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  1. he is speaking the language of revaluation lol
  2. love this post i am going to bank airport to exchange the dinar at the rate of 3 dollar
  3. don't be condused at this stage of end keep in mind that iraqi is going to revalue soon.hope some one in cbi will push the butten
  4. wow what a great video with a best rate.i love to watch this video thank you maria for such a wounderful post i am ready to cash in
  5. Did you ever dare in your life? watch this video: some people are really amazing because they know life is spirit of adventure. do or die....
  6. No surprise here. Money and greed. No weapons of mass destruction was ever found. While the average citizen gets poorer, the government finds ways to get richer. The UST estimates that 2+ million Americans own the IQD. They own this investment for one reason, Iraq as a sovereign country must revalue its currency. Iraq has in it possession the 2rd largest oil reserves in the world.The Bush administration did set this entire plan up which is fashioned after GHWB's Kuwaiti dinar revalue back in 1993.Would the revaluation benefit the USA, you bet through the capital gains taxes AND the FACT that t
  7. China is preparing to launch The Heavenly Palace, an experimental unmanned spacecraft, next week.The module will form the basis for China's own space station, and will joined by two more modules in the coming years. Analysts say the space station could be operational by the year 2020.China is not part of the group that operates the International Space Station, which includes the United States, Russia, and 13 other countries. Video Link
  8. The latest information regarding the Iraqi rv and/or revaluation of the dinar. I've also enclosed bonus material regarding the Dong and its rise and potential to rise even further!
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