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  1. learning all i can

    A big heart-felt THANKS for the new negging record

    Well Umb, you and I have had some differences in opinions over the years but when it comes to neggers we both stand with that same group of people that feel they run this site and their thoughts are the only ones that should be seen or written. If you aren't of this certain herd, be sure you will be black balled or negged as if you don't think like they you are sure to called out and shamed You should know by now that people like us (you, me and a few others) are in the presence of the mightiest, most powerful and wisest. As we bend to their mightiness we give them even more thought to their speech and thoughts as being right. I commend you for standing for your freedoms, for myself, I just don't have the time or spirit to argue with them any go boy and don't let them break your spirit barb
  2. Sorry I put this in the wrong thread should be in the Pope changing words to Lord's prayer
  3. We have a warning in Rev.22:18-19. If you're not familiar please give it a read and be amazed. Yep, I believe our Lord Jesus covered all the bases barb
  4. I saw this on Fox this morn..........well, of course the Pope should change our very own Jesus Christ prayer that He taught to His disciples when they ask Him to teach them how to pray!!!!!!!!NOT! Since when does he know more than our Lord and what is pleasing in Gods eyes? Also, should man be changing wording and things around in Gods very own words... I think not We have a warning in Rev. 22:18-19. For those not familiar give it a read. This is once again our Lord Jesus speaking to all mankind barb
  5. learning all i can

    To all Dog lovers...

    I too have a sleep buddy that came to my house in the dead of winter, he loves me to no end. My Piper which you see pictured is also one that came from a unloving family or what ever you may call them. They both nurturie us care for us, love us and we can only do the same for them. Our love is for them is unbound. I've been very sick for the last 4 months and their care and staying by my side has been a blessing for me and my husband. The love of a dog or pet is more than we can ask barb
  6. learning all i can

    Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    My quote did not print 1st time. Hoping this is not a duplicate Patrick sometime back it was not my intention to offend the Catholic Church. If you would go back and read the comment you would see that my statement was slanted towards LD G. Several here took it as a slant towards your denomination. Not so! Misread! Or else I communicated in a way that was unintended. Once again you have misread and even taken the very words that I wrote yesterday and added your own exclamations, periods and even wording to suit your need to accuse me of having something against yours and other denominations. You are wrong and here is why. I believe there is only one way to eternal life and that way is thru our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our salvation alone. I have no need to work for or add anything that He accomplished on the cross. He alone satisfied God's wrath. His atonement is complete. As far as I know, this is the Catholic belief along with many other denominations as well as non-denominations. Why would I be oppose to any Church that share this same belief? Once again you are wrong about my feelings. Very sad you must change my wording to justify your dislike for me and the comments I have made. barb
  7. learning all i can

    Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    Carry on Shabs, Jim and you say, it's not the rubies and certainly not thin skin but others insisting that I conform to their way of thinking. Otherwise you are unchristian, not part of the clan or have no right to speak or voice your opinion but all will tell you that they live by the 1st amendment. This seems to be an every day experience here. There are many here that I agree with as well as disagree but just because of disagreements I don't try to gang up on that particular person... I have been known to neg but not because of popular demand.
  8. learning all i can

    Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

  9. learning all i can

    Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    Patrick, I don't think I have ever questioned another's faith or Christianity since I have been on this site. When one voices their faith and love of Christ, I have to believe and accept their confession. Only they and God knows what is truely in their heart....your insinuation of my Christianity is quite revealing that not only God is my judge and knows my heart but YOU also have the worthiness to judge and assign one to heaven or hell......please share with me how one reaches such an appointed office outside of being Jesus Christ Himself. Since when has it become odd or a surprise that one would give their honest opinion about something that you don't approve of? Have I offended you that you find it necessary to reprimand me? There was nothing that I wrote that was slanted or negative towards you but there ya go again, if one is in disagreement, one is called out. Be aware, I am not your accuser as you have accused me barb
  10. learning all i can

    Serial Neggers and Cowardly Silence

    Shabbs, please know that you are NOT the Lone Ranger in this popular driven and agree with me or I'll get cha little Peyton place. Sometime back, I happened to say something that offended the Catholic community here and I have been blacklisted, given rubies and tried to be insulted by the so called "popular and the ones in the know" that I will hardly even post any more.......not sure why I have answered to their demand but I assure you, I have better things to do in my life than be demeaned by a group that only dream of being the wisest, coolest and must haves. Funny thing is, I bet 1 of your neggers is the same as mine and you're right, it has nothing to do with God!!!!!!!! My other favorite is what I consider a complete idiot begging for others adoration. What ever! FAVORITISM around here is like eating watermelon....ya still gotta spit out those seeds barb
  11. learning all i can

    Pope Francis admits: 'When I pray, sometimes I fall asleep'

    Why would the Pope be any different from the rest of us. He also is a man and a sinner. It use to bother me to fall asleep while saying my prayers at night, now I call it falling asleep in the arms of the Lord. I don't think He minds.
  12. learning all i can

    When it's OK to blurt out your worst expletives...

    Yes, and those are or would be times that would be A1OK!
  13. learning all i can

    When it's OK to blurt out your worst expletives...

    Sorry Moose, still not working for me. If it worked for pokerplayer, it must be me! :-(
  14. learning all i can

    When it's OK to blurt out your worst expletives...

    Nope! %&$###@;*"&\%+
  15. learning all i can

    When it's OK to blurt out your worst expletives...

    I guess that would be when we can't pull up your I no see your answer to your question! QR!xy#@)(:p0y. 1+=%&?¿¥€©

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