for a while!! Like how my beloved Hogs just blew the College World Series - ugh!
  10. I really, really wish Sarah had not responded. And i don't think she would have if that idiot waiter had not posted. Jesus is our example. When He was criticized and abused, He uttered not a word. If they know they are gettimg under your skin, they have the victory. She should have dusted her feet off and moved on.
  11. The Bible says in the last days people will hear and believe what they want to hear. Come to the USA - it is your right. NOT!! President Trump, build that wall!!

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