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  1. Thank you, Yota. But, I don't understand how/why that type of announcement would generate comments like: "Oooooh....Launched Exchange!!! Is that saying what I'm hoping its saying???" and "please, please, please" -- are we referring to the same article? Sorry, I'm just totally lost and sincerely been praying for this R/V, more the last few months than every before, I've been waiting since late 2005 ... getting tired... 🤞
  2. I can't read it, can someone summarize it please...thanks.
  3. I SOOO hope your right ... and thanks, at least that a new point of view ...
  4. Please, someone tell me I'm wrong and tell me HOW I'm wrong -- but I'm getting the feeling that they are saying that they will be working on the revaluing until 2020 ... please no bashing, just praying that I am wrong!
  5. Rmc10: I loved listening to Kim -- did he ever mention a time frame regarding the dinars, I listened for one but never heard.
  6. Hikman, that was about the most realistic post I've read in a long time - "thank you". Got anything you'd like to share with us? Sounds like you know your stuff.
  7. http://This is all very exciting, but very confusing. Would someone who is intelligent enought to know, PLEASE post a summary of who just got elected to what position and what positions remain to be filled? Your efforts would be V E R Y MUCH appreicated!
  8. Hum, I'm not shy -- what kind of job did you find paying $12,000 per month?
  9. Question, please: it's says "signED" then it says "NEXT" April (I know, next mth.) -- my question is, has it been signed, or is it supposed to be signed in April??? I'm confused.
  10. Oh YES! Absoluely! When? When? When?
  11. Ah, I remember the SGS days -- what did happen to her? Where is she?
  12. I can't get either link to work, and I'd REALLY REALLY like to watch/listen ... anyone got another link. Would someone that's listening bring us up-to-the-minute... THANK YO !