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  1. Adam Montana Weekly - 2 August 2017

    Thanks for the update. Great analogy! Put this dinar in perspective!
  2. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Ha...especially agree the roasting I just got...haha
  3. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Just ice water for me...I will be the designated driver!
  4. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Thursday this week? Integrity is extremely important in business.
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 15 March 2017

    Thanks Adam. Much appreciated! I have to follow up on the OSI again so thanks for all the information!
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 22 Feb 2017

    Thank you sir for a timely and thoughtful post. I know you are Very busy so it is always appreciated. So many or most of us wait eagerly for your posts because it encourages us, keeps us going and keeps us supporting this site. If you only show up and let us know you are still with us, it is worth the wait and keeps us very hopeful. We are in this together and it is good.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 8 Feb 2017 DELAYED

    What's the use of taking the time out to come here every week? No consistency or maybe there isn't supposed to be so I apologize. Oh well I guess this will bring on the negs.
  8. Thank you again Yota and thank you too Thuggie
  9. Still no Adam? Or did I miss something again?
  10. Oh yeah! My hopes are WAY UP and too late to tell me ...don't get your hopes Thanks again to everyone who helps out here. You are appreciated from Adam Montana on down Thank you
  11. where is adam

    Does anyone know why Adam hasn't been around today. Did I miss something? Thanks
  12. Adam Montana mid-Ramadan (29 June 2016)

    Thanks. Happy Independence Day to everyone!

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