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  1. Have 50- 10,000 New Iraqi Notes Mint Condition Uncirculated $589.00 all offers considered
  2. Hello Pricestar I did send you a note on your email, you did say you wantediluvian just 1 million , that's ok to so just let me know the particulars and we can do this soon, thanks
  3. I HAVE 4 MILLION NEW IRAQI 25000 BANK NOTES MINT CONDITION UNCIRCULATED FOR SALE PRICE $750 per million live in the SEATTLE/ TACOMA area prefer cash transaction would meet locally also.
  4. hey SnowGlobe7, would you know if I could edit this posting and reduce price?
  5. I HAVE 5 MILLION DINARS FOR SALE, UNCIRCULATED MINT CONDITION 25000 notes $775 per million, Seattle Tacoma area, Prefer cash transaction will meet locally
  6. So how does a person ever get anyone to answer your support questions I have emailed at least 3 moderators cant ever get a answer what's up help!
  7. Well actually we are part owners as well where you think he got the money for that but I thought he was in jail?
  8. Well looks like right out of the mouth of obummer
  9. Indeed he does deserve that and the others as well, thank you Airman Stone.
  10. Have 4 million 25000k dinar notes for $825 p.million I am in the Seattle Tacoma area email me for more info.
  11. Hey anybody out in the Seattle area buying any dinar got some for sale?
  12. Have 3 million dinar uncirculated 25000k notes in Seattle/Tacoma area pm me for more info thanks
  13. This guy sold his soul to the devil years ago so shoulden come as a surprise to us
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