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  1. I understand what you are saying, however links are displayed "IN" the video, as well as, you can click on the video to watch it from Youtube, where it provide links to Frank's websites as well. .
  2. Markinsa

    10 Iqd?

    A man holds up preserved specimens of Ten Iraqi Dinar banknotes, during a historical relic auction at the Moudallal cafe, Arabic for 'pampered', in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on March 3, 2018. Inside the cafe where nostalgia for the Iraq's royal past is on full display, a hundred men from across the country carefully follow the auction of mementos from the nearly four decades of monarchic rule that ended with a bloody coup in 1958: banknotes, coins, stamps and decorations. / Central Bank of Iraq. 10 Dinars. 1971. Pick 60. Winged statues.
  3. Markinsa


    Let me stop this right here. The Forum Rules Clearly State the following: I've already warned BigJake, but this isn't going any farther. .
  4. @umbertino Here's an idea. How about instead of posting each article individually as its own topic, you combine them into one Topic "The Guardian 05/??/2018" and then you can post all the articles and links you want into that topic, and I will defend your right to do it. So each day, you come on start a new topic for that day. Tag it "Guardian News" and everyone's happy. Let me add to that, I'll even suggest, that if they are different subject matter, like politics, or Off Topics, you can have a topic for each Forum, limit one per day per forum.
  5. That's rich. You are posting articles from a Website whose primary goal is to promote Socialist,/Communist propaganda. These very same philosophies you transfer to this website, would rather blow your brains out than allow you that FREE SPEECH, you so vociferously say we are trying to deny you. Let me tell you my little commie friend, you got your head someplace where you can't see, if you don't see this for what it is. Or are you getting a stipend for every link we click on that goes to their site? I mean really, 30+ posts a day and you're doing that for free? Com'on really? .
  6. This is what happens when you take God out of everything... .
  7. Markinsa

    Wednesday updates

    If he posted an update you would be able to see it under the "Find Content" on his Profile Page Just hover your pointer over his name above and click on "Find Content".
  8. Markinsa

    Help from mods?

    Topics and posts that are hidden can be seen by Admins and Moderators. A topic or post may start out hidden because the member's post are being reviewed prior to being approved for public consumption. Or they are hidden because the Admin or Moderator believes there is a violation of the forum rules or believes it may interfere with the overall health of the website. (ie conflicts between members or members and staff.) I wasn't involved in the posts being hidden in your case so I'm not sure of the specific reason... Hope that clears things up.
  9. Markinsa

    Help from mods?

    The topic you created was hidden. That is why you can't see it. If a post disappears, it could be hidden or merged with a similar topic. The best why to find these posts if they aren't hidden is to go to the member's content page that made the post and look for it there.
  10. Markinsa

    Silly Smiles

  11. Markinsa

    Silly Smiles

  12. Markinsa

    Silly Smiles

  13. Markinsa

    Silly Smiles

    I was in this class...

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