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  1. I have always liked your positive outlook L.B. There seems to be some powerful entities in the corruption of the auction to keep them going even though everyone knows what's going on. Sounds like everyone there has dip there hands a little in the cookie jar one time or another.
  2. Much Appreciated Yota for all you bring to DV, this investment is riding on a teeter totter depending on who wins the elections. But either way you know the question has always been will we make any money. I recently watch the 2 part documentary on Chain of Command, the displacement of people, the destruction of there country and Mosul is a large pile of ruble, there not on there feet yet not even close, this is only the beginning. War torn country like this, it needs a lot of help, infrastructure is a most getting some control on some of these top officials in corruption, making sure the money goes where it needs to rebuild is a process in its own. I do hope that someday in the future that these people can come together somehow and make it work. Don't get me wrong I am not giving up, but in my opinion I am calling it as I see it, they have a ways to go and they need help. Let the negs begin
  3. I agree between Maliki and his corrupt goons having the military lay there weapons down and run and Obama making a very bad decision on pulling our troops out, trying to make himself look like a savior only cost more lives and money. We need to stay indefinitely or at least 10-20 more years.
  4. Agreed if the wrong guys gets elected I believe I will take my losses and get out, there in the best position they have been for many years. And there for they could add value to there currency without repercussions. But we wait and if they do elect someone else other then Albadi my fingers are crossed he isn't connected in anyway to Maliki or goons.
  5. Much Appreciated Thugs, I wonder what Maliki thinks about that, and is he sweating it.
  6. And I wonder how the population there is increasing, there all talk no action. wonder what there woman think 😀
  7. Much Appreciated Thugs, I will give you some greens before red stones start flying lol. nicely said K.B. I couldn't have said it better I had some different words I used, but I can't write them.
  8. Much Appreciated, just thinking out loud here, I would think that people crossing would turn over there dinar before dollar. Just because they have no faith in the dinar at the moment. And that's just another way for Iraq to suck in some of the extra dinar people are holding. Until they put some kind of purchasing power on the dinar.
  9. New Kirkuk governor will be decided soon: PUK

    Much Appreciated Adam, it's always nice to see you post very interesting news. It's very positive only one thing that I don't like is that they used there word (soon). Fingers crossed they get it done in realistic fashionable time.
  10. Uncircumcised !

    Much Appreciated Thugs, this sounds like Iraq walking towards the front door to go full blown International, there still things that need to be in place I believe HCL is one of the most important not the HCA, stopping the Auction and getting a better handle on some of these top government officials in corruption this wouldn't take long to do, it's does seem that Kuwait plays a big part in this, this is only my opinion.
  11. A big Greeny for you guys to help from the invisible night negger,
  12. Someone keeps hurdling red stones at you Thugs, who did you kick with your size 19 shoe.
  13. Uncircumcised !

    Much Appreciated Thugs, I agree 10 years later, when I seen them say circumcision's I was thinking they have taken enough from the Iraqi people now they want to take foreskin, but really they need to do more then circumcise them auction not just the tip but all of it.

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