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  1. This kid is heading for a bad life of crime...hopefully someone gets ahold of him before it's too late. My guess is that this kid lives in a single Mom home, unless his Dad exhibits similar behavior for him to follow. Indy
  2. Indraman

    Adapt 2030 - Grand Solar Minimum

    What Is Going On With Antarctica Ice Loss And Global Temperatures? Indy
  3. When does a political analyst who gets predictions wrong over multiple times become a political hack? Indy
  4. Steve Cortes DESTROYS Alison Camerota On CNN... Indy
  5. I believe this could be classified as an illegal stop and harassment by police... Indy
  6. Immigration is a non-winning issue for the Democrat Party. The first woman interviewed shows the basic logic of the "open-borders" mentality of the LEFT. To the basic non-political American, she is speaking JIBBERISH and NONSENSE! Indy
  7. Indraman

    Adapt 2030 - Grand Solar Minimum

    Australia Land Of Fun And Sun Freezes, Frost 1500 Miles South Of The Equator... Indy
  8. Lindsey Graham Proves There Was Pro-Clinton Bias, Anti-Trump Bias... Indy
  9. The first 3 minutes opening monolog is about as accurate as anything I have heard to date. The LEFT is unhinged and their hatred of Trump and his supporters is their driving force. Funny how God is exposing more and more to people in America who for years have never been political or even cared. Indy
  10. Gutfeld: Trump Pitches 'America' To NoKo... Indy
  11. Indraman

    Positive or Negative?

    Agreed! Kim is a Dictator and as such, would kill his own mother for power. I think the summit was a historical step in the right direction. But we must move cautiously forward knowing that Kim has a historical track record that must always be questioned and his actions validated. The now infamous Iran Nuclear Deal by the Obama Administration did not allow on the ground inspectors at nuclear sites, or for that matter, anywhere in the county. If this new deal with NOKO results in boots on-the-ground for inspections, this will be a huge step in the right direction. Indy
  12. Agreed! This is how I interpreted Trump's statements on sanctions. In fact, he clarified it by saying that sanctions would stay in place but could be lifted shortly in the future depending upon how future negotiations progressed. Indy

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