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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

My for sure predictions for tomorrow.


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Well I am sitting in my chair reading the rumors for tomorrow. My wife who hears very little about the RV just walked into my office and said. It's going to happen tomorrow:o. Now this came from knowing nothing about whats going on tomorrow and any of the other stuff. And since she feels like she is always right and knows the future ;) blah blah blah.... Anyways just based on that I think Tomorrow it's going to happen. And if not then I'm telling her she was WRONG!!! :D

Don't be a hater. :rolleyes:

If it comes from a wife it's a done deal !!!!!!!!!!!

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Wifey and I just got home from camping out at our bank.Wifey's toes got numb and were turning blue and there was No circulation in her puffy little feet.Her large rump is now firmly planted on the couch and she is soaking her feet in warm water.So much for the idea of an early cash in.

And while I may not be as weather worn as you guys. She was informed of how she was wrong. Good thing I have a nice couch I can type this from tonight. :mellow:

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