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  1. learning all i can

    Incest Embraced by Liberals as "Sexual Diversity"

    Thanks for sharing barb
  2. learning all i can

    Incest Embraced by Liberals as "Sexual Diversity"

    Sometimes it's hard for me to follow and understand your writings. Are you a lawyer? But I think I understand enough to agree. There is NO giving up on God our creator and what He has written in each ones heart and revealed in Scripture. Nor can I deny His perfect will and predetermined plan. His very pleasure will be full filled.....th
  3. learning all i can

    Incest Embraced by Liberals as "Sexual Diversity"

    Tocqueville gives this account of a court case in New York: http://www.leaderu.com/orgs/cdf/onug/detocq.html In a very real sense, "progressive" philosophies and philosophical applications are contrary to the foundation and structure of The United States Of America and therefore an evil that must be eradicated as a personal decision while extolling and practicing the affirmative of the basis of Rule Of Law is entirely essential non "living document" manner for the perpetuity of existence of The United States Of America noted by Alexis de Tocqueville. Blackstone gave a most excellent and specific treatise to note the imperative nature of acknowledgement and application of, "the precepts by which man, the noblest of all sublunary beings, a creature endowed with both reason and freewill, is commanded to make use of those faculties in the general regulation of his behaviour." In essence, "progressive" mentalities of various sorts are incompatible with the foundation, framework, and potent social fabric of The United States Of America so are requisitely addressed and circumvented. Sounds like a Godly man. In fact, much of what he says reminds me of the Westminster Confession of faith written in 1646. Sound doctrine on both accounts....very sad how far our Nation has fallen. barb
  4. learning all i can

    May 18, 2018 - Articles

    Not to worry Umb, he has enough hate for you and me both...except I have 2 haters. One he and one she......both are ignorant, one claims goodness and holiness the other has no clue..but both are haters of self as well as anyone that opposes them......my chin is UP....how bout YOURS.. barb
  5. You are exactly right. We have been lead by evil and we have fallen into the trap that only benefits and empowers the elite. Instead of using our sound judgement, morals of yesteryears and what God has written and revealed in our hearts we have chosen to live for this world that we may be recognized and accepted by a certain class of people regardless of the consequences that may fall. We are the longest standing Nation ever to stand but the hate, intolerance and bending to evil will surely bring about our fall just as other countries have brought upon themselves.......DV has become an example of this very thing....a few that think they have become the leaders of this site has lead to a downfall of respect, tolerance and and ability to speak without fear of harrassment....hate is so powerful, more so than care and love...hate will blind even when one has the mind and heart to know it's wrongs. Hate is powerful! barb
  6. Far left, far right.....hatred seems to have fallen into our Nation. Have we fallen so far that there is no return? And as Tucker stated, will be continue to celebrate this kind of decline where it will finally just become the norm and agreeable to all of us? I'm truly sad that so many here on DV find this a OK practice. Thanks for sharing the video barb
  7. Please excuse me. Apparently my comprehension is dull this morn. You forgot about how important his popularity is to him around here. He truly is the Ruby mister, make him mad enough, as I have previously done and he will even go back in your history of post and hit each and every one with a ruby. Yes beware! Your post from above could not be futher from the truth
  8. BA,. I feel you have clearly slantled or referenced your post to me which is obvious that you read and only took in account to what you wanted to believe it said. I unmistakenly said that WE All need to take the plank from our eye. None is without sin. Myself among the most... You like so many here just wants to stir up, rip up and cause grieve.. it's one thing g to read but quite another to comprehend
  9. I make no judgement against any but our Lord ask for discernment and the choices we choose and believe that is right in His eyes. You once again are letting your dislike for me to overrule your Bibical teachings and discerning heart. You had rather have a popular account here at DV than to stand in truth of God's word. Apparently you missed the book of Romans or at least the 1st 2 chapters and most all of the OT.
  10. Hmmmm...by the looks of the rubies it would seem that most here agree with a transgender mayor for your own state. Let me know how you vote when this comes to your own backyard and your children agree with this behaviour. You have proven my point exactly as I stated......good is bad and bad is good.....what a pitiful bunch to the human race. barb
  11. learning all i can

    Every Parent At Disney

    LOL........ ain't that the truth! barb
  12. Yes, it's not one sided....it's all of mankind..time for us to take the plank from our eye and look at self and evaluate our own acts and judge ourselves to the standards that are right in God's eyes not our own.
  13. Our country has become so sick. Bad is now considered good and good is bad. How long will a Holy God be mocked and allow us to carry on this kind of sin before Him? Our children are being raised into this kind of filth with the attitude that this is a good and natural behavior. Yes, we have become a godless country with no fear or thought to eternity. We are truly a depraved humanity. So sad barb
  14. learning all i can


    I believe we have been in the "end times" since the death of our Lord Jesus on the cross and His ressurection. God foredained all things before the foundation of the world by His will and good pleasure. I believe when the last gentile has been saved that our Lord will return. All of these things that have been quoted above are but to bring about His sovereign will and plan. His will and good pleasure in all things be done. barb
  15. learning all i can

    Is the US nuts??

    Lol this is so funny! Rubies are not given to most because of the content of their message but because the Ruby giver dislikes or just has a genuine hate in his/her heart for that individual....if rubies were used correctly(for content) there would be far less given....I feel the red from someone evertime I post regardless of what I type......I know who she is and I believe I know her mentality so I can easily over look her. Like ba said, if all were banned because they gave out rubies there would be no one left. Even a certain monitor! barb

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