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  1. Navira, I logged back on just to ask you to eleborate, LOL, looks like someone else beat me to it. For the last several years, I've thought the RV was somehow connected to prophecy, I just can't figure out how ... can anyone out that that knows explain, or tell me where to research.
  2. When I see "MarkZ", I, honestly, refuse to even read it ...
  3. LOL, I saw the headline and my eyes actually started to tear up, my initial thought was "That's it, I can't take this for five more years." SOOOOO glad I found the date!
  4. Please, someone tell me how wrong I am, but sounds to me like nothing is going to happen until after they complete and formalize the entire government -- when do they come back into session?
  5. Wilford, will you please post a link to this site -- I like the layout, would like to bookmark it... thanks in advance.
  6. Hey "Texstorm": I'm just South of you, we need to get together, I could sure use some guidance on all this ...
  7. Karsten, "THANK YOU, sincerely"
  8. Someone please help me to understand. I read above that the CBI is giving E.P. companies "... five months" to open "terrorism management offices" -- is it possible that we won't see an RV until after these five months? (Yes, I know, anything is possible, but is it probable?)
  9. Any particular station/channel? I'll watch, got nothing else to do on this cold rainy evening.
  10. I hope I don't get bashed for asking this, I know that several years ago (I've been around since 2006, just don't post) it was discussed in detail, I also know that some out there are extremely intelligent on the subject (Please don't refer me to the VIP section, I can't afford it). Will anyone please tell us the steps to take to cash in, where to go, etc., etc. ... surely I don't just walk up to my bank and say "Here's 20 million dinars, I want to exchange them for dollars, just deposit into my checking account". -- Seriously, instant wealth is not something that I've experienced, what do I/we do???
  11. At 1 to 1, I'm 100% out, 100% happy happy happy
  12. In my opinion, they must remove the zero's before they revalue ... JMO!
  13. When I first read this/her post, it really made me angry! Outright LIE!! Why, why, why do people do that?? What could they possibly benefit?
  14. Oh my!!! Some things are worth going to jail for -- yelp, I would have slapped the **** out of the brat!!! Problem or no problem!!
  15. NEPatroitsFan1: Can you tell me where to find or buy " ... Adam’s OSI and wealth preservation strategies ..." I recently asked where any of this information was posted and the only comment that was made was something similar to the fact that I wasn't " of us..." ... ??
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