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  1. Maliki has been a existing problem for sometime, he fuels the fire with lies and corruption and manipulation. The question is how long and far will they let him go, until they have had enough of this pathetic piece of F-Tard. And do something about him, what is it going to take for them to put a end to him. How much corruption and death and lies does it take, is there some government Iraqi sitting on a Camel with paper and pin counting all the things he has done saying nope he has reached his quota yet.
  2. He seemed to have waited over half his life to announce his return, the first time he was here and did all kinds of miracles and was crucified at a much younger age. But this is just my observation and just my opinion which I can surely be wrong.
  3. siberian_shaddow


    That’s also consider a positive high altitude launch, reach for the stars
  4. siberian_shaddow

    Power Outages-Comupter Glitches-Dead Phone Lines.

    Lol KB, just when u think your cool and everything is great, shite goes wrong so fast. 😀
  5. siberian_shaddow


    In goat language Baaaaaaaaa B.S.
  6. Hey - They’re Not Screwing Around Here !      Put down the weapons, gets some alcohol and viagra and shaving razors for the woman 😝 mass population increase.
  7. siberian_shaddow

    Power Outages-Comupter Glitches-Dead Phone Lines.

    Comuter glitches are where Camel cabs, get held up in at the water trough.
  8. Thugs where did u put that 16 inch clown shoe at, someone apparently didn’t like it. There giving u the red stone retaliation. 😁
  9. siberian_shaddow

    Iraq Wants To RV On Or By The 4th Of July.

    What’s the number again oh yeah. (800) You-Fool
  10. Hey there Jeepguy, all is good on my end hope you and your family is doing good also. It’s been awhile since I talk to you, your right they do get close eventually we will get there. Be safe
  11. Yeah I would say someone likes throwing red stones at our clown, added to the fix. Keep bringing it Thugs.
  12. siberian_shaddow

    Float...No Float...OK, Who's Right.

    Very few are floating most are sinkers just like there posts.
  13. Lol Thugs, and I thought he was just focused on Delta being jerk around. The awful smells and stains from the blue couch condo.
  14. siberian_shaddow

    Oh man! I don't like this at all.

    Lol thugs,

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