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  1. The Headline should read- "Maliki has been confused on the procedure of how to seat ministers for the last 7 years which explains the constant delay." I guess taking a vote was a real brain hurdle to figure out for the last seven years. How long before the gurus run with this article proclaiming once the ministers are seated we will have our RV. I know Frankie based a couple of years claiming this was the holdup.
  2. I had a interesting conversation regarding this crazy investment with a couple of co-workers today in light of the lastest rumor/hype about Aug.26th possibly being another so called Dinar RV day. I had asked each of them what is your breaking point with the Dinar? If you have been invested for a couple of years you have heard all sorts of so called intel or gossip as to when the RV will be and I guess I have grown numb to all of this after so many years of heartbreak. I invested casually whereas both co-workers invested 10K or more so our answers were totally different. Just curious what the responses will be because if it doesn't happen by the end of 2013 I'm out!
  3. Wait one minute! I thought this thread was about Mr. Ryan as the Republican V.P. Choice and supposedly what unions think of him? I didn't think this was a open forum about bashing every UNION member out there! Let me first say this I am a UNION member who is a plumber and proud to say I am. I went to college and the pay for my major was pure **** no pun intended! I make a good living for my family but by no means does anyone just hand me a free pay check. Union trained Plumbers are the protectors of the health of the nation! Anything having to do with water is dealt with by plumbers! Union leadership is no different than big corporate greed! Many of my office/corporate buddies have been rear ended by big business packing up shop moving overseas just so the CEO can make more money for himself and his shareholders. The first people corporate Leaders like to blame for moving overseas is Unions! Last time I checked the price of products hasn't dropped for goods that were once made here and now made over seas. With corporations creating new sweat shops and no Union payroll why no savings to the consumer? It's all Bullshit! What I will say is I totally agree with Small Business owners that our government is taxing them to death. What about I.T. guys who aren't union members and corporate decides to set up shop in India and fires every U.S. employee.....wait Unions right? The problem is the system as a whole is BROKE, corporate greed, investor fraud, Union waste, Banks bending everyone over the list goes on and on. Oh wait this thread was suppose to be about Mr. Ryan!
  4. I enjoyed reading everyone's response to my topic. Just to clarify I do not in any way shape or form feel the dinar investment has been a total waste of time. I myself learned many things about the Middle East and Iraq. The point I was trying to make that some people missed was the daily hours of wasted time I burned on Dinar Vets listening to the hype of a weekly or hour to hour RV watch. I had attributed that to inexperience and I was trying to pass that advice on to newer Dinar investors. If Dinar Vets is your source of Humor, Entertainment, Friend Hangout or whatever than great, you were not who I was looking to possibly offend when I wrote my opinion. I learned about the Dinar from some great minds such as Doc31, Scooter, Adam Montana, Mr.Rich and RSSkelton and many others who either have moved on from this site or are still here. Thanks, and enjoy your weedend!
  5. I have been in this investment since 08 and joined this site in 09 so I feel I have a good grasp on the whole dinar phenom. I have taken extended breaks from anything dinar because I had felt I became a dinaraholic. The funny part is after months of stepping away I would come back and find I could quickly see little to no progress with the dinar revaluation. Iraq itself may have progressed leaps and bounds but most of my interest is in the monetary benefit department. I used to really enjoy the entertainment of the usual suspect pumpers but they have become stale and our starting to stink! I only wish I wouldn't have invested countless hours of wasted time thinking the elusive RV was right around the corner. My wife jokingly used to say "hey it's Monday are we Millionaires yet?" I guess it is human nature to dream and wish of having a carefree lifestyle debt free with the money to do whatever our little heart desired. I get the whole aura of how this investment sucks people in because for average people they see this as a possible opportunity to exit the "rat race". My only advice is for the newer Dinar investors is pay extra attention to how the hype gets generated. With progression moving forward in Iraq, sites will start a false hype about how we are right on the cusp of the RV and buy!buy!buy! before its too late. Just think of this, Iraq is signing contracts on a daily basis in the following areas: Oil, Housing, Utilities, Agriculture and Defense. Iraq is obviously spending real money on all of this and life goes on WITHOUT them revaluating the dinar. Regardless of what you are told by so called experts, Iraq doesn't have to ever RV the dinar. Take a break, step back and enjoy summer! Speaking from experience you don't need to join a pay site, join a VIP group or listen to self proclaimed gurus because when its all said and done they have no more knowledge then anyone else.
  6. Yeah this stunt in my opinion is a complete head scratcher! With all these supposedly Intel providers calling the RV they leave themselves with no wiggle room to squeeze out of this when it obviously becomes false. I myself think they are following the rumor that Iraq has to show the RV a week before the 2012 budget takes effect in March. I also tried to break down the possible logic (giving these clowns too much credit) behing this latest stunt and found that this just so happens to be tax return season and what a better way to boost dinar sales by a coming up with a RV LIE to suck in a big weekend push of dinar sales. I will give these clowns(not you Thug) creativity credit points if that was their goal. Just my two cents!
  7. Ok I get the cash and carry concept as of right now at this point in time in Iraq however they for years have been making hundreds of millions a year off of this toilet paper dinar we all carry! Now the Great Shabbi is trying to suck in as much as the larger notes as possible because in hopefully the near future they will RV. Once this country's financial sector is fully developed: Oil Pumping like crazy, ISX(Gem Market of the Middle East) in full swing, Government Bonds sold to all foreign investors, Natural Gas sales, Natural Gems MInning etc... they will be able to afford any amount they choose for a RV. I think the total number of Dinars in circulation is not accurate! I do not think they just carelessly allowed for this to happen as a result of inexperience or stupidity. I however do not believe we will see a RV any time soon because they are in the baby steps of building their financial plans. The minute they do finally get their **** together they will make Dubai look like a 3rd world slum. They also might do a super low RV to suck in money initially to grab suckers but hey anything at this point in the game wouldn't suprise me. Randalln I like you but I have never seen or heard of the commerical account exchange at 1.16 to 1. Your insight at times is great and other times like you got kicked in the head one to many times by a camel!
  8. Wow I can't believe how quiet the rumor mill is today on the forums! I have been waiting all day to hear the new round of excuses from the self proclaimed INTEL providers. According to most of these azzes the 48 to 72 hour window has expired since Saturday. My point for writing this is to help out the newbies who don't know any better with these clowns that they don't go betting the farm on the Bull **** INTEL they supposedly have. I guess Okie and Scottie are busy flying their 7.47's over the Bermuda Triangle, Blue Bulls****** must have gotten lost in the woods, Bear is hibernating, TNT Tony's phone was disconnected, Johnny WANG went blind from starring at Bank screens for 3 months locked in the Basement of the local Mental Hospital and oh yeah the Poppy Stooges they are trying their luck on selling buckets of Steam to people(Plumbers and Pipefitter humor). Bring it Boys been waiting all day!
  9. This Thread went from a BONOR to a NOODLE quickly! NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Legolas I couldn't agree more with your view. I have been invested since 2009 and every year its always the same lies and B.S. In fact last New Years sites were calling the R.V. and surprise surprise no R.V. I hold only a small amount of hope for this investment anymore. I think Iraq will be very powerful some day but I do not see them allowing all of us small investors to become overnight millionaires! I think the ISX may be a more realistic approach. I used to be amused by the guru storytelling but now these clowns should be exposed for what they truly are!
  11. Please don't go there turning this from a general opinon to something totally different. In no way shape or form was my post even remotely turning down the road you just went. I am a citizen of the Greatest Nation in the world the one and only The United States of America! This post had no way of taking away from what our great troops sacrified or gave for Iraq. It was meant for the crowd of people who shared in the same OPINION of myself. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion and you are Somebody to try to stay positive!
  12. Well Fastarnie I understand your enthusiasm because I once had alot of it but after many years of false hope it fades FAST! I also did not post a negative post it was more of a don't waste countless hours of time being glued to the computer looking for the Golden Goose. I posted in opinions because that is exactly what it was a opinion. Like it or not I could care less what happens in Iraq we have more than enough problems and excitement to worry about in our own Great Country to worry about being excited for them. Lets also be honest NOBODY and I mean NOBODY would give a rats ass about them if it wasn't for us being Dinar Holders! The only reason we even give them a second of our time is in the hopes of becoming RICH. Everything else is all bullshit. I would love see your excitement level if this hypothetically dragged out for a couple more years, because lets face it they to contrary belief don't have to RV. I also just don't read rumors so I don't just hang in that forum, I read everything especially K98nights stuff, that guy is great with the news! I just seem to comment more on the Rumors section. Once again Merry Christmas to the Dinar Vets Family!
  13. After a break of the dinar forums I popped in the other day to see where we are at in terms of major items of progress. When I say major items I mean items which would/could trigger a RV. I am not saying the Iraqi government isn't making progress but I could care less unless it has to do with the RV. I found after months no HCL , which at 3 months ago was signed and a done deal to according these so called gurus. No Security Minister, was also a done deal months ago according to these so called gurus. I also remember hearing last year around New Years Eve that Iraq was going to revalue it was a done deal! 2011 was going to be the most blessed year ever according to the pumpers! I just am glad I walked away for a while instead of wasting countless hours day to day checking the forex/cbi for these golden updates which never came. Now we have Okie calling himself Ghost, JonnyWang the bank screen wack job, Blue Wolf who should be Blue Bullshitter, Poppy3 and the rest of the Poppy stooges, and the biggest Bullshitter Tony " Mr. Call the RV daily" at PTR. Same story just different cast members! The reason I am writing this is to tell people take a break from the circus and enjoy this holiday season with your family. There are alot of folks in difficut financial postions that really need this RV and these clowns play off their emotions and that sucks! Merry Christmas to the Whole Dinar Vets Family!
  14. Well if it was already posted I went and looked through the topic lists and did not see it. I saw other articles about Maliki but not this one. Who is to say your right with your article and I'm wrong. I agree you can't be in two places at the same time but I also have a dated link to back up my thread as well. Well if it is false I got excited for nothing. Oh well Go RV!!!!!!!!
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