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  1. During my time at Dinar Vets I was fortunate to come across some posts by a member named Legolas, a former detective who has a unique perspective on the dinar because of his experience in investigating crimes like fraud. Although our backgrounds are completely different, his experiences and observations are remarkably similar to mine. Sam I Am: Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the dinar. Could you tell us a little about your background? Legolas: I suppose that the background which fellow Dinar investors would be interested in would be the 15 years I spent in law enforcem
  2. geez people lighten up ! I think it's safe to say there will be no rv this weekend, it doesn't make him a guru but it does make him kinda bright!
  3. If you need to ask that question imo you shouldn't be investing in anything!
  4. It says from Adam Montana at Dinar Speculation. And it says it is in response to the email I sent him, which I did not. It's definately coming from here.
  5. Anyone else getting emails from DV with a virus attached? Please help Tech support!
  6. Link doesn't work, please provide a working link. Thanks a bunch
  7. so what's your point, that is a redenomination. they will drop the 3 zero's and at the same time revalue probably 1 to 1. In that case. unless you bought your dinar around 2003 to 2005 you will probably break even, or lose just a little on the spread and fee.
  8. BELOW IS SOMETHING I FOUND ON FACE BOOK, I CHECKED INTO THIS "SELECT PAY MEDIA" WHICH IS INDEED OWNED AND OPERATED BY ANTHONY "TONY" BREITLING. What is wrong with this is there is no "FULL DISCLOSURE" If you recommened an investment to someone through your business and you do not disclosure that it is your business, my friend that is wrong and I'm pretty sure it's against the law. The one time fee of 49.95 to get this information is where he and DD are making their money. Not on ISX. If he were there to help people as he says why charge the 49.95? I'm all for business but I am all for Ful
  9. Because someone believes that Iraq will redenominate doesn't make them a lobster. If you have read all the articles as I have you have to believe that there will be a redenomination. The term LOP btw is never used in trading currency, it is a made up term used in Dinar sites. I've done my research and I've traded currency for more than 20 years. Experience, research, and common sense leads me to believe there will be a redenomination and then a revalue. This being done at the same time. Therefore there will be no change in the actual buying power of the Dinar, a loaf of bread is still a loaf
  10. One thousand fils = 1 dinar it's like saying 100 pennies = 1.00
  11. When you cash in I have some swamp land in Florida that would be perfect for a nice rehab center you could build. Your first patients could be Okie and the crew! Hey I'm just putting some investment opportunities out there for you! You can tie up this land for a very small non refundable investment of $750.00! Hey it's no hedge fund but you have a better chance of the swamp land actually drying up and then who knows, you could probably sell for a small profit to DR. Drew! Get it while it's hot!
  12. Bravo Dinar Buddy! Of course he is the owner with his relatives acting as his shield. Makes me laugh, if you can find out who really owns currency vault does Roger really think the government can't find out? Never mind about the people that stick up for Roger, Sheeple are abundant in this Dinar game and don'T want the truth. They can't handlle the truth lol to suddenly have the light bulb moment would mean that the dream is over and they've been had and they don't want that!
  13. Of course it's going to RD but if they told you that, how many dinars would you buy? Not many I'm guessing. Not only would you not buy anymore dinar you probably wouldn't need the dinar sites anymore either.
  14. you are correct in your assessment. I too am a bit confused why they would add a 100,000 dinar note if they were going to redenominate. Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe someone else has a thought about this.
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