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    I'm currently evolving my level of consciousness so I can be more and more of a blessing to the world around me.
    I will make a fortune so I can fund orphanages around the world and teach the universal success principles of Napoleon Hill , Tony Robbins , W. Clement Stone (my mentor) and other greats of our time.
    I feel compelled to raise up a generation that will be the right influence in THEIR world..
    And enjoy all the blessings of love ,life and truth.
    I welcome all who resonate with this dream.

    The six greatest words in our language are:
    (according to me )..haha..

    "Hope is the magic ingredient in motivating your self and others "

    I would love to network and co-create a community of like hearted people to bring forth a world of goodness,truth and love.If you're out there then..Hit me up !..Let's have funnn..:-)
    Lot's of big Islands in the South Pacific I've got my eye on.
    The greatest joy and blessing comes.." When you do for others what they have no way of doing for themselves,expecting nothing in return "..
    Then.. the windows of heaven open up for YOU..
    Blessings all and "live with Passion !!!
    OR " you may not be living at all ".
  1. hello my name hope i will like you to reply my mail box here hopemabiza@yahoo.com so that i will send you my pics and tell you more about me

    pls dont forget to write in my mail adress hope mabiza@yahoo.com

  2. Thanx..yes this is HUGE..This will add billions to the reserves...support for a strong RV....we are sooo close to being home now...thanx..
  3. Hey 3 2 5..how's life?

  4. hey,you have to cash in,,(if u can) hahha...kidding here..wire USD,they will convert it to IQD's ..then yes they will make their recos..good fortunes to you...;-))..ps;you get an extra 20% more when you convert over there..enjoy..

  5. Thank you very much for your kindness and your help on this matter. Its nice to see that there are people out there who still care about people. Two more questions. CanI fund my account with the IQD I have in my safety deposit box or do I need to send in USD?Will they trade for me as they see fit like a broker here would as I am clueless as to how to trade. Im doing this mainly to protect fromLOP

  6. It looks like the market is going to move up again now,a strong bullish formation in the chart is appearing,i just hope they don't get sucked down with the US stock market ,which I feel is about to correct 10-30% starting in 2 weeks.I'm buying all inverse EFT's that go up when the market goes down,u may just wanna do that for now,then sell them wen they bottom in aug -oct.,then buy ...

  7. Hi,no prob. They will tell u the min. is 100k usd.but i just sent them 25k and they said nothing.so yes ,probably they would do 30k.They do ALL the recommending and i have been extremely happy,I am up about 30% since last Nov.I'm a pro trader of commodity stocks (which BTW r about to tank,but Iraq ,I hav no clue wat 2 buy.they are the best in iraq,i feel,go with them,ask for Rami to be ur man.

  8. Hello there. I have been reading and researching and wanting to get into the whole ISX trading bit. I hope im not intruding or bothering by asking but I am curious about Rabee Securities. If I sign up with them will they invest me as they see fit? I have no clue how to read the market or make picks on my own. I just want to diversify my investment. Will they accept 30 million iqd to start? Thanks.

  9. 30 at 50 how is your stock purchases going?

    Any new thoughts on some good picks these days?



  10. great post..thanks..i listened intently to this vid ,,,now what i got was 1.he was very taken back by the questions. 2.He clearly DID NOT rebuttal any of the suggestion/questions of a revalue ! That is HUGE ! so by default he was agreeing that it WILL RV !!!..3. he said clearly that is was tied to inflation,which now is going THRU THE ROOF because of the USD..and The Dinar is pegged to the USD...so as our USD is collapsing in value..SO IS THEIRS !!..So..my deduction is that we are now at the very doorstop of a huge change in value..Like by July 1st..But don't be surprised if it comes out at 1/2 to 1 penny on the USD... blessings
  11. Great post..thanks..I agree with your basic idea...you are correct..it's worth a whole lot more than the Vietnamese dong.(is this currency trade-able ? )...I feel they are going to be smart and RV at about a penny on the dollar..this is almost 12 times increase !!..thats a big step..That will keep pressure on the GOI to keep developing the country so it can have further increases down the line..This would give the citizens almost 12 times their purchasing power..wow..how would you like that with the USD ?..This is good business sense..You see the big players in this game want to make sure that the Black gold flows !! Remember that is what this is really all about....and handing them a winning lotto ticket is not smart right now..at least just not yet..??? get it??? blessings all..
  12. Thanks..oh how i need a good rumor fix to dream by !....haha...
  13. thanks KR.. great post !!..
  14. Hi Easy, i wanted to thank u for ur contributions to the cause..you always seem to have a nice balanced approach,and u bring quality content with you..so thanks ... now, the link is not working 4 me..can you check it ? Just to let you know ,a while back i posted my prediction that the RV would happen when gold/silver go parabolic,I guessed that would be in Nov of this year..well,I think I was off a bit,,cuz it is NOW going parabolic ! Surprise !..inflation is exploding and i now predict that the RV will happen by July 1st...If not,, the US Dollar is going to accelerate towards a complete collapse..(hope not )....wow what a time to be living.. blessings bro !!
  15. thanks easy rider, I feel that Shabibi did not denounce an RV,, is what's most important.By default he acknowledged that an RV is imminent...Now.,,The IQD is pegged to the dollar ..that tells me that when the dollar breaks down to the point of hyper-inflation so will the Iraq country,,and we may be only weeks or months away from this...or maybe November..then the trigger will be pulled...