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  2. The Pumpers have left the building!
  3. Carrello, you must be a young person who served for our military industrial complex. Or, you may be a Vet who served proudly not fully understanding what your service really was. If this is true, you should be proud of your service and we should also be proud of you. But you also must understand your role was as a pawn on a chessboard. You were expendable for the goals of the global elites. We did nothing for Iraq. We simply invaded them. Period. Just as Rome invaded other nations and claimed the spoils. America is modern day Rome. The goal is power. We are all part of a much larger manipulation that most people cannot see because they have been conditioned not to see things as they really are. Here is an excellent video you should watch and fully understand. You need to know its not your fault you cannot see. They use very powerful tools to keep you confused. This video really explains it better than I can. I hope everyone can learn from this and try to avoid the manipulation of their children
  4. I'm so embarrased to live in a state represented by that one world government lover McCain.
  5. NO LOP. Slow RV opening most likely for a few cents and then rising slowly as the CBI removes large 000 notes from circulation. I think after a few months of slow rise, it will max out at around $1.14 USD per dinar. When it hits that rate, all large denoms may have to be turned in within 90 days, or the notes become worthless. That's my best guess after studying this for the last 3 years.
  6. It will start out low and rise to about $1.13 over a period of months as the CBI slowly extracts the larger 000 notes from circulation.
  7. I think someone needs to open up a can of "Whip Ass" and teach that Okie a lesson for lying to people and giving them false hope and stress. I wonder how many marriages this guy has destroyed with his B.S. Intel?
  8. It's all B.S. He was killed in 2001 according to the late PM Buttho who was also killed shortly after revealing this truth to David Frost on his show. This was oviousley a distraction to keep everyone from focusing on the coming deflationary depression we are heading towards.
  9. It never ceases to amaze me how people act like they have all the answers. Like they know what is real, who is behind what, and if someone says something, someone else is listening and doing the opposite. Really folks. You need to put the kool aid away in the fridge and take a few deep breathes. This RV is not likely to happen all of a sudden.. It's a process and nobody outside of the CBI really knows anything. So let's stop the conspiracy theories and keep the kool aid sugar free.
  10. Vanessa, it will happen gradually over time. Currency does not increase 3000 percent overnight. It takes time. I think it's time you take some sober advice from someone experienced in currency trading and investing. It was very wrong for pumpers to mislead so many people into thinking the Iraqi Dinar was going to repeat what happened in Kuwait. It was a different set of issues when that happened. About as different as an apple and an orange. So I'm going to give it to you very straight without any fluff or puff. Your dinar investment is going to most likely revalue slowly over time. In the next few months, it may increase from 1/10 of a penny to 5/10th of a penny. Over the next two years, as Iraq's economy grows, you could see the dinar grow from a few cents, to a $1 USD or slightly above. The Ministry of Finance did a projected report three years ago setting a model for the currency at $1.14 USD per one Dinar. That is highly possible over time. We will not see much happening until after the three zeros are lifted. This could happen by July 1st of this year. By July of 2012, we could see the Dinar begin to grow rapidly in value. Again, it will not grow 1000, 2000 or 3000% overnight. That is simply not going to happen. It will be slow and gradual. Most likely during this process we may see the issuance of a brand new smaller denominated currency and a recall of the larger notes in curculation outside of Iraq. This is something like exchanging a $100 note for five $20 notes in America. You will not lose out on this exchange. The value will remain the same, only the notes will be smaller denominations. This is what the lifting of the three zeros will result it. After this is completed, you can then expect a slow gradual rise in the dinar over time. Realistically speaking, it could take 24 months or longer to reach $1 USD per dinar. The question is, are you willing to wait? If so, you will be glad that you did. If you are expecting to get rich overnight, I'm sorry to say the currency market does not work that way. This is a long term investment in a country just getting back off its knees. Don't expect them to run when they are just getting off crutches. Be patient and keep things real. Do not listen to pumpers who continue to mislead you that every weekend is the RV date. This is nonsense!
  11. It's much more interesting than listening to kool aid drinkers who think $1000 invested in dinars will turn into $3,000,000 overnight. I'll take the water guy over that B.S.
  12. I think they are all going to admit the LOP is coming then try to convince everyone to join Amway. Just a thought.
  13. Watch this video announcement. Scientist will expose biggest secret in history.
  14. Yes, I think June we will see a LOP, followed by an RV to a rate of $6 initiallly for a few days, then adjusted down to the $3 USD per dinar range. A 600% profit on the high side, down to a 300% profit as a minimum. Sorry, no instant millionaires in this story, just realistic expectations.
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