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    I'm currently evolving my level of consciousness so I can be more and more of a blessing to the world around me.
    I will make a fortune so I can fund orphanages around the world and teach the universal success principles of Napoleon Hill , Tony Robbins , W. Clement Stone (my mentor) and other greats of our time.
    I feel compelled to raise up a generation that will be the right influence in THEIR world..
    And enjoy all the blessings of love ,life and truth.
    I welcome all who resonate with this dream.

    The six greatest words in our language are:
    (according to me )..haha..

    "Hope is the magic ingredient in motivating your self and others "

    I would love to network and co-create a community of like hearted people to bring forth a world of goodness,truth and love.If you're out there then..Hit me up !..Let's have funnn..:-)
    Lot's of big Islands in the South Pacific I've got my eye on.
    The greatest joy and blessing comes.." When you do for others what they have no way of doing for themselves,expecting nothing in return "..
    Then.. the windows of heaven open up for YOU..
    Blessings all and "live with Passion !!!
    OR " you may not be living at all ".
  1. Thanx..yes this is HUGE..This will add billions to the for a strong RV....we are sooo close to being home now...thanx..
  2. great post..thanks..i listened intently to this vid ,,,now what i got was 1.he was very taken back by the questions. 2.He clearly DID NOT rebuttal any of the suggestion/questions of a revalue ! That is HUGE ! so by default he was agreeing that it WILL RV !!!..3. he said clearly that is was tied to inflation,which now is going THRU THE ROOF because of the USD..and The Dinar is pegged to the as our USD is collapsing in value..SO IS THEIRS !! deduction is that we are now at the very doorstop of a huge change in value..Like by July 1st..But don't be surprised if it comes out at 1
  3. Great post..thanks..I agree with your basic are's worth a whole lot more than the Vietnamese dong.(is this currency trade-able ? )...I feel they are going to be smart and RV at about a penny on the dollar..this is almost 12 times increase !!..thats a big step..That will keep pressure on the GOI to keep developing the country so it can have further increases down the line..This would give the citizens almost 12 times their purchasing would you like that with the USD ?..This is good business sense..You see the big players in this game want to make sure that
  4. Thanks..oh how i need a good rumor fix to dream by !....haha...
  5. thanks KR.. great post !!..
  6. Hi Easy, i wanted to thank u for ur contributions to the always seem to have a nice balanced approach,and u bring quality content with thanks ... now, the link is not working 4 me..can you check it ? Just to let you know ,a while back i posted my prediction that the RV would happen when gold/silver go parabolic,I guessed that would be in Nov of this year..well,I think I was off a bit,,cuz it is NOW going parabolic ! Surprise !..inflation is exploding and i now predict that the RV will happen by July 1st...If not,, the US Dollar is going to accelerate towards a complete co
  7. thanks easy rider, I feel that Shabibi did not denounce an RV,, is what's most important.By default he acknowledged that an RV is imminent...Now.,,The IQD is pegged to the dollar ..that tells me that when the dollar breaks down to the point of hyper-inflation so will the Iraq country,,and we may be only weeks or months away from this...or maybe November..then the trigger will be pulled...
  8. Thanks Rich,i'm a silver bug that is moving some cash into Natural Gas now ! great post..
  9. thanks 4 the post..this makes me feel very will re it's time..thanks..i'll just relax now....
  10. I'm wondering if it may come out at 600 dinars to the dollar.this would be an almost 100% increase..That's huge...for now..then more to come..
  11. Thank you !!!!! could be may come out with a 1/2 a penny increase.which is reasonable for now..that would give the world a 5 times increase !!!..incredible on an average scale..then go up from there.. blessings
  12. thanks great post !..invest in the
  13. Well put Keep...I feel this is about a sound business plan...Maliki even said so last Feb. He said " the dinar has all the reasons to grow stronger ".. I think it will come out at somewhere between 1 cent and .10 cents on the USD this is 12 to a 100 times !!..that would be huge..and a great step toward further appreciation to who knows where..Hey I would be ticked pink at a 1 cent RV..that's a 100 bagger..this would give massive support to the people and go
  14. thanks Adam.." fairs held in the US "..humm..sounds like they will be able to come out of the closet soon !!..good sign.....with an international currency ?..even better..we wait ;-)
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