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  1. I am positive it will happen (if it is going to happen) after Ramadan but I don't know what year!?
  2. Every week is "our week".
  3. What the heck are you talking about?
  4. Just when you think the bs can't get any deeper, this kind of stuff just keeps coming up. What a screwed up Country and we have our hopes pinned to them. Oh well.
  5. I continually ask myself why I read all this crap.
  6. I don't think a million slaps would help.
  7. I also have been in for awhile (8 years) and am age 70 and really wonder if i will ever see a return in my lifetime and I am pretty healthy. I just wonder, if this area of the world will stay as dysfunctional as it has always been.
  8. They are trading their Isis rats for Iranian rats.
  9. It will be tougher to get the Iranian Guards out of Iraq than Isis was.
  10. Once Mosul is 'officially' freed of isis, we can then go back to blaming the holdup on an RV on "when will they do the HCL".
  11. I guess we can b***h about their Holidays but they are what they are. We are not dealing with the most efficient Country in the world.
  12. Iraq is just such one big joke. I hate that much of my hope depends on them.
  13. Very well-stated...a true mess that will not be cleaned up in the very near future.