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  1. dinardiggerisme

    Oil prices fall as US inventories increase

    They forgot to give SE New Mexico their due.....a good bit of the Permian oil comes from the massive "Delaware Basin" in SENM.....they have been drilling the DB since the 1920's.....just starting to really get it tapped good now....
  2. Looks like Iran thinks the Dinar will be accepted everywhere soon.
  3. F F Sakes. ...the globalists are desperate.....lol
  4. dinardiggerisme

    US troops to pull out of Syria

    Actions speak louder than words...MAGA
  5. dinardiggerisme

    US troops to pull out of Syria

    Mattis is, most likely, part of the Deep State.....same as Tillerson and Sessions....President Trump knows he must go around these people....I am glad to have lived long enough to finally see a "America and Americans First" President.....has been nothing but buffoons in office prior....
  6. Smells much like previous years... The main positive this year is.......the lids aren't getting blown off the mosques and donkeys aren't exploding in food markets...always a good sign....it is high time for one thief to show the other thief who the fn boss is on this situation...
  7. Barzanis keep much of the stolen wealth and remain Kings of Kurdistan...... got to be part of the deal...
  8. And they aren't even taking a few days off between meetings....strange.....maybe the 'men behind the curtain' have finally got this deal going...lol
  9. dinardiggerisme

    Presidential efforts to approve the budget

    14% plus a few bribes on the side to Barzanis and Talabanis should get it...
  10. dinardiggerisme

    CBI News 01/03/2018

    100 million Dinars as insurance deposit? Thats about enough money to buy the nicest truck at the Ford house....not much money for a bank.
  11. Its probably a little easier to achieve national reconciliation once you control the other sides airports and oil export pipelines and their borders, big oil transport trucks, etc. and you've got corruption charges hanging over their head.....will see how it goes from here.... With the help of the people here that bring the news and figure it out...of course..lol
  12. Looks like they are doing what could have been done back in 2004, 2005 with the Allawi puppet government...amazing what can happen with real leaders in the US.
  13. `the Barzanis dream of being Kings forever in their homeland.......a big part of the dinar problem... democracy my ass.....aint seen anyone yet that gives up power voluntarily...aint happenin...
  14. dinardiggerisme

    Family I have a rate......

    Remember the 'Safe Dinar' email years ago that sent folks into a tizzy? $3+ RV. Excavate your dinars and take em to the bank.... lol

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