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  1. Is he losing it???

    Correct! I can confirm that BA is an equal opportunity critic of both parties...he has stated this many times in his past posts. 😉 Indy
  2. So, do you feel this is something a news agency should even spend time writing about? I feel like the Left and especially Progressive SJWs have gone off the tracks so far that they can't even live in the world today. They are so bitter and angry with their self-perceived alternate reality that they can't come to grips with just moving forward with their lives in a meaningful and productive manner. In fact, I think in this case, this identifies the LEFTs blindness of focusing on the outward traits of people to measure and characterize the world they live in. Sad, very sad! Indy
  3. Trump is going nowhere! For all out there in Liberal Alternate-Reality Land, you will surely be disappointed if you feel Trump is on his way out and he gets re-elected, which I am now predicting will be the case. Sorry to be the barer of "bad news" but this is REALITY and you need to face it. Indy
  4. There are people on both sides of the aisle who should go home...problem is that the electorate keeps sending them back to DC...go figure. Indy
  5. I see there is bewilderment amongst the ranks. Let me see if I can clear up some of the confusion! Michael Flynn lied to the FBI under oath and was found guilty. Andrew McCabe lied to the FBI under oath and is found guilty. Michael Flynn was the goose and Andrew McCabe is the gander. Any questions? Indy
  6. Yes, Sessions had to give the final ok. But the request for the investigation came from Democrats in Congress after the way Comey handled the Clinton email investigation, especially when the Huma Abedin Weiner-Gate case reopened the Clinton email investigation the weekend before the election. I seem to recall a lot of Democrats calling for Comey's head, don't you? So at the request of Democrats from Congress, the Office of Inspector General began an investigation into the Clinton Email Investigation. After all this time, the recommendation was that McCabe should be fired for egregious acts and behaviors that may result in criminal charges. After all, lying to the FBI has landed multiple people to plead guilty to lying. What's good for the goose, must also be good for the gander. Or maybe you are suggesting a double-standard be implemented here, but I don't think you would go that far. Indy
  7. So are we living in two different realities...I think this is very likely based upon some people's views of what is taking place in the DC Swamp. They're Going To Break: Indy
  8. When I first heard about the FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page, in order to get to Trump Campaign, I gave the benefit of the doubt to the Judge. Now we are learning that even the Judge may be implicated. Indy
  9. So Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI. Andrew McCabe was caught lying to the FBI, and rightly so fired. Now McCabe is claiming victim status and wrong doing by the FBI, when the FBI is just doing what it has always done. Indy
  10. Katrina Pierson On Firing Of Andrew McCabe: Indy

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