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  1. If you rode out Sylmar and Northridge you must not live near either one of them. In Northridge area, even Santa Monica took a big hit and that is over the hill. I wish I could say my friends and neighbors and relatives did not take a big hit in those two.
  2. Again Umb, thanks for your posts
  3. End of the "ride" I only wish it were. I am afraid me have a little more ways to go. much to my sorrow.
  4. Thanks for the post Um...very interesting to read Italian news.
  5. And the law of customs tariff No. 22 of 2010 has sparked a sensation about the impact a delicious j impact on the economic situation I wonder how delicious it really is......
  6. I wonder what me and about 7000 other people read in Chats????
  7. They can not even agree on when to hold the "National Meeitng" let alone agree on erbil. What a merry-go-round!!!!
  8. Amen, but it takes some study to understand what you are saying. You are right on, too bad but what you say falls on deaf ears. And to most readers it is way above their heads.
  9. I suggest you read the Grace Commission Report and see where your taxes go.
  11. 40 oz, I would love to see Ron Paul elected. The problem is there are really no elections. The bankers will put in who they want. It is really that simple. I am afraid we are strapped with another four years of their man "O" because he is doing all the things they ask of him.
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