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  1. Monday, August 01, 2011 17:24 GMT A Member in State of Law Coalition headed by Iraq Premier Nouri Al Maliki said on Sunday that transgressions on the Iraqi borders cannot be halted but by using F16 fighters and added that the sovereignty and reverence of Iraq in the region will not be complete without these airplanes adding that Al Maliki’s announcement of the willingness to double the number of bought airplanes is great news for all Iraqis. MP Ahmad Al Abbasi said during an interview with Alsumarianews that the fact that the government doubled the number of bought F16 airplane is great news and pointed that it’s good news because a country that does not have air coverage cannot defend its rights and belongings. Al Abbasi added that during the last period Iraq borders were transgressed so many times and it is not possible to protect the same and to halt these actions but by having a strong air force since helicopters cannot cover a large area. Member in State of Law Coalition said that part of the state dignity comes from having diversified arms and added that Iraq’s sovereignty won’t be complete without these airplanes. However he discarded that the fact that Iraq has these airplanes might affect its neighbors. “If Iraq has 36 airplanes that don’t mean that they will be used to fight against neighboring countries” Al Abbasi said, adding that the policies of the former regime created the idea that Iraq has arms to fight against its neighbors. Iraq Premier Nouri Al Maliki had said during a press conference in the parliament headquarters that the F16 contract will be doubled and Iraq will buy 36 airplanes instead of 18. Maliki added that the price of the airplanes will be paid from the excess of Iraq oil exports as oil prices increased. Iraq delayed the initial purchase of the jets after putting USD 900 million of allocated funds into its national food program to ease pressure from Iraqis protesting against poor basic services.
  2. Iraq can also decide during the redenomination that they will not accept any currency outside of Iraq. I am fairly certain this is what happened with Ghana! It is a possibility!
  3. Anyone ever heard anything good about RMP Enterprises Ltd? Thanks for any info!
  4. Tuesday, July 26, 2011 13:17 GMT Taxes and tariffs law soon to be implemented in Iraq Iraq’s ministerial council announced on Sunday that the law of taxes and tariffs that will include mainly imported goods and products which can be manufactured locally. The products and goods that are directly consumed by the people will be exempted from tariffs, the ministerial council confirmed. In a statement to Alsumarianews, ministerial council economic advisor Abdul Hussein Al Ankabi stressed that the law of taxes and tariffs is an important and essential law that will be implemented soon noting that the products which are increasingly consumed by citizens will be exempted from taxes and tariffs. Goods that are highly subject to tariffs and taxes are products that can be manufactured locally but are not due to competition and prevalent imported goods. The taxes law is a corrective law that will help local products and industries, Al Ankabi said. Iraq’s government announced on February 21 that it has decided to suspend the law of increasing taxes on imported goods which was expected to be implemented in March. The law was suspended until further notice. At the end of January, the Iraqi government issued a decision to implement tariffs on imported goods starting February. The legal advisor of Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki announced however that the government might not rush the decision implementation in fear of a price drop in local markets. This decision requires legislation from Parliament, the adviser concluded.
  5. You seem to think you know everything! mqchau did state overseas and that does not only encompass the area you are in. When going to United Arab Emirates my friend who works there takes the newer 100 dollar bills for currency exchange because the alot of the local exchanges tend to pay less for older 100 bills. If you are in the US and go to a bank then NO it would not matter because 100 is 100 in America! Now as far as Iraq money it would depend on the place you would be exchanging!
  6. Title should read Iran to redenominate!
  7. EVERY DAY for the REST OF MY LIFE, I will forever regret not trying to talk my x girlfriend out of an abortion!!! The day she found out she was prego, she was very upset that it would affect her body for future acting/modeling career. That day is forever burned in my memory! It was her choice, but I wish I had not been so easy to go along with it!
  8. I do not know why you keep trying to explain to people who do not believe in the possibilty of redenomination. I gave up a long time ago. Yes I believe very much in redenomination unless those reserves increase alot. Just let people who do not understand money supply live in their own world. For all the people who say I should just get rid of my dinar. I will let this ride out until the end because to me the money I have spent is already gone.
  9. Why would you assume you can do an exchange? What if they come out in the redenomination and say they will not exchange currency out of the country? It can happen!
  10. The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 29-JUN-2011. The results were as follows: Details Notes Number of banks 8 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1170 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 73,730,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 73,730,000 Total offers for selling (US$) -----
  11. You converted GBP British pound to dollar change it to IQD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I like when you leave some sort of comment. The whole THANKS K98 is getting over redundant. Are you trying to get your post count up or are you really thankful?
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