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  1. Agreed start with him, and he will rat everyone else out to try and save himself.
  2. Maliki’s campaign for PM is to, Make my bank Great Again. 😀
  3. siberian_shaddow

    Bomb in Baghdad signs casualties

    Much Appreciated Yota, sounds like Maliki goons, trying to make it look like Albadi hasn’t given security to the people, before the elections.
  4. Much Appreciated Yota, making the payment very positive.
  5. Much Appreciated Thugs, this would be a great time for Iraq to shift gears and punch it right to a International recognized currency.
  6. siberian_shaddow

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Much Appreciated Thugs, Nice Albadi is good for Iraq and I do hope he wins and continues the good fight on corruption, and making it better for Iraq’s future.
  7. siberian_shaddow

    Iraq withdraws from buying Moroccan refinery

    Much Appreciated Yota, it’s sounds great, puts some purchasing power on your dinar and use it to buy it.
  8. siberian_shaddow

    Abadi opens files of serious corruption

    I agree Chuck, but I do believe there is a plan in motion and there just waiting to either get all in order or waiting for the perfect time, which for all of us, it has been the perfect time for years. But they know this guy’s middle name is (King of Corruption) When they decide to go after him, there will be no place in this world that he can hide, ok maybe Iran. 🙂
  9. siberian_shaddow

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Yo mammas is so poor last week I seen her walking the down street kicking a can. I went over to say hi to her and said ahh playing kick the can game I see, she replied no I am fricking moving ! 😀
  10. Much Appreciated Yota, agreed Nannab others are finally growing some. GM D.V.
  11. siberian_shaddow

    ADMINBILL sees the light.

    Well let him think he see's the light, go ahead and proceed to the light. See ya
  12. Much Appreciated Yota, It's like having a massive warehouse full of cheese, and just a few rats here there nibbling on it. Time to sets some traps before more rats show up.
  13. siberian_shaddow

    Sadr: We May React if US Attacks Syria

    I would do it for a hot cup coffee and a bagel, 🙂
  14. siberian_shaddow

    Dream last night

    Put until then I am just a Thousandaire, 😄

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