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  1. WHO'S CELEBRATING WITH ME?! YOTA691s Emeralds (+s) surpass his posts! .
  2. SON OF A........! (Actually, I use an Exacto-knife) See ya SOON. (we need a better word than that 4 letter one )
  3. PLEASE! (I am SO tired of smoking these to the toothpick!)
  4. As a fellow cynic, I LOVE your take on this, LGD. BTW, I'm NOT a photographer but IS ALL OF THAT SHUTTER NOISE NECESSARY? Surely there are digital cameras of high enough quality that don't make noise! Or are they just being noisy to justify that they're earning their keep.
  5. Adam said he didn't think it was worth the time to worry about it. When he mentioned the cost difference what he was talking about was the fact that 10000 dinar notes cost more than 25000 dinar notes if only because there is more shipping involved not to mention the popularity due to the gurus.
  6. Are they acting like they're just now GETTING IT? Or are they REALLY just getting it? (Sarcasm, again!) DO AWAY WITH THE AUCTIONS AND RV ALREADY!
  7. Let them meet their maker and let Him sort them out! (I'm not usually so blunt...on second thought, maybe I am...)
  8. I am SO ready to meet ALL of my new friends!