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  1. Golfnsr

    Adam Montana Weekly 30 May 2018

    Another informative Wednesday.
  2. Golfnsr

    Selling 5 Million Dinar

    You seem to be looking more than buying. You stated in one post that "$900 is as low as you would go". Aren't you the BUYER?
  3. Golfnsr

    Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    I'll agree that it all sounds like BS!
  4. Golfnsr

    Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    Delayed to what afternoon?
  5. TheMiler, please let me know , if you are not interested in buying my dinar. The method of purchasing from me is probably more safe than other methods you may be considering.
  6. TheMiler, I responded to your email some time ago but have received no response regarding any interest in buying any of my 8 million dinar.
  7. I have up to 8 million uncirculated in 25,000 denominations for sale at $850/million. I am in middle Tennessee and, if interested, my email is msills@comcast.net.
  8. Golfnsr

    Up to 8 million dinar for sale

    I will accept offers.
  9. I have 8 million uncirculated 25,000 denomination dinar for sale in minimum lots of 1 million. The price is $900 for 1 million and $850/million for multiple millions. I am not be interested in any lower price. I will pay shipping. I live in the Middle Tennessee Area, if someone wants to deal locally. Please PM me or email me at msills@comcast.net, if interested.
  10. I will sell 7 million uncirculated (40 x 25,000 dinar /million) at $850/million. I would do the transaction through Paypal and will pay the Paypal fee and shipping cost. My email and Paypal account is msills@comcast.net. Let me know, if you are interested.
  11. Golfnsr

    Anyone in Mass Selling Dinar

    I don't log onto DV much anymore and, if someone is interested in any of the 6 million dinar I would like to sell, please email me at msills@comcast.net.
  12. Golfnsr

    Anyone in Mass Selling Dinar

    I am interested in selling 6 million uncirculated dinar for $900 per 1 million. Each 1 million are in 40 consecutive number 25,000 denominations.
  13. You brought back memories of my Dad..."balderdash" was one of his often used words.
  14. I just really wonder how that envirenment could produce an RV in the near future (or maybe ever). The exchange rate is telling us that with 1 million dinar going for $510.
  15. Golfnsr

    CBI News 10/23/2017

    You certainly have more positive insight than I do...Jan, 2018 RV? I hope you are correct.

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