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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Finally...let's get this done already!!!!!! Thanks Adam!!!
  2. The weekly will be this afternoon

    Sunny here in Phoenix...supposed to be 90 tomorrow. hehe
  3. Please Pray for the families of the victims of the High School Shootings in Florida today. This is becoming all to common in our world. Very SAD!!!!!
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 31 JANUARY 2018

    Just did a quick check....nothing to complain about!!!!!
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 31 JANUARY 2018

    Thanks, Adam....
  6. The more we see this type of back and forth, the better IMHO. They need to come together and get things worked out or we will never see the HCL completed.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 3 JANUARY 2018

    Appreciate all of your hard work!!!!
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 28 December 2017

    Thanks ADAM!!!! I wish you and all of DV a very Happy New Year!!!!! 2018 is shaping up to be a stellar new year!!!!!!!!
  9. Sounds Good!!! Let's get this bank up and running, we need the infrastructure in place so the citizens of Iraq can start living rather than just surviving day to day.
  10. What the Heck just happened in Saudi Arabia

    We are definitely living in very interesting times indeed!!
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 1 November 2017

    Thanks, Adam!
  12. Adam Montana Weekly 25 October 2017

    What a crazy thing for him to say....

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