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  1. Contact me. I may be able to help. hiscove@maineline.net.
  2. The simple answer--E tendering= E dinar. For those that inquire E stands for Electronic.
  3. Hey Thug You must be desperate to bash someone. These articles from Delta are old news from last week. You need to get some new material. Either that or you need a hobby or something to keep you occupied. IMO
  4. I got news for you Thug--The dollar is on it's way down and oil is going to go up. That's the way it has to be. IMO
  5. Contact me: hiscove@maineline.net
  6. They are running out of USD--- the monetary reform is on the move. Won't be long for a revalue. PTL
  7. Wiljor--Thank you my friend for bailing me out. Have a fantastic day Bruce
  8. HELP!!!!! I hit the wrong button. I mean't to PLUS security guy, and thank him for an outstanding deal. Like He said, Except for the ineptness of the postal system, everything went well. Please, someone help me out here and wipe out my neg Thanks
  9. Interested---hiscove@maineline.net
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