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  1. `the Barzanis dream of being Kings forever in their homeland.......a big part of the dinar problem... democracy my ass.....aint seen anyone yet that gives up power voluntarily...aint happenin...
  2. Fake News.. The Demorats are desperate.
  3. Family I have a rate......

    Remember the 'Safe Dinar' email years ago that sent folks into a tizzy? $3+ RV. Excavate your dinars and take em to the bank.... lol
  4. The next currency to watch long term...

    The US - one ounce silver eagle - has a value of one dollar stamped on it. The US - one ounce gold eagle - has a value of 50 dollars stamped on it. Looks Crooked to me..... Buy Silver Rounds...
  5. Iraq after the summit

    Reminds me of the Sharm el sheik meeting from years ago. lol
  6. Our country was swirling down 👇 the toilet 🚽 before Mr Trump was elected. .. MAGA
  7. Take down the corrupt..... Take up the Dinar.....
  8. Reckon they will get it figured out one of these days.

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