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  1. 'Shame on her': Bruce Slams Feinstein For Using Kavanaugh Accuser's letter a 'Political Hatchet' Indy
  2. Rep. Peter King On Trump Declassifying FISA Documents... Indy
  3. I have to say I can see both sides of this one. I think the timing of this information coming out so late assuming the information has been available for nearly 3 months says a lot about the way this has been handled, but it is now in the public domain and deserves a public hearing. Let the accuser confront her aggressor, and let the accused rebut her accusations. It appears that this will be a "she said, he said" case and there will not be enough information to make any determination of what truly happened. I have to say that if I went back to my teen years, there are a couple of stupid things that I did in my youth that would surely preclude me from SCOTUS. Thank goodness this is not my ambition in life. Indy
  4. ***LANGUAGE*** The Mueller Probe Is Officially Doomed: Lisa Page Just Shot It To Bits... Indy
  5. This Is Why Republicans Are Going To Lose The Culture War | Tim Pool Indy
  6. Facebook Bans #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka For Mentioning InfoWars (REACTION) | ABL Indy
  7. ***LANGUAGE*** Weekly Jobless Claims Fall To 49 Year Low... Indy
  8. How can anything of the Mueller Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation be used as evidence when everyone involved is in JAIL? Kind of hard to convict when your evidence has been shown to be made up, isn't it? Indy
  9. Joe DiGenova - Comey Is Going Down... Indy
  10. #WalkAway Brandon Straka BLOCKED ON FACEBOOK For Posting InfoWars... Indy
  11. Evergreen College Is Collapsing, Enrollment Down 70% Indy
  12. Facebook Allows Right Wing Group To Censor Progressives... Indy
  13. I love that this guy acknowledged the fundamental right to speak up and criticize. However, he then calls out the LEFT for their focused criticism of America and classyfying it as the main evil in the world. All the while, they are not acknowledging the good that has come about because of this country. Indy
  14. Why I'll Never Vote Democrat Or Progressive Again: There Is Nothing Left On The Left... Indy

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