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  1. I guess this is proof. Back to digging a ditch for a living.
  2. Mmm... Baileys and coffee. Pairs NICELY with my !
  3. EXTREMELY. Thanks again and I look forward to it!
  4. I was, however, looking forward to your comments on the IMF meeting.
  5. I'm VERY HAPPY to have you coaching beside me as I get ready for that HUUGE wave! THANKS ADAM.
  6. Like myself, a man of few words!
  7. In TOTAL agreement. Well put.
  8. Then I clicked "English" at the top of the page and I get a 404 error....(I feel like, maybe, I'm thinkingtoo hard about this....)
  9. Did you click on the heading of the article that Yota posted? That is where his link is. Whether or not it shows on the english side of the site, I'm not concerned too much with... I JUST DID click your link though. Guess what? There's a dark blue band with the word "Forex" RIGHT THERE.
  10. I was just watching a Youtube video yesterday on rainwater collection. There ARE NO coincidences!
  11. TWICE a day. (Unless you have a digital 24 hour clock)
  12. My questions, too. I'm looking forward to the responses.
  13. What was this thread about, again?